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Top 8 Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Reviews

It’s a lovely sunny morning and you are feeling fresh like freshly brewed coffee while driving the RV through a breathtakingly beautiful isolated highway. Your perfect day could turn into a nightmare if the wheels blow out all on a sudden. Oh no! Why does that happen? The answer is – lack of tire maintenance. One thing that will ensure that you don’t end up being down in the dumps is using the best RV tire pressure monitoring system.

The RV tires play a key role in ensuring the road safety, driving convenience, and the comfort of the riders. They carry the huge vehicle, provide the required amount of friction, and offer grip whenever needed. With that, it is crucial to make sure that the tires are in a good shape, and you have to install a good-quality RV tire pressure monitoring system to ensure that.

What Is TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)?

To choose the best RV tire pressure monitoring system, you have to know what it is and its functions. A tire pressure monitor system for RV (TPMS) is an electronic system that monitors the air pressure. It is used in various types of vehicles and is exclusively designed for pneumatic tires.

best rv tire pressure monitoring system

A TPMS for travel trailer features either a warning light, a pressure gauge or a pictogram display, which it uses to show the real-time tire pressure readings. The best TPMS for RV is likely to help with slowing the rate of tire wear, enhancing fuel efficiency, and avoiding traffic accidents by warning the driver about the unsafe tire conditions.

Comparison of RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

NoBest TPMS for RVBattery RequiredPriceReview
1TireTraker TT-5004 Lithium Coin batteries$$$$*****
2 EEZTIRE T515 - Editor's Choice1 Lithium ion batteries$$$$$*****
3TireMinder A1A - Editor's Choice6 Lithium Metal batteries$$$$****
4Yokaro Wireless TPMS4 Lithium Metal batteries$$$***
8Bellacorp TPMS EK215T2-$$$*****

Best TPMS for RV: Top 8 Products On The Market

Tire Pressure Monitoring System is an useful electronic device which let you have a firm grasp on the tires pressure at all times. Using compact sensors attached to the tires, the TPMS continuously observe the status of the tires and transmit its finding to the driver. While the principle is more or less similar, there is a wide range of RV TPMS models available for purchase, each possesses unique characteristics.  In the case you are completely clueless about which one to choose, this article shall be of use to you. Down below is a list of quality examples you should check out along with detailed guide on how to select a suitable TPMS for your vehicle

1. TireTraker TT-500 |  The Best TPMS for RV Available

TireTraker TT-500

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Why this is considered as the best RV tire pressure monitoring system? Well, an update from the TT-400, the TireTraker TT-500 is much simpler to configure and convenient to operate. It uses an internal rechargeable battery that at a full charge could last for approximately 20 – 30 days.  To charge the battery, a power adapter and a cable are included with the purchase. The maximum number of tires the device is able to observe is 22 so it should fit virtually all popular RV styles and designs. You can either manually view each tires statistics through the monitor or set the device on auto roll to check all the tires in quick succession.

The TireTraker TT-500 run a pressure and temperature check every 5 seconds then update the readings every 4 minutes. While the updates are minutes apart, the device shall issue a warning within 6 seconds if there is something wrong. The warnings are delivered through a series of beep and a flashing red LED so it’s hard to miss them. You cannot modify the alarm conditions though since they are calculated from a fixed baseline. The combination of plain text and icon make it easy to understand the warnings nonetheless.

The device is something brilliant that everyone is able to put to good use. The TireTraker TT-500 is effective, tough and keep you up to date about the state of the vehicle tires. Due to the nice customer support and quality performance, you will never feel frustrated while using the device.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy to set up
  • Many alarm conditions
  • Nice operating life for a rechargeable battery


  • Short range without booster
  • Impossible to customize the alarm conditions

2. EEZTIRE T515  | Editor’s Choice – Simple yet Dependable

EEZTIRE T515 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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The 3.5 inch wide LCD screen of the EEZTIRE T515 allows the driver to observe the tire pressure while focusing on the road.  Along with the automated backlight, it’s easy to check the display even in a low light environment. The warnings of the TPMS are not only visible but also audible as well so it’s hard to ignore them.  In term of battery, the device uses lithium battery which should last for around two years without fail. The anti-theft housings of the cap style sensors require the use of a special tool to get the sensors out.

