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Top 10 RV Mattresses Short Queen Size in 2022

RV Camping is an excellent way to spend your time on the road thanks to the vehicle facilities and appliances. However, there is a good chance that the default configuration of the RV may be unable to meet your demands. As a result, you probably have to retrofit the vehicle to better match your needs and requirements.

One of the issues is to make sure the vehicle got something to let the occupants rest and sleep in comfort. That is why we’re here provide you the best RV mattress short queen buyer’s guide. It will be really essential and helpful for you to have a good purchase.  

RV Mattress Comparison Chart

#Best RV Mattress Short QueenDimensionsPriceOur Reviews
1Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea - Best Seller in Mattresses74 x 60 x 6 inches$$****
2Serenia Sleep Memory Foam - Best of
the Best
75 x 60 x 8 inches$$$$*****
3Live and Sleep Resort Ultra - Editor's Choice75 x 60 x 12 inches$$$$$*****
4 Zinus Ultima 10 Inch - Editor's Choice74 x 60 x 10 inches$$$*****
5Classic Brands Cool Gel - Best Bang for the Buck 75 x 60 x 8 inches$$****
6Live and Sleep Resort Classic75 x 60 x 10 inches$$$$****
7LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam75 x 60 x 10 inches$$$***
8Zinus Hybrid Spring74 x 60 x 6 inches$$*****
9 DynastyMattress Cool Breeze80 x 60 x 12 inches$$$$$***
10Best Price Mattress74 x 60 x 4 inches$$***

Best RV Mattress Short Queen: Top 10

Nowadays, the average short queen RV mattress is not simply a chunk of foam. It can utilize a variety of construction styles with plenty of convenient features in order to enhance the customer comfort. High-end products could even make you feel like you are using an actual bed.

However, there are many models and brands on the market which make it a bit hard to make up your mind. Well, in that case, this article should be of use to you. Right below are some quality examples and their characteristics for your consideration. There is also a detailed guide about types of mattresses and associated information as well to assist you with the selection for the best RV mattress short queen.

#1. Zinus Memory Foam GreenTea | A Fantastic Combination of Soft & Firm

Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch
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  • Dimension: 74 x 60 x 6 In
  • Weight: 29 Lbs

The first product we would love to refer in the best RV mattress short queen list is nothing but Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress – best seller in mattresses in Amazon. By reducing the motion transfer to the minimum, the Zinus 6 Inch can provide you an undisturbed sleeping time. The 1 In memory foam and 5 In high-density foam base are infused with green tea extract to remove odor.

Thanks to the patented iCoil technology, the mattress is able to offer customized back support for individual sleepers. The innovative combination of foam and spring coil results into a product with outstanding quality. Since the mattress comes in a compressed form, it’s fairly simple to get into the RV interior.


  • Minimized vibration
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to handle


  • Some products cannot reach the designed size
  • Doesn’t age very well

#2. Serenia Sleep | Memory Foam RV Short Queen Mattress

Serenia Sleep 8-Inch
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  • Dimension: 75 x 60 x 8 In
  • Weight: 55 Lbs

Serenia Sleep Memory Foam is another top product that deserves to be on the best short queen RV mattress list from every angle. 2 In of 2 Lbs memory foam on top and 6 In of polyurethane foam on the bottom, the Serenia 8-Inch mattress offer the users quality rests and sleeps.

It employs an open cell design so the mattress breathes and disperses weight really well, much better than closed cell products. The memory foam is made from a special material that is resistant to dust accumulation, it also prevents the growth of microbes as well. Since the mattress doesn’t contain harmful chemical, everyone from adult to children can use it without any trouble.

The firmness of the Serenia 8-Inch mattress is usually adequate in most of the cases, not too hard, not too soft. Its memory foam conforms to the user’s body but won’t let them sink in a lot. The thickness of the mattress is strong enough to support a person up to 300 Lbs no problem. Because of the efficient ventilation, you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty on a hot summer night. The 20-year limited warranty truly shown the confidence of the manufacturer in the mattress performance. 


