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10 Best RV Gadgets You Should Equip Today!

An RV camper has limited space. You cannot stuff it with something unnecessary. Sometimes, you may have to throw out some of your favorite accessories because of the space issue. That’s why you should bring only the best RV gadgets possible. Whether you are a full-time RVer or travel once in a while, you must be aware of the importance of nifty gadgets to stay trouble-free during the RV camping trips.

10 Best RV Gadgets To Buy Right Now

These are some of the must have RV gadgets that will enhance your camping experience and make your journeys a little less hard.

1# Portable Propane Fire Pit

best rv gadgets
Propane Fire Pit

It’s one of the best RV gadgets because it will make the campfire chore a pure fun. There is no more hauling the firewood or spending an hour to collect them from the campsite. Also, you can say goodbye to the soot and dirty clothes that you need to deal with after every campfire session. These fire pits are smoke-free and you can light them with a minute. An evening around a campfire will not be a chore anymore with this portable propane fire pit.

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2# RV GPS (Garmin RV 660LMT)

must have rv gadgets
Garmin RV GPS

Paper maps are still popular but technology has made the task of map reading and road cruising much easier. This RV GPS from Garmin provides customization and modification of RV routes according to the size and weight of your camper. There are also options for searching for campgrounds and getting road warnings. It will make your traveling easier and safer.

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3# Instant Pot

cool rv gadgets
Instant Pot

Instant Pot is one of the cool RV gadgets because it offers the functions of multiple kitchen appliances. Buying it means you can keep the kitchen counter free and clean, allowing you to make the best use of RV’s limited space.

The Instant Pot offers the functions of a rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, slow cooker, and more. Purchase a 6-quart pot and you can prepare a meal for your whole family (4 to 6 people). It also has advanced safety mechanisms, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

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4# RV Fridge Fan

best RV gadgets
RV Fridge Fan

What is one of the most annoying parts of RV-ing in summer? Emptying all the items kept in the refrigerator and defrosting. Maintaining a certain temperature in the fridge is difficult during the hot days. The fan will keep the fridge cool during scorching summer days, so you can enjoy fresh food items with no frost buildup.

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5# FKANT Solar Charger

best rv gadgets
FKANT Solar Charger

Whether you want to keep your cell phone alive or other digital devices when camping without electricity, a solar charge will come handy. This charger from FKANT features a 15,000 mAh battery, providing something between 10 and 12 hours of battery life. A smartphone takes barely an hour to fully recharge with this device, which means there is enough juice to recharge many of your gadgets.

The battery of the charger takes a full day under the sun for a full recharge. When you are not camping you can fil it up by connecting it to your computer or car through the micro USB port. Besides, the charger is shockproof and rain-resistant, so there’s nothing to be afraid of whether a rain shower washes it or it falls from your hand.

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6# Mr. Beams Stick Anywhere LED Night Lights

cool rv gadgets
Stick Anywhere Night Lights

Battery-powered LED lights are an excellent choice for both RV traveling and camping and they are more than welcome if you can install them anywhere without any hardwiring. These LED night lights from Mr. Beams with motion-sensing on/off and long life (providing 80 hours of life with one set of batteries) are some of the best RV gadgets for your camper.

Installation of these lights is a breeze since you can stick them anywhere without any hardwiring. Use them as temporary lights in bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, or anywhere you want.

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7# Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

must have rv gadgets
Portable Camping Stove

A compact and collapsible camping stove is a lifesaver where space is at a premium. This stove from Etekcity is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel offers both durability and portability. You can use both butane and butane-propane mixed fuel that leaves no trace in nature. It does not produce any debris or soot and the flame control option gives you the full control over the meal you want to cook.

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8# Cell Phone Signal Booster

best rv gadgets
Cell Phone Signal Booster

Sometimes, you travel too far and reach such areas where the cell phone does not have a strong signal. The cell phone booster will come handy in those areas. It’s a no-brainer to include this weBoost signal booster for cell phones in this best RV gadgets list because it’s a lifesaver in remote areas. It can boost the signals up to 32 times and it works with all he mobile phone carriers in the United States.

The signal booster is compatible with both 4G LTE and 3G phones. It is excellent for stopping dropped calls and increasing your Internet browsing speed.

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9# Portable Dehumidifier

cool rv gadgets
Portable Dehumidifier

Camping during rainy days is sometimes annoying because you have to deal with lots of damp stuff. The soggy clothes, shoes, and other similar things will release an unpleasant odor if left for too long inside the camper. Similarly, sweaty socks, clothes, and sneakers will also give off a bad smell. However, the portable dehumidifier from Eva-Dry will save you from this unpleasant situation. It will keep nasty odors away and also save your stuff from the amp caused by excessive moisture in the air.

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10# Wireless Color Forecast Station

best rv gadgets
Color Forecast Station

It’s a must-have gadget for the RVers because apart from the camping and driving safety depends on the weather. The weather forecast station from La Crosse Technology is excellent for providing real-time weather information. You can set alerts for temperature, humidity, and significant climatic change. Some other nice features are a color screen, adjustable backlight, automatic time reset for daylight savings, and more.

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Most of the products in this best RV gadgets list are inexpensive. It means that you can purchase convenience and slash lots of extra work from your days as a traveler without emptying your pocket.

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