To mount the EEZTIRE T515 monitor, you can choose one between three options: a suction cup, a bolt in and a bar. For the average flat surface in the cockpit, the mounting bar should be adequate. An optional booster is available in case the distance between the monitor and the farthest sensor is too great. Another unique feature of the device is that you can use it to observe tires of multiple trailers. Simply equip each trailer with a booster then you can configure the device to enable the sensors. Generally, the device is among the best TPMS for travel trailer money can buy.

This product is undeniably among the best RV tire pressure monitoring system options available on the market. In certain aspects, the EEZTIRE T515 is as good as the TireTraker TT-500. Its performance remains excellent nonetheless. The ability to control multiple trailers is greatly appreciated by many customers. Instead of moving the sensors back and forth between trailers, now you only have to reconfigure the system. It could save you a lot of time and effort.


  • Simple to install
  • Long battery life
  • Straightforward manual
  • Anti-theft housing


  • Sensors stop working randomly in certain cases
  • The customer service could use some improvements

3. TireMinder A1A | Excellent TPMS For Peace of Mind

TireMinder A1A TPMS

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Capable of monitoring an impressive number of tires at the same time, the TireMinder A1A is high-end RV TPMS with excellent qualities. The locknut of the device sensor is first screwed into the tire valve then tightened using a special wrench. Because of that, the locknut serves as an anti-theft feature for the TPMS sensor. There are two types of locknut which are the brass and the aluminum.  You can use the brass locknut for most of the time while the aluminum one is usually reserved for aluminum valve couple with internal sensors.

The TireMinder runs a self-diagnostics every five seconds to keep you up to date about the pressure of the tire. Next to the pressure, the TPMS observe the tire temperature as well. In the case it detects something unusual in either the pressure or the temperature, the device shall instantly release a warning.  To get rid of electronic interference, the installation kit provides you with a reliable booster. The convenient reconnect and disconnect buttons make it relatively simple to manipulate the TPMS as situation demand.  


  • Effective and dependable
  • Fast installation
  • Convenient to reconnect and disconnect
  • Nice customer support


  • People complain about receiving damaged/ nonfunctional sensor
  • A bit pricey

4. Fullele Wireless  | Light and Tough

Fullele Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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As a wireless design, the installation of Fullele TPMS is a straightforward process which you can accomplish very easy. The device alarm values are adjustable so you are able to configure the system as you see fit. Because it could be powered by the vehicle cigarette plug, you don’t have to worry about the issue of battery life. However, the device will rob you the use of cigarette plug if you use it in that manner. Another problem is it only record data when the RV is traveling at more than 20km/h for roughly 5 minutes.

If you are looking for the smallest and most affordable product, it’s definitely worth the effort to take a look at the Fullele TPMS. The 10-gram sensors, therefore, you don’t have to rebalance the tires. In order to secure the sensor, the kit includes hexagon nuts and rubber rings. These components protect the sensors from potential thief while also shield them from outdoor elements like dust and water as well. The device is already programmed in advance so there is no need for complicated setting unless you have to change the alarm values.


  • Compact
  • Great price
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Smooth operation


  • Tiny screen
  • The light of the screen is dim so it’s a bit troublesome to read at night
  • Awkward screen angle

5. Tire-SafeGuard | The Best TPMS for RV in terms of Versatility

Tire-SafeGuard TPMS

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This product deserves a good place in best TPMS for RV list. A TPMS with excellent range without signal booster, the Tire-SafeGuard is capable of observing up to 20 tires simultaneously. There are two common types of tires sensors you can use which are the flow through and the cap. The flow-through sensors let you add or remove the tire air without having to remove the sensors. On the other hand, the cap sensors are more suitable for tires with rubber valve stems. Both sensors styles utilize a set of screws to prevent them from loosening up and deter theft. Internal sensors are available as well.

One interesting feature of the Tire-SafeGuard is that you don’t have to set up the alarm conditions by yourself. All you have to do is to make sure the RV tires are at the desired pressure before letting the device scan them. After examining the pressure data, the device then set the high-pressure alarm at 30% above recorded value. For the low-pressure alarm, the condition is fixed at 12% below recorded value. If necessary, the warning conditions of each axle can be modified manually as well.


