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15+ Easy No-Cook Recipes for Your Next Backpacking Trip

Every backpacker around the globe knows that to get the most out of outdoor travels it’s of utmost importance to take in enough calories. You would not be able to reach the end of the journey on an empty stomach which means you need to plan your meals thoroughly. While a lot of people still like a well-cooked diet while traveling, others lean toward no-cook backpacking meals. After spending hours on the road, it’s convenient for you to have a lunch that requires no stoves, pots,… As a result, no-cook backpacking foods attract numerous followers.


15 Ideas For No-Cook Backpacking Meals

Like the benefits provided by no-cook meals but don’t know a single recipe? If that is so, this article should come in handy. Down below is a list of some of best no-cook backpacking recipes that first-timer as well as veteran backpackers tend to use nowadays. So take a good look at the following meals and see if one of them could meet your nutrient preferences.

1. Greenbelly Meals

Greenbelly Meals

Why bother making up a recipe if you are able to secure nutritious, ready-to-eat meals from nearby stores? Capable of delivering up to 650 calories to your weary body, Greenbelly Meals shall supply around 1/3 of your daily calorie requirement.

2. Beef Jerky And Trail Mix

When it comes to straightforwardness, nothing could clearly outperform the beef jerky-trail mix combo.  

There are literally tons of mixes for backpackers to choose from: nut, dried nuts, chocolates so pick whatever suits you.  

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3. Cold Cut Sandwiches

Filled with protein, cold cut sandwiches offer abundant amounts of protein which you likely need while conquering a backpacking course. Compared to other no-cooking backpacking meal ideas, the sandwiches are simple to make as they utilize ordinary foods in the fridge of your house.  

4. Vegetable Salad

vegetable salad

Searching for no-cook backpacking meals designed specifically for vegetarian? Then here is something you could enjoy:  mix broccoli, cranberries and almonds altogether to have a healthy, vitamin-rich lunch. To add to the tastes, use vinaigrette, plump raisin and so on as you like.

5. Pumpkin Bread

Bread is the staple in the meals of multiple backpackers in the average trips and pumpkin bread is no exception. 

Overall, a couple loaves of bread should be more than enough to satisfy your hunger, especially if you hate feeling weighed down by big meals. You could get your bread from the local bakery but it’s possible to bake them on your own too.  

6. Cereal

For backpackers that have to leave in a hurry, the venerable cereal is more or less adequate for short excursions.

Although cereals might seem inferior to other no-cook backpacking meals, they are nonetheless tasty for lunches in the outdoors.

7. Yogurt, Berries, Pumpkin And Spices

yogurt with fresh fruit

In the case you want to optimize the weight of your backpack, you need to think about yogurt-based meals.

They are widely thought as among the lightest easy backpacking meals available to people nowadays. Since you could acquire ingredients for yogurt-based meals at affordable prices, you are able to significantly reduce food expense.  Add additional spices to adjust the flavor of the mix.

8. Tuna Wraps With Cheeses, Veggies,…

Fishes pack numerous nutrients so if you want to boost the strength of your muscles, pack tuna wraps for lunch. It’s strongly recommended that you use canned tunas as they contain low amounts of fat but rich in protein. As always, put in some cheeses, veggies and others to raise the nutrient value of your no-cook backpacking meals.

9. Stuffed Tomatoes

In addition to their fancy appearance, stuffed tomatoes are delicious choices for most backpacking lunches. To prepare the meal, grab a couple of tomatoes, remove the core and stuff the inside using vegetables, mangos, cheeses,… Feel free to use whatever topping that you like to modify the taste of the stuffed tomatoes and their contents.

10. Pita Bread, Hummus And Vegetables

Image result for Pita Bread

Thanks to its tough composition, pita bread could handle the hardship of outdoor travels without breaking apart in your backpack. After walking for a long time on the road, most backpackers often receive the savory flavors of hummus rather well. Finally, throw in some beans, peppers, carrots,…. and you are going to have a balanced lunch to keep you energized.   

11. Burritos

A dish of Mexican origin, burrito is one of the favorites no-cook backpacking meals because it features meat, fruit and vegetable and other ingredients. Because of that, a serving of burrito is essentially a complete meal by itself which give much need calorie to prepare for the road ahead. You could either get the burritos from stores or made them at home before you leave for your backpacking trip.  

12. Pizza Wraps

Pizzas taste good whether they are or hot or cold and the same thing could be said about pizza wraps. Mix salt, pepper, tomato and other ingredients of your liking together in order to make pastes for your pizza wraps. Next, apply the pastes to pita bread before throwing in some pieces of cured meats like chorizo, pepperoni and salami.  Finally, roll the bread, add sauces and you have yourself tasty pizza wraps for lunch.

13. Bagel, Peanut Butter And Honey

Peanut Butter And HoneyIn the case you prefer to have a mobile lunch, a couple bagels should be sufficient to fill your cup. Prepare around 3 – 5 bagels, cover them in peanut butter, honey and alike then consume everything as you move along the road. If possible, sprinkle some fruits, candies,…. on top of the bagels in order to diversify the taste of the meal.        

14. Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Since peanut butter is rich in carbohydrate, it’s a common choice for backpackers that tend to expend too much energy while navigating rough terrains. All you have to is to apply butter on a side of the sandwiches, clamp them together and start munching.     

15. Dried Fruit

Dried Mixed Fruit

You are kind of lazy and want to eat something that requires no preparation whatsoever?  In that case, dried fruits are your best bets though they offer less than ideal calorie for a backpacking lunch.

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