  • Supportive foam
  • Easy to wash
  • Reasonable price
  • Little vibration


  • Single sided use only. The bottom side is a rough surface
  • Might have odd odor at first but disappear soon afterward
  • Inconvenient shaper in certain case

#3. Live and Sleep Resort Ultra | An Amazing Mattress for the Price

Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-Inch
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  • Dimension: 75 x 60 x 12 In
  • Weight: 76 Lbs

Employing a tri-layer construction, the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-Inch mattress is an effective solution to back pain. The top layer is Visco foam, it’s designed to enhance air circulations and maintain a cool temperature at all times.  On the middle layer is the gel – infused memory foam, its mission is to conform to the user’s body and make the mattress feel soft. Finally, the third layer is extra thick high-density foam to support the mattress. There is a soft, breathable cover too which feel great under the sheet and quite simple to clean.  

Being reviewed as the best RV mattress short queen by many customers, the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-Inch foam is good at keeping the excess heat away from your body so you don’t feel hot and uncomfortable.  It’s 100% hypoallergenic and uses fewer chemicals compared to the average product. In terms of delivery, the mattress is rolled then put into a vacuum seal box for ease of transportation. Don’t worry since the mattress shall unroll and expand to its original form when you get it out of the packaging.

After roughly 3 days the mattress should return to the correct dimension.


  • Negligible motion transfer
  • Offer nice back support
  • No off-gassing
  • 20-year warranty


  • Slightly cumbersome
  • A bit firm for side sleepers  
  • Customer complains about receiving damaged products

#4. Zinus Ultima | Fresh, Cool and Odor Free

Zinus Ultima RV Mattress
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  • Dimension: 60 x 74 x 10 In
  • Weight: 60 Lbs

Same as it cousins, Zinus Ultima is a quality mattress that is delivered directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Chemical usage is very limited and instead of petroleum, the mattress employs natural plant oil that keeps it fresh for a long time. Certified by CertiPUR-US, there are no dangerous chemicals present in the mattress materials so you could use it without anything to worry. The mattress firmness is often considered as average, not too hard, not too soft. Hence, the usual sleeper should have a good night sleep using Zinus Ultima.

In term of support, the mattress cradles your body nicely but there are a couple of complaints about excessive sinking. It could you feel as if you are being trapped inside the foam but for most of the time, the sinking is acceptable. Many users even feel that the sinking offer a comforting hug to their body and enhance the overall softness. About heat retention, Zinus Ultima performs decently but you could feel slightly warm, especially if you are a side sleeper. Currently, there are no reports of disturbing odors or substantial off-gassing which make it in the best RV mattress short queen list!


  • Nice price
  • Eliminate lower back pain
  • Admirable support and limited motion transfer


  • There are certain expanding issues
  • Not firm enough for some people

#5. Classic Brands | Fabulous, Inexpensive Short Queen RV Mattress

Classic Brands 8-Inch
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  • Dimension: 75 x 60 x 8 In
  • Weight: 55 Lbs

Making excellent use of heat dissipation gel memory foam, the Classic Brands 8-Inch mattress is capable of offering you a cool experience. The mattress shape itself nicely to match individual bodies so you don’t have to turn and toss around while sleeping. Since the material can regulate temperature by itself very well, it never makes you feel too hot. The firmness of the mattress is kind of soft yet still stiff enough to support your body comfortably. It doesn’t sink in all the way hence the mattress is able to properly align the sleepers spine to prevent back pain

One great thing about the Classic Brands 8-Inch mattress is that it’s completely hypoallergenic. People with allergy issues and alike should have little trouble putting the mattress to good use. The 10-year limited warranty is another proof of the mattress admirable performance and durable material. For delivery, the mattress is compressed yet it still retains its initial quality nonetheless. The moment it comes out of the packaging, the mattress should promptly return to its original state after a bit of time.  


  • Commendable support
  • Well ventilated
  • Cheap
  • Possesses cooling gel


  • Lack of a full warranty cover
  • Too firm for some people
  • The mattress might take a day or two to fully recover its shape

#6. Live and Sleep Resort Classic | Excellent Semi-firm RV Mattress!

Live and Sleep Resort Classic 10-Inch
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  • Dimension: 75 x 60 x 10 In
  • Weight: 60.8 Lbs

Also come from Live and Sleep, the Resort Classic 10-Inch mattress is a product that will help you rest and sleep peacefully without fail. A combination of the 2.5 In of air infused memory foam on the top and the support core foam below shall let you have a pressure relieving experience.

The set up is a walk in the park, simply pick a solid and linear spot where you want to put the mattress. After that, get the mattress out of the roll box then it should expand on its own. The only thing left to do is to lay your back on it and enjoy yourself.