  • Sizable display
  • Bright screen
  • Long range


  • Alarms are issued in icon only
  • Inflexible mounting option
  • Inadequate customer support

6. Bellacorp TPMS | A must have for RV Campers!

Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Come with a detailed installation manual, getting the Bellacorp operational is a walk in the park. The kit provides you with additional screws for each sensor in case you lose some by accident. By securing the caps tightly to the valve stems, the chance that someone can steal your sensors is greatly reduced. The range of the device is really good, it’s able to observe up to 22 tires continuously without fail. Since the display is rather big, it’s simple to read the tires information.  The sensors are waterproof, they shall function perfectly fine under 3 feet of water.


  • Commendable range
  • Anti-theft caps
  • Waterproof sensors


  • Bulky sensors
  • Might come without a printed warranty

7. VICTONY  | A Basic and Practical TPMS 

VICTONY Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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A high tech device that is well known for its quality and stable performance, the VICTONY is an excellent all-around RV TPMS. It’s possible to charge the device using USB cable or even solar power. The monitor permits you to check the status of the vehicle tires at once, both the temperature and the pressure. In case of abnormal readings, the monitor shall promptly deliver warning through a series flashes and beeps within 3 seconds.  The alerts conditions can be changed to better match your needs and requirements.

The generous warranty of 18 months truly shows the manufacture confidence in the VICTONY characteristics.

Due to the use of modern technology, the device performance is commendable for its price. It offers the user real-time data which is quite helpful to maintain the vehicle safety on the road. There are no complex functions so the device is really simple to use. The sensors ability to read the tires statistics accuracy allows the product to function perfectly 24/7. Issues with the tires temperature, pressure or air leakage would be detected without fail.

Its function may suffer a bit in case the vehicle got a formidable profile with exceptionally long body length.  


  • Simple to read monitor
  • Alarms conditions are customizable
  • Provide accurate readings
  • Take little time and effort to install


  • Hard to read the screen when you are wearing polarized glasses
  • The manual isn’t exactly helpful
  • Some sensors might disconnect randomly

8. PressurePro 4 Wheel TPMS | Keep Your RV Safe and Sound 24/7

PressurePro 6 Wheel TPMS

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Capable of recording 45 days worth of pressure and temperature information, the PressurePro 6 permits you to closely analyze the tires performance. By taking advantage of the recorded statistics, you are able to transform your maintenance schedule from reactive to proactive.   The control scheme is quite linear, in order to view individual tire, press the UP and Down arrows. For the alerts, the device lets you adjust the pressure and temperature values as needed. The information on the monitor is updated every 5 minutes


  • Nice battery life
  • Installation is simple and fast
  • Adjustable alerts values


  • Long self-diagnostic interval of 7 seconds
  • Fairly expensive

To choose the best RV tire pressure monitoring system, it’s necessary to know about its types and benefits so that you can pick up what suits your vehicle perfectly.

Types of Tire Pressure Monitoring System for Travel Trailers

There are two types of this system – Indirect TPMS and Direct TPMS. They have different functions, so your choice will affect the performance of your RV.

Direct TPMS – The direct system uses pressure sensors installed inside or outside the tube of the tires. It can measure the pressure in each tire directly and alerts immediately in any under-inflation condition. As it is able to display real-time tire pressure, you can make adjustments quickly.

direct tpms

Indirect TPMS – It does not use pressure sensors but has a speed sensor for monitoring wheel rotation speed and other factors to determine whether the tires have the right inflation or not. Its mechanism is based on the principle that low pressure squeezes the diameter of a tire but enhances the angular velocity. It is not as accurate as the direct system but is available at a lower price.

indirect tpms

Benefits of Using the Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Knowing about the perks of best TPMS for RV will help you to understand the necessity of spending money for a quality system. What we gather from reading the tire pressure monitoring system reviews is that the unique benefits of installing the best tire pressure monitoring system for RV are:

Warns about under inflation

– An underinflated tire means the RV is not safe to drive. It could lead to tread separation and tire failure, which causes a significant amount of accidents and deaths each year. A warning about low pressure will help you to fix the problem, adding stability to the vehicle and increasing braking efficiencies.

best tpms for RV
The best TPMS for travel trailer could guarantee your safety on the road!

