Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms

Top 5 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms (Compact but Practical)

Small campers make the camping experience a real fun. You can go wherever you want to go without sacrificing the comfort of sleeping on a real bed or the privilege of running your gadgets and appliances. The only complaint was the non-existence of a proper toilet or bath. Well, no more going into the wild for nature calls when you are traveling with a camper. There are plenty of small camping trailers with bathrooms.

These campers are easier to tow, fit the space limitation of all campgrounds, simpler to maintain and service, and don’t cost much. You will be settling for something conveniently small without sacrificing the comfort of having a bathroom on the road.


5 Small Camping Trailers With Bathrooms

If you are yet to decide on which campers to buy, here is a list of 5 tiny travel trailers with bathroom. The perks of having a toilet everywhere you go is a big plus.

1# Jay Sport Trailer

How comfortable a small trailer can be? Well, you can take the Jay Sport Trailer from Jayco as a standard. It has all the amenities that you can expect to have in a decent hotel room. The impressive exterior has some convenient features like off-riding tires, retractable double-entry steps, and stabilizer jacks for safe overnight stays.

small travel trailers with bathroom
Jay Sport Trailer from Jayco.

The interior is stylish and cozy with the add-ons like heated bed mats, reversible cushions, stereo & TV, dinette, wall-to-wall DiamondFlor vinyl flooring, cabinetry, acrylic sink, and stainless steel interior.

The curtained bathroom has the facility of a shower. It comes with a 6-gallon water heater that you can use for taking an exterior/interior shower, cleaning, washing, and toilet needs.

2# Winnebago Rialta

You have probably not expected to see an older model like the Winnebago Rialta. But, it’s a good choice if you are looking for small travel trailers with bathroom. With almost 22 inches of length and 6.2 inches of width, it will fit into almost all the camping sites. Unlike those micro trailers, it has some breathing room and a proper bathroom. Do you want something else?

small camping trailers with bathrooms
Winnebago Rialta.

You can drive the trailer around city traffic and congested areas because it is not a huge travel trailer. Also, the fuel economy is great and the high-quality German engineering keeps you almost worry-free.

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3# Spirit Deluxe Trailer from Casita Travel Trailers

The trailer can take heavy downpours, hailstorms, or snow because of its marine-grade fiberglass body. It is one of the best small camping trailers with bathrooms for both solo travelers and family.

The 17-foot vehicle has a sleeping arrangement for three and has adequate space for storage. A small family traveling in this camper will never be cramped for space.

tiny travel trailers with bathroom
Spirit Deluxe Trailer.

The interior features beautiful decoration and classy finishes. There are door lighting, overhead storage compartments and a sleeping place cum dining room. The 12-volt battery pack and 110V exterior outlet give different options for running your gadgets and appliances. Like electricity, water is also available with the lockable fresh water fill and a connection to the city water source.

The bathroom is impressive given that it is just a small camper. The separate toilet and shower areas ensure the maximum privacy. The stall also has screened windows and a power fan roof vent dissipate the humidity and bad smell.

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4# Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

The Lance 1575 is another popular option to be in the list of small camping trailers with bathrooms. The brand has been manufacturing trailers and truck campers for more than 50 years. They have channeled their years of experience when building this lightweight, small, and practical camper.

Weighing 2,700lbs, the trailer has no lack of useful features. You will like the vented roof space, laminated windows, the wall clock, countertops, built-in refrigerator, separate systems for freshwater and wastewater, and many more.

small camping trailers with bathrooms
Lance 1575 Travel Trailer. 

The careful mix of practical and luxury features makes sure that you won’t be deprived of the coziness and warmth of home whether you are camping or on the road. Lance equips the vehicle will all the small but necessary things that you need in your day to day life.

The presence of a bathroom is a huge plus in this small camper. The foot-operated toilet is plumbed into a black tank system. The toilet is easy to use and clean. The skylight on the roof floods the stall with adequate natural light.

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5# United Recreational Vehicles ICamp Elite

You can call the iCamp Elite as one of the smallest travel trailers with shower. The 14-inch trailer suits best the solo travelers due to its petite internal dimensions. It won’t be suitable for people who are 6-foot tall because the highest section stretches just shy of six feet.

However, don’t let the diminutive size deceive you. The trailer has all the useful features along with a functional bathroom. The fiberglass exterior along with Styrofoam layer and aluminum tubing is built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The heavy-duty Styrofoam works as a good heat insulator and sound damper.

smallest travel trailers with shower
iCamp Elite.

The iCamp Elite is a looker with its sporty countenance and compact dimensions. However, the clever design and useful features make it something more than just a cute camper. All the furniture pieces and internal sections have been thoughtfully engineered to maximize the limited space. For example, all the furnishings and fittings have rounded edges to save space and protect you from bumps and bruises.

Any enthusiastic camper with a limited budget will love this easily towable trailer with an efficient fuel economy. It is agile on the road due to the aerodynamic structure. The beautifully wallpapered vehicle does not stay behind in terms of entertainment. The iPod connectivity gives you access to all of your favorite music and podcasts.

The iCamp Elite is a good choice for small camping trailers with bathrooms. It is budget-friendly and fuel-efficient. The small toilet will manage to impress because it has a nice toilet and a shower. There is no need to go outside for taking a dump or a bath.

Last Updated on November 14, 2018

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