  • Come with a pillow free of charge
  • Got it own knit cover
  • Excellent warranty


  • Some products take a long time to expand
  • Too soft for some people

#7. LUCID | Exceptionally Comfortable, Good Bang for the Buck

LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress
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  • Dimension: 75 x 60 x 10 In
  • Weight: 52 Lbs

On the best RV mattress short queen list, we also would love to introduce LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Designed for RVs and camping uses, the LUCID 10 Inch is capable of improving the experience of the trip. The 2.5 In gel infused memory foam and 7.5 In high-density foam base make the firmness acceptable to most people body.  

Temperature and moisture are always kept under control so you won’t have too much problem using the mattress. The TENCEL soft and breathable fabric cover substantially enhances the air circulation. All the foams are laboratory tested to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.


  • 25-year warranty
  • Perform well
  • Quality performance


  • Inconsistent quality between products
  • The mattress failed to expand to the correct dimension in certain cases

#8. Zinus Hybrid Spring | A Great Replacement RV Mattress

Zinus Hybrid Spring Camper Mattress
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  • Dimension: 60 x 74 x 6 In
  • Weight: 48 Lbs

Combine the best features of mattress and memory foam, Zinus Hybrid is definitely the best RV mattress short queen in its price range. The mattress base layer consists of hundreds of Zinus premium grade iCoil springs, which are well encased in foam.

These springs not only provide commendable support but also minimize potential motion transfer cause by people turning and tumbling. Therefore, Hybrid users would not be disturbed in their sleep in the case they share the mattress with a partner. The overall bounciness is considered much better than standard foam mattresses.     

The foam of Zinus Hybrid is a quality gel infused design to keep you from getting overheated in your sleep. Beside common chemical, the manufacturer also use organic plant oils to make it easy for you and your family to rest on the mattress. Should you want to achieve an even higher level of comfort then a fiber quilted cover is available. The cover shield Zinus Hybrid from common damages and potential stains, it also protects the users from bumps and lumps.


  • Excellent delivery
  • Straightforward setup
  • Work great for its price


  • A bit too firm for some people
  • Quality control should be improved

#9. DynastyMattress Cool BreezeComfortable, Affordable and Long lasting

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze RV Mattress Short Queen
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  • Dimension: 75 x 60 x 12 In
  • Weight: 75 Lbs

A comment complaint about foam mattresses is that they often retain too much heat, it makes the users feel hot in their sleep. Well, you could avoid the issues entirely by using New Cool Breeze from DynastyMattress. Beside high density support foam in the base layer, the mattress also possesses 2 inches of cool foam which permit efficient air circulation. As a result, New Cool Breeze is one of the best RV mattress short queen when it comes to preventing overheat and alike.  By using the mattress, you are guaranteed to have a cool night sleep from now on.

Upon arrival, you would receive New Cool Breeze in a rolled form. Consider asking for assistance when you need to move it into the desired position because the mattress is rather heavy and fairly bulky. It’s advised to prepare a proper base beforehand so you could quickly lay the mattress on it.

After that, give it some time to decompress then you could enjoy your new mattress. Outgassing is minimal but in case you are sensitive, keep the room door and window open whenever it’s possible.


  • Respectable airflow
  • Come with free pillows    
  • Tough 4 layer construction


  • Cumbersome and bulky
  • Some customers experience sagging problem

#10. Best Price Mattress 4″ | Excellent Bed Topper at a Fantastic Price

Best Price Mattress Topper
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  • Dimension: 74 x 60 x 4 In
  • Weight: 21 Lbs

With memory foam on the top and high-density foam at the bottom, the Best Price Mattress topper helps to increase your mattress comfort level. Your weight would be equally distributed which relieve pressure points across the body. The topper efficient suspension also restricts motion transfer so you won’t be disturbed by your sleeping partner turning and tumbling.

In addition, the zippered polyester mesh cover of the topper is hand washable so you could wash it easily and effortlessly. Having the best RV short queen mattress is good but it would be even better if you pair it with a quality topper like the Best Price Mattress product.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Feel a bit hot
  • There are several size issues

Best Seller List

#PreviewProductOur RatingPrice
1Zinus Memory FoamZinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea *****$$
2Zinus Ultima ComfortZinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam*****$$$
3 LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam MattressLUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam RV Short Queen Mattress ****$$$
2Live and Sleep - Resort 10-InchLive and Sleep Resort Classic****$$$$
4Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12-InchLive and Sleep Resort Ultra*****$$$$$

Different Types of RV Mattresses

There are 3 different types of mattresses with different constructions: Memory foam, air mattress and spring coil mattress. If the best RV mattress short queen is what you’re looking for, then it’s necessary to have precise knowledge about these.