Extends the lifespan of tires

– Low pressure in the tires lead to plenty of troubles. It causes disintegration of the sidewall, separation of the ply, and overall tire breakdown. Inadequate pressure is also the reason behind heat buildup and irreparable damage to the tread. The best tire pressure monitoring system will prevent this condition and save the tire from being exhausted before time.

Less downtime and upkeep

– Installing the best TPMS for RV will cut the costly hours of downtime caused by under-inflated tires. It will also reduce the maintenance hassle as you don’t need to undergo the hassle of checking the tire pressure with a manual gauge.

Saves on fuel

GITI (a Singapore-based tire company) reveals that 10% of under-inflation on a tire reduces the fuel efficiency by 1%. Even if you take only the United States as an example, you will get the shocking statistics of 2 billion wasted US gallons of fuel every year due to under-inflated tires. Using the best RV tire pressure monitoring system will dramatically reduce this problem.

best tire pressure monitoring system

Reduces costs

– Since a TPMS helps keep the pressure at the right level and maintain the good health of the tires, you will spend less for repairs and upkeeps. The downtime and fuel consumption will be less too, which means more saving on cost.

Helps to secure a better insurance policy

– An RV with a TPMS installed means it is safer than the vehicles that don’t have it. The high-level of safety will be helpful for snagging an insurance with better rates and lower premiums.

best tire pressure monitoring system for RV


– According to the Department of Transportation in the U.S., under-inflated tires are the culprit behind more than 57.5 billion pounds of extra carbon-monoxide gas in the environment every year. Installing the best RV TPMS in your vehicle can solve this problem.

How to Choose the Best TPMS for RV: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

We all want to have a wise purchase. It means we can get the best TPMS for RV with less money spent or at least, the money we pay for your desired product is worth. Some particular elements come into play when picking up the best TPMS for motorhome. Let’s take a closer look into the prominent aspects of a great tire pressure monitor system.

Here are the essential factors of the best TPMS for RV you should look for:

1. TPMS Type

There two common types of Tire Pressure Monitoring System you can find: the direct and the indirect. In direct TPMS models, you are able to adjust the pressure standard to the receiver of the air sensor. Whenever the pressure drop below the predetermined level, you will be warned at once.  On the other hand, indirect TPMS utilize speed sensor (ABS) which compare the rotation speed of the vehicle tires to one another. As a result, the accuracy of the indirect models is inconsistent, especially when there is a loss of pressure in more than one tire.

In the average case, direct TPMS is often preferred to its indirect counterpart because of the latter shortcoming. Most of the best TPMS for RV are direct models as well.

best tpms for travel trailer

2. Battery

When choosing the best RV tire pressure monitoring system, the next thing we should consider is the battery. The average TPMS employs lithium battery to power its operation. One prominent issue of the lithium battery is that it’s easily affected by the surrounding temperature. If it gets too cold, the battery cannot provide energy to the device, if it gets too hot, the battery may even explode. So it’s advice to study the nature of the TPMS battery beforehand to use the device effectively and safely. While considering your options, it’s best to go after a model with heat resistant battery. Certain products come with the ability to be solar charged as well.

tire pressure monitoring system for travel trailers

3. Durability

The system should be highly durable because it will be installed on to the wheels where it has to survive hostile conditions such as extreme heat. You should check the trailer tire pressure monitoring system reviews on e-commerce sites before buying a product. Positive reviews and good feedback mean the quality and performance are better than the competitors.

4. Ease of Installation

Of course, you always have the option to have the TPMS installed by an RV servicing shop but some like to do it themselves. Therefore, a liner and straightforward installation process is a major plus in such case.  A complicated assembly might cost you time and effort you can ill afford. Keep an eye out for TPMS models that come with an installation kit. They usually include every necessary component from screws to Allen wrenches. Thanks to the kit, you could get the device operational in a blink of an eye. Besides, you should avoid the products that feature complex mechanisms and need much time and energy for installation.

Video: Here is the RV TPMS installation procedure for your vehicle!

5. Price

Buying the best TPMS for RV does not mean you have to spend something beyond your budget. Of course, the expensive ones will provide top-notch performance but the cheap ones are not totally useless. Just compare the features, specs, and prices of a couple of models and go for the one that fits your requirements.

best rv tire pressure monitoring system

6. Constant observing and reporting

A quality TPMS must constantly observe the status of the tire pressure and report the information to you

The recommended pressure sampling rate of the device is every three seconds. Its display screen should be simple to read and easy to understand icons. Besides that, it got to have at least two different indication lights. All warnings must be shown in bright red light to catch the attention of the driver as fast as possible. The brightness of the display is another important factor since you have to be able to see it clearly in nighttimes.


The RV is one of the most expensive purchase people could ever make in their lifetime. With an assortment of facilities and appliances on board, it is an excellent way to travel in comfort. However, there are a number of things you have to keep an eye on while operating an RV. Among them, the issue of tire pressure is quite important given the fact that it largely influences your safety on the road. Having the best TPMS for RV to notify you about the state of the tires should come in really handy.

Bestseller List

#PreviewProductOur RatingPrice
1Fullele WirelessFullele Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System3.8$$
2Tire-SafeguardTire-SafeGuard Tire Pressure Monitoring System4.2$$$$$
3 TireMinder A1ATireMinder A1A Tire Pressure Monitoring System4.2$$$$
4EEZTire Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemEEZTIRE T515 Tire Pressure Monitoring System4.5$$$$
5TireTraker TT-500TireTraker TT-500 Tire Pressure Monitoring System4.4$$$

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Last Updated on January 1, 2022

  1. Joseph Steward says

    I ordered EEZTIRE T515 RV tire pressure monitoring system on Amazon after reading your reviews last week, received it only 1 day later even with free shipping. I paired all the transmitters to the controller and all was good. If you read the directions carefully, you will have no problems. I got the 10 sensor one for my dually and a trailer, it looked similar to most of the rest of the units listed, just a lot cheaper. I like cheaper. If you ever have had a blowout before, you will appreciate having one of these devices as they are much cheaper and easier than cutting a steel belted tire off your axle on the side of the highway and then repairing all the damage. If I have any issues with it I’ll report back later, but for now it’s the best tpms for RV.

  2. Jason Hibbard says

    Have beeing looking for the best rv tire pressure monitoring system and then I bought Bellacorp TPMS EK215T2 a few months ago. Only negative is install is not as simple as noted but all you got to do is call staff/owner and they walk you thru it….. We are full timers and have seen too many coaches on the side of the road/ditches with tire issues… The safety factor is well worth the price…. I’ve paid more than the current price on Amazon but it saved me thousands and provides a huge peace of mind.

  3. TimothyHix says

    WONDERFUL Post.Thanks for share such useful information about TPMS. It would be a great help for me to find a suitable product…extra wait for the next post!

  4. Vincent Rizzo says

    Looking for the best Best tpms for rv, then TireTraker TT-500 RV TPMS would be a perfect choice! I’ve been using these monitors for a while now and could not be happier with my purchase. I cringed a little at first at paying this much to monitor my tire pressure but I am so glad I did. Manually checking the tires on my class A every time we travel is a pain so this is the solution. Set up was easy but I had a concern during the process so I called the customer service number on a Saturday afternoon. The guy in the videos picked up immediately, answered my questions and encouraged me to call back if I needed anything else. Buy this best rv tire pressure monitoring system! You’ll be glad you did. Thanks for a very informative post!

  5. Donald Wilkinson says

    Had a double puncture on my truck while pulling a trailer and my Tire Minder System worked as advertised and saved my tire and rim from further damage. Big thumbs up to Tire Minder!

  6. Willie K. Roberts says

    Just before the long trip from PA to Key West, FL, I placed the 4 sensors on my travel trailer’s tires. Turned on the monitor and after about 10 minutes each tire was registering PSI and Temperature. This was incredibly handy as my trip was the beginning of June and gave me some comfort and “peace of mind” during the long trip.

  7. Nathan Mabry says

    Tire-Safeguard is exactly what I was looking for to have peace of mind on my motorhome and car I tow. Easy to install and sync. On a 1,500 mile trip I did receive one incorrect alarm.

  8. Peter V. O'Connor says

    Taking first Rv trip since installation of TireMinder A1A. Have had a couple of false alarms, so far. System indicated a pressure problem when pressure was fine. Otherwise has worked as advertised

  9. Royal Davis says

    TireTraker TT-500 is a super cool item. We use it on a 42 foot 5th wheel camper. Tire pressure and temperature in a easy to use system. Takes a few minutes to set up initially but after that it’s plug and play. Once you start moving the sending units come on and transfer data to monitor on dash. Cycling through all four tires. Every five seconds or so. Best tpms for RV and A+ unit in my opinion.