1. Memory foam

In case that you appreciate softness, memory foam is what you need for your tired body after a long day. Its base is made from urethane which is quite similar to traditional mattresses but on the top is a layer of memory foam. The foam name comes from the material ability to remember the shape of the user.

Every time you use the mattress, the foam conforms to your body instead of resisting it. Therefore, by utilizing memory foam, a mattress is able to substantially reduce sleeping problems like tossing and turning.

People used to complain about the foam since it makes the body sweat and overheat. But thanks to the latest technology, recent products are capable of cooling your body while preventing many kinds of pains.    

best RV mattress short queen
Memory foam is a quite popular mattress for lots of RVers when it comes to best short queen RV mattress!

2. Air mattress

Unlike classic air mattresses, an RV air mattress is designed for everyday use with soft foam top layer. You can adjust the firmness on every side of the mattress to fit individual preference.  Mattresses in the category are fairly easy to handle because you are able to deflate and inflate them at will.

When deflated and rolled up, the mattress only requires a bit of space so it’s rather convenient to use and transport. Due to the mattress nature, it performs really well as a guest bed.   

It’s recommended to use an air mattress if you have a lot of people on the RV with to save some space in the interior.

>> Check out the Best Air Mattress Buying Guide here before buying one! <<

3. Spring coil mattress

Not too different from the mattress you have at home, some of the best RV short queen mattresses follow the spring coil style. You may encounter a couple of issues related to the mattress construction though. Spring coil mattresses are vulnerable to condensation if there is a fluctuation in proximity temperature.

Condensation shall make room for mold that eventually lead to plenty of dangerous health ailments. The coils slowly but surely lose their bouncing ability as time goes by which make the mattress increasingly uncomfortable.

If you like the spring coil mattress and want to get it, keep in mind to go after a durable product we reviewed.

best short queen RV mattress
Looking for the best short queen RV mattress, Spring coil would be a great option!

Best RV Mattress Short Queen Buying Guide

Here we come with some characteristics the best short queen RV mattress must offer. Come later after the features we have to look for in an RV mattress before decide to buy it, we also recommend you with a very great performing product evaluated by experts.

1. Comfort

This is the top priority feature to look for if you are finding a comfortable RV mattress. You want to have a quality mattress that let you rest and sleep comfortably so don’t sacrifice your comfort under any circumstance. For most of the time, the original RV mattress is there because it is light and cheap so the comfort level is often low.

Therefore, you have to consider getting a new one as soon as possible to replace the default mattress. Take some time to inspect and exam markets products thoroughly in order to make an informed decision.

Never proceed with a purchase unless you are absolutely certain that the mattress comfort is up to your standard.

Best RV mattress
Comfort is the top requirement that customers expect from the best short queen RV mattress!

2. Breathable

Air circulation is really important, if the mattress material is not breathable then you may wake up sweaty and hot. In the average case, the spring coil mattresses tend to be more breathable than foam mattresses. Nonetheless, you could use a top cover on foam mattress to enhance the air circulation.

3. No vibration

If you intend to share the mattress with someone else or sleep while travel, buy a product that is not susceptible to vibration. Now your partner can toss and turn without disturbing you in the process. The same can be said about the RV movements.

4. Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation is another factor to evaluate the best RV mattress short queen that you’re looking for. A mattress with sufficient heat dissipation is good at cooling your body even if the temperature is high. While a topper can improve the mattress dissipation rate, a product which releases heat well on its own is a good buy nonetheless.

Video: A informative overview of the mattress used for travel trailer.

Video: Here are some hacks for a better sleep with RV mattress!

So Which Is The Best Camper Mattress Short Queen Size?

Serenia Sleep 8-Inch is the Number One Choice?

The excellent performance of the Serenia Sleep 8-Inch earns it the number one spot in the list. A lot of users voted it as the best RV mattress short queen. It’s convenient to use, got a high comfort level and possesses a generous warranty. The mattress is truly a good buy in most situations.

Editor’s Recommendation: The Classic Brands

The Classic Brands 8-Inch ability to regulate temperature is well liked. The mattress firmness is a match to the average people and it’s quite durable too. Because of the cheap price tag, people wallet responds very well to the product.