  10. Daniel D. Woods says

    Bellacorp RV TPMS EK215T2 is very good; a little hard to understand programing manual but sellers home style Youtube video is very helpful. I have a 37′ Super C motorhome with a 22′ trailer and the 10 sensors work as described. It takes several miles of driving before all sensors wake up; information cycles continuously. Main head unit battery will last more than 60 hours as described, before charging is necessary. You can also just leave the head unit plugged into a cigarette lighter receptacle. I had a problem with one sensor reading consistently almost exactly 10 lbs low from new; I emailed the seller from Amazon (only Bellacorp’s phone number is included; I didn’t want to bother them after hours; and no direct email site for Bellacorp is strange(?)) …..and I promptly received a replacement at no charge. I also had to replace one sensor battery after only 3 mos and about 3 trips. Overall it is a good product and works as described.

  11. Thomas Rodriquez says

    Reading a lot about how to choose the best rv tire pressure monitoring system (including your reviews) and then I Purchased Bellacorp TPMS to replace an existing system that I was never really happy with and was failing fast. Followed YouTube setup tutorial. Set up in 10 minutes. Old system removed and replaced in under a half an hour. Acquires data quickly after receiver power-up. Took RV on a couple hundred mile trip this week-end. TPMS worked well! No more leaks, flaky readings or signal drop-outs. Display is larger that the unit replaced. Easy to read. Alarm warning messages are in English text rather than hard to read, almost meaningless icons. Initial impressions very positive.

  12. Rudy says

    My Tire-Safeguard is still working great so far. This is really one of good choices for the best tpms for RV. Used it twice on our trip around the U.S./Canada. Many more trips starting again on Sunday-till ending in Florida.

  13. Fredrick says

    I won’t go down the street without this Bellacorp TPMS running. Saved me twice already on the trailer. Make sure you tighten them really good as I had one back out slowly and cause the tire to go down, but the alarm saved me!!

  14. Christopher says

    Only used once so far but TireMinder A1A TPMS gave much peace of mind monitoring the pressures and temperatures along the trip. Seemed to work just fine and the installation of the monitors and the booster was very easy. So easy I will install and install as needed. Takes about 5 or 10 minutes total. Worked real good on the road with my co pilot / navigator / wife checking it occasionally as we drove.

  15. Jamie Garcia says

    Absolutely the only way to go!!! Especially for the money. Watch the youtube video on how to set it up and you’re off and running. The high and low alarms for pressure and temperatue are extremely accurate. You don’t need the extended range antenna either. I have Bellacorp RV tire pressure monitoring system on my 41′ RV and tow a 16′ tandem trailer which makes me feel peace of mind in every RV camping trip. One vote for Bellacorp the best tpms for RV!

  16. Adrian Stanford says

    This TireTraker TT-500 TPMS is AWESOME. When I got the package, I was a little intimidated by the directions. I called the company and the owner walked me through the setup in a few minutes over the phone. Two days later, I went to pull our 14,000 lb 5th wheel RV. I screwed the sensors on, mounted the monitor on my windshield and turned it on. All tires displayed and it worked like a champ. I bought it for two reasons. 1. If a tire blows out and you are unaware, it can do a lot of damage to your RV’s alluminum siding. 2. RVs normally come with cheap tires made in China. I am so happy we bought this. Would highly recommend this best rv tire pressure monitoring system for my friends!

  17. Derrick Harris says

    Great product. This is my second Tireminder. The previous version had a more readable screen. This one is too reflective so it can be difficult to read in some light conditions.

  18. Gerald Rincon says

    I have purchased Yokaro Wireless TPMS for a few weeks. After getting it set up its been working great. Be sure to follow the directions in order. And if you are like me and are putting it on a big truck, you will have to reprogram it for your tire pressures. The only down side I have seen, is that the screen is very reflective and can be hard to read due to the sun glare.