Best RV Mattress
For comfortable and happy camping trips, buying a great RV mattress is a worthy investment.

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Last Updated on June 21, 2022

  1. James says

    Highly recommend Live and Sleep product! We finally opened our mattress and set it up in our RV – what a difference compared to last year and the cheap factory model we were sleeping on! Extremely comfortable. I can toss and turn as much as I like without waking up my husband. No aches or pains like I used to get with the old factory model. It opened up beautifully and completely and there has not been a smell from day one. After all the positive reviews I read, I’m glad I chose I this RV mattress short queen size. And an added plus is the pillow that comes with it – I keep an eye on it to make no one takes it from me (herniated disk in my neck so I’m very picky about my pillow).

  2. Kenneth Kellar says

    I purchased a Live and Sleep Resort Ultra short queen mattress and have been using it for 2 months. Generally, this is a Quality product, but too firm for us. Which was surprising because we spent a little more for the plusher model with this concern in mind before buying. We are impressed with the manufacturing, construction and warranty. Had no issues with size; it fully inflated to measurements as advertised and fit perfectly in our travel trailer. There was a slight odor, which went away in less than 24 hours. No problem there. However, after 1 week of trying, it is just too firm, and we cannot get comfortable or sleep through the night. It just didn’t work for us.

  3. Lisa Miller says

    The Serenia Sleep mattress met my expectations. I was concerned on a lot of the other mattresses had a odor. This one did not! I’m not sure if it was quite 8 inches of foam, but for the money it was a very good short queen mattress for my RV. We slept very comfortably.

  4. Lauren Lopez says

    The LUCID mattress was perfect for my airstream trailer I would have maybe gotten the 8 inch one as the 10 inch is thicker that I thought. I carved the curve of the mattress with a turkey knife and it fits great. It is softer Than I imagined. Wish it was a little firmer but overall great deal as we checked out foam mattresses at stores and nothing for this price. Best RV mattress short queen (y).

  5. Bessie says

    We purchased the LUCID mattress short queen to replace the (awful) mattress in our travel trailer! It is THICK so be sure you really want 10 inches! We love ours. It is a bit firm but that works well for us. Excellent purchase for the price! We love it!

  6. Gregg Radley says

    My wife and I just bought a used travel trailer which was in serious need of a new mattress. After checking out several mattress stores we when on line and reading reviews about best RV mattress short queen, we ordered the Live and Sleep Resort Classic from Amazon. We received it within two days. After we opened the mattress box, we let it sit for the suggested 48 hours while it expanded and firmed up. Last night we had an opportunity to test our new mattress. WOW! We had a great night sleep in our trailer. This morning my shoulders and back did not hurt. We may have to change out our sleep numbers mattress in the house. We will be recommending this mattress to all of our RV friends.

  7. Frieda Chapman says

    Best RV mattress! I read lots of reviews on the Live and Sleep Classic mattress so I expected it be on the firm side. I ordered one after reading your post. Think I made a good purchase and hope to go camping soon. Thank you Carlos for such helpful recommendation.

  8. Buckley says

    Love the mattress from LUCID! The short queen mattress that came with my RV was a joke. It provided no support and, as a side sleeper, my hips would hurt n the morning. I purchased this based on the reviews and the price. I have to say that I made a great purchase! This is a very comfortable mattress. I am sleeping better in my RV than I do at home. No buyer’s remorse on this item. Highly recommended.

  9. Barry Griffith says

    Thank you, Carlos. Very informative post. I bought Classic Brands mattress after reading some reviews on the Internet including this post. Once we took it out of the box, it didn’t take anywhere near 24 hours to expand. Very comfortable, great mattress for the price. No chemical smell whatsoever. The only thing that I would say is that the edges of the mattress took a bit longer to expand and two sides are not as nicely expanded as the others. We bought it for a guest room and I slept on it for a few nights with no issues. Not sure how it would hold up with constant use over time. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase and would recommend this mattress to anyone looking for an inexpensive memory foam mattress. This short queen mattress will be perfect for my RV too. Will buy one more.

  10. Robert says

    I bought the short queen for our RV as the factory mattress was so hard my back hurt for days (I’m 32 so I shouldn’t be complaining of backpain quite yet). We slept on the Zinus short queen mattress on top of the plywood for two nights and no pain! It is a harder mattress but I like a more firm mattress. It expanded to about 5 1/2 inches after a week of letting it air out and get to shape.

  11. K. Alvarez says

    Hi. After a ten day road trip with our little travel trailer last year we had to make a change. The original mattress almost killed our backs. So, before thanking our first trip this year we ordered the Live and Sleep Classic RV Short queen. It is as comfortable as our memory foam mattress we have at home. When we do our next ten day road trip we will sleep as good as we do at home! Oh, and when you do get yours, be sure and buy a waterproof cover to go under your regular mattress pad. That’s insurance for your investment should your RV spring a leak.

  12. Larry says

    Hi Carlos Perry, we purchased an RV with it’s standard short queen mattress. We used it….I won’t say slept on it because you certainly couldn’t sleep on it…..for 3 or 4 long weekends. I decided to change it to enjoy some true sleep during the RV camping adventure. I researched and read a lot of best RV mattress short queen reviews. I did read this post before purchasing this Serena Sleep mattress. At my first thought, this is just like other reviews on the Internet. But I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with a mattress!
    It was easy to get into the RV with a bit of help from my neighbor. We cut the plastic open and it just rolled out on to the base and began to ‘puff up’. I left to air out for about a week before our trip just to be safe. It’s quite firm but somehow soft and comfy at the same time. For anyone that has back problems, this mattress is a gem. We especially like that when one of us moves or rolls over or gets out of bed, the other cannot feel it. The bedroom is now the preferred TV watching venue 🙂
    I’d recommend it to any RVer or I think it would be great on the floor for a dorm room although a bit difficult to move around. Simply the best short queen RV mattress!!!

  13. Charles Burt says

    Ordered one Live and Sleep Resort Ultra. The mattress arrived on time. We carried to our camper to unwrap. Once unwrapped it quickly began to inflate. It took just over night to be complete. We have been sleeping on the mattress for 15 nights and have found it to be very comfortable. Thanks for the recommendation, great reviews, Carlos!

  14. Kurt Diamond says

    Live and Sleep Resort Classic met my standards for the best short queen RV mattress. Receiving it from Amazon, I placed in my RV and opened per instructions. I did not notice any odor. I let the mattress expand as per instructions for 48 hrs. I have an upcoming trip and will have an update on the overall comfort. I can say that I have owned other foam style mattresses in the past am I was very pleased with the quality of this product at delivery.
    My wife is very very happy with the new mattress. even in the cold snap it has been great. She is asking me to order one for our house next. You can move in and out of bed and not disturb the other person. The mattress is not problem when accessing storage underneath the bed in the RV. I would say well worth the money and I wish I had not waited so long to get.

  15. Perry says

    Thanks for the recommendation. Classic Brands mattress short queen was sort of what I was expecting.
    I say that In good faith of the product. So far it’s exactly what I was expecting and for the price I wanted but It’s still a bit hard for my tastes whether or not that it needs to be broken in more or if I need to buy another layer to top it is another story. But, even if I do need a topper for it to meet my full needs it’s definitely of solid quality and for people who prefer something firmer I can definitely recommend this product.

  16. Gardner says

    So I am 6’2 250 lbs and I have a hard time finding a comfortable bed especially for my Boat. I was sceptical about this Serena Sleep 8 Inch because of the price. I have been using this bed for about a month and we have slept on it 6 times and it is a great bed and amazing price. What was nice about the product was that it comes in a small box and it was easy to maneuver into my tight cabin in my boat. I am looking to buy another mattress short queen size for my RV.

  17. Latoya says

    Our new RV came with a weight saving mattress that was difficult to sleep on. We ordered Live and Sleep Resort Classic mattress online and had it delivered to us on the road. It made sleeping just like we were at home only better. You could pay a lot of money for a name brand and wouldn’t have a better mattress.

  18. Gibby says

    Zinus Memory Foam is a great choice! After the first night sleeping on the mattress I woke up concerned I just wasted $170 bucks. I should note it takes 24-48 hrs to fully de-compress. So, needless to say I’ve slept on the mattress for over a week now and it’s great! I was worried it would be to hard or too soft and for me, it’s about upper middle firm or like a 7 out of 10 which is perfect for us. Absolutely perfect replacement for the cheap crappy RV mattress you get from the factory.

  19. Jason Pate says

    Purchased the Live and Sleep short queen mattress to replace the so called mattress that came with our 5th wheel. So glad I did – very comfortable, especially for two old people with bad backs. Would highly recommend purchasing this mattress. Great spent.