  19. LJoseph Wagner says

    I have been convinced that EEZTIRE T515 system is the best tpms for RV. The price was better than others of similar features. Just got back from our first trip with it installed and it was great not to have to watch the tires all the time. It worked well the entire trip 0f 2000 miles. When we got home, we disconnected the trailer sensors with the push of a button and left the ones on the truck active. It was so easy. Had to read through the instructions a few times to figure out how to install and set up but then it took only about 30 minutes to set my 10 sensors. This stuff is worth every penny and deserves to be the best tpms for RV.

  20. Joseph Vance says

    I had 1500 miles on a new trailer when I had a blow out causing damage. Replaced all the tires with tires rated for my trailer and installed VICTONY RV TPMS system, it is good to see the pressure and temp as you travel down the road. I would definitely recommend if you have a travel trailer to make sure you have the proper rated tires, not what factory put on that is just enough capacity to haul your trailer but not your water, clothing ect. if you are still in doubt get one of these and set up so you can monitor. As another user stated, if you have a break or bearing issue, you will see the issue on the temp side as it goes well above the rest of the tire temps. my oh heck cost me over $650 in tires and damage, This would have stopped me before it happened or at least when it blew out would have alarmed right away and I could have stopped before all the damage occurred. Can’t see your tires and way back there could not here if blow out, but did here the tire come apart as it struck the trailer and smashed the under carriage.

  21. Wilson says

    You can stop looking and studying all the different RV tire pressure monitoring system, this is it, TireMinder A1A is all you need – the best tpms for RV I’ve ever used. I do my due diligence with any product especially one that could potentially save my life and my families life or from harm. A blow out on a motorhome is serious; to the motorhome and personal injury. I liked the reviews of the TireMinder and the ease of use, ease of set up and ease of learning the system. The first thing TireMinder asks of you is to “READ THE ENTIRE OWNERS MANUAL” and that I did. The manual is cleverly written with some humor along with the dry stuff to get you through. I did chuckle a few times and appreciated TireMinder’s care for the consumer. It is true, you must read the manual, and understand it once through. This way, when you begin to set up your TireMinder, you will know exactly what to do, and then most – importantly, exactly how to use your TireMinder from there on out. I’ve had mine for 6 months and 4000 miles to this date – January 2018. I found the Minder non intrusive, but easy to monitor On-Demand or in general passively all 6 of our Truck Sized Motorhome Tires. Bottom Line: I felt safe knowing TireMinder was part of my safety package. I would buy their system again for certain. LAST: Excellent Customer Service, friendly; patient and intuitive. Heck they’ve heard it all by now and are great at anticipating your questions to get you to your comfort zone.

  22. Larry Diaz says

    I got an awesome product from PressurePro as my friend suggested me and this one was the best rv tire pressure monitoring system he has used…I drive a Super C RV (6 tires) and pull a jeep wrangler (4 tires)…the distance from the dash to the jeep is over 40 feet and haven’t had any issues with the monitors! Such great peace of mind going down the road…had an issue with synching one monitor to the console thing…sent an email and got an immediate response and they even called me and walked me thru the finicky monitor

  23. John says

    You actually explained it perfectly. Awesome reviews which helped me to choose the right tire pressure monitoring system for my trailer. Purchased TireTraker TT-500 from Amazon and the package came yesterday. Now I am ready for the first TV camping trip this year.

  24. Russell Brown says

    TireMinder A1A Tire Pressure Monitoring System is durable plastic and easy to program. It’s tricky to install the sensors on the rear dual tires , but that’s not a fault of the sensor. Total installation time was about one hour. On my 24 foot class c the monitor picked up the sensors without the booster or antenna raised. One caution is that the monitor antenna is very thin and breakable. I mounted the sensor on the drivers side window near the door. I’m glad I spent the extra money for this tpms.

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  26. David says

    I’m considering adding Ford’s TPMS to a new build on an F350 Super Duty long bed truck with the Ultimate Trailer Towing Pkg. I understand the kit ships with: 7/12 way vehicle side trailer tow connector, Trailer side wiring harness (15ft), Trailer connector docking station, Trailer TPMS Module, Four (4) TPMS Sensors o (note: wheel sensors only fit wheels with J-type flange wider than 3.5 in (88.9 mm) and a .452 in (11.48 mm) valve stem hole stem hole, and Misc mounting hardware. Anyone have any experience with this option? Thanks!

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