  20. Michael says

    I’m a big person- I’m 6’2 and I weigh 270 lbs. I use a Sleep Number bed at home but couldn’t justify the cost of one for our travel trailer, which we use about 30 nights a year. The stock mattress felt like it was made of lasagna noodles mixed with concrete. I ordered the Serenia Sleep after reading your reviews and this short queen mattress is great! It is very comfortable, I don’t bottom out on my hips when I sleep on my side, and it is not overly hot like a lot of memory foam mattresses. I just wish I’d gotten it sooner.
    It was packaged in a long cardboard box, shrinkwrapped in a tube. It was easy to move and put down, and once it was unrolled and out of the plastic it expanded to full thickness in about 6 hours. After a day it has no noticeable odor.

  21. Leroy Alonzo says

    I purchased the Live and Sleep Resort Ultra 12 Inch to upgrade the factory mattress in my travel trailer that was supposedly a “premium” mattress but never slept very well with my wife bouncing me around all night long every time that she moved, even with a memory foam pad topper on the “premium” mattress. I did a lot of research and realized that a foam mattress would work best for our situation and that this company beats everyone else out there in pricing. This mattress is a huge improvement over the previous setup in the travel trailer and after a week of sleeping on it out camping I no longer wake up with sore muscles like I did before and my wife also sleeps so much better than before and doesn’t bounce me around when she turns in her sleep. This is definitely a medium firmness mattress and feels the same as my mattress in my home that costed four times more.

  22. Arthur Simmons says

    After conducting an thorough assessment of various memory foam mattresses and reading the numerous (sometimes lenghty) reviews I (we) opted to take a leap of faith and purchase this Serena Sleep Memory Mattress. Contrary to various comments regarding the foul odor emitted from this mattress when first unrolled we detected no such odor and actually slept (very comfortable) on the mattress the first night. I have severe back problems and am constantly in pain, in the mornings it is a very tough job getting out of bed even after stretching before I roll myself out of bed. The Serenia mattress has given me the ability to get out of bed in a more normal manner, no longer rolling out on to the floor and working my way in an upright position. Did this mattress cure my back troubles? NO! Was I expecting it to? NO, but I am sleeping extremely comfortable and can also sleep on my back. The mattress contours very nicely to my body allowing me to lay comfortably with stress on my back. My wife also feels a big difference between the previous mattress and this one. We are now waiting for our new memory foam pillows. Great product so far. We are happy with the purchase of this mattress for out travel trailer. Thanks for the quality reviews and rating about best RV mattress short queen size!

  23. Geneva Christensen says

    I was struggling looking for the best short queen RV mattress and finally made a decision to purchased the LUCID queen short after reading your post. This mattress fits in our camper perfectly! Was easy to unroll and put in place, however it rolls out upside down also the bed is heavy so I would recommend two people. The bed is firm so if you like a softer bed this is not for you. I did not notice a smell like some of the other reviewers, however my hubby did but he said it was not a bad smell. I am happy with my purchase!
    Thanks for the reviews, Carlos!

  24. Vincent Parker says

    Hello Carlos. We purchased this Resort Classic of Live and Sleep for as a replacement for the cheap mattress that came with our RV. Was a lightning deal, but had it narrowed down between this and another cooling memory foam mattress and could pass up on the deal popped up cause price was great. Was totally scared to try and set this up when it arrived as I was afraid of once I opened it that I would not have time to get it in place and take off all of the plastic wrap. Once we opened it we had plenty of time to position it into place and get the plastic off and did notice a little bit of odor when we first opened. We opened the windows and had two fans blowing on it and went back 12 hours later and it was almost the complete 10 inches and could hardly smell the odor any longer. Freebie pillow is awesome and not heavy like my expensive memory foam pillows I paid $200 for. We have slept on for over a week and it is good mixture of soft, yet firm and super supportive.

  25. Lewis Schuman says

    Bought the LUCID 10 inch for a new camper. It came with a hook blade to cut the plastic. I took it to the camper bed to cut the plastic (easier to handle rolled up). It did take about 4 hours to fully expand. I am sensitive to smells and after it fully expanded I did not notice any odor. It sleeps great but a little firm for me at 115lb. There is no movement when my partner gets up except the flinging of the covers. It is a little tall for the camper bed but the thinner one was out of stock and no one should sleep on the average camper mattress.

  26. James Sanchez says

    Thanks for the awesome reviews. I was looking for something more comfortable and affordable for our camper that we spend 30-40 nights a year in. Then I read this and bought Live and Sleep Resort Ultra as you suggested. I must say this short queen mattress far exceeded what I was expecting. Although we have yet to sleep on it in the camper we did try it out for 2 nights in the house and are now considering replacing our 3 year old $2000 mattress on our bed with one of these. I am a very light sleeper and there is very limited motion transfer when my wife moves in the night and it’s super comfortable and sleeps very cool. I would really say this this product is the best short queen RV mattress I’ve been using so far.

  27. Georgia says

    It’s a good bed – Zinus short queen 6” model. The first one had an issue and the corners did not expand. I called Zinus but they told me to call Amazon because it was a Prime item. Amazon said they were sorry, and sent out a new one that is perfect! We did not have to deal with returning the defective mattress. Overall a bit of a pain to have to replace our mattress, but well worth it at the price. We use it on our RV and it’s fantastic. Two people and a toddler sleeping in it for extended use (months) and no further complaints. It did take about a week for my back to get used to memory foam. I love it now though! Plenty thick to be comfortable and yet firm. It is placed on a wooden platform so you could use it on any surface. The mattress cover that comes on it is high quality. It honestly is a great deal for the approx $100 we paid!

  28. Edward says

    Compared to the craptastic mattresses that cone with RVs the LUCID 10 Inch is amazing. Our Coachman one gave out after the first use, I only wish we found this one 3 years ago. That old one had my back hurting after one night, I would wake up all through the night with back pain, I dreaded sleeping during camping trips, and it took over a week to return to normal. This last trip we spent 3 nights on it and not one problem. Thank you Lucid.

  29. Larry says

    Excellent mattress. It seems the ones that come in RVs are designed to give sore spots, not a good night’s rest. This Live and Sleep Resort Classic mattress is quite the opposite! The moment we opened it up, while it was still expanding, it was more comfortable to lay on than the original mattress. No sore back or sore points after sleeping on this mattress. The Short Queen is 60″x75″ but expanded to what feels like a little more than 1″ longer than the 60″x74″ original RV mattress it replaces.
    The mattress cover has a durable bottom part with a zipper all the way around it so the cover can easily be removed from the mattress. If you have ever put a memory foam mattress in a mattress cover that only zips along one side you know how much easier it will be to remove and reinstall this mattress cover to wash it.
    The mattress is much heavier than the one it replaces so if you have a hatch opening under the mattress that has lifting struts you will either need to replace them with stronger ones or come up with a different method to keep the hatch open while accessing the contents.
    The mattress came with a bonus pillow. If you like pillows which don’t crush much it is an excellent pillow to sleep on. It is too thick for my wife or me so we will likely use it as a spare or a cover it for a couch pillow. Awesome choice when it comes to the best RV mattress short queen.

  30. Chris says

    Hello, nice reviews!!!

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  35. Louis Fields says

    One vote for Classic Brands Cool Gel. It’s a very firm mattress… Allow it proper time to inflate (3days /72hours top) and just enjoy it… it’s super nice and it’s actually cool, so if you leave in a warm/hot climate this is the mattress for you! (Although im sure it compliments any climate)… in conclusion, I’m very satisfied so far.

  36. Marie Beeks says

    Ordered one Classic Brands Cool Gel last week. Really smelly at first, but after it aired out that went away. We left the ceiling fan running and I put a box of baking soda out. We weren’t living in the new house right away so we had time for it to air out. It’s fabulously comfortable. At first I thought it was going to be too hard for (I like pillowy beds), but since I fall asleep every night as soon a my head hits the pillow, obviously it’s comfortable! My husband really like the cool gel layer. He’s very hot when he sleeps usually, but since we’ve had this mattress he hasn’t been sweating at all.

  37. Charles says

    The mattress Resort Classic 10-Inch fits perfectly in our RV and is super comfortable. Great purchase at a great price. Best short queen RV mattress I’ve owned so far! The quality of this product is not bad compared with other expensive mattress.

  38. Anthony Bird says

    Slept on this Serenia Sleep Memory Foam mattress at queen size for the first time last weekend on my first camping this year. The first night I tossed and turned and could not get comfortable. The next night, though, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I slept extremely well for the next 2 nights. I cant wait until our 10 day trip coming up just to sleep. I may have to find one of these mattresses for home.

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