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The 12 Best #VanLife Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Immediately

Whether you hit the road in a top-dollar custom conversion, or climb the hills slowly in a vintage DIY van, the call of the wild is real. And while the #VanLife hashtag on Instagram may show a particularly polished view of mobile living, you can’t deny its appeal.

Picturesque mountains, perfect waves, and powdery snow all make for beautiful backdrops, no matter what type of van you drive. And even if you’re still dreaming of that perfect rig, it doesn’t mean you can’t scroll the ‘grams for inspiration.

Let’s face it, #VanLife just looks good, no matter where you are. To stoke your camper van dreams, Curbed has rounded up 12 of our favorite Instagram accounts, with brief descriptions of why you should follow. Have a favorite account you love? Let us know in the comments.


1. @vanlifediaries

One of the most popular accounts out there, Van Life Diaries re’grams van photos from around the world.

2. @Fosterhunting

Meet the founder of the #VanLife, Foster Hunting is arguably the most famous van lifer—like 1 million followers famous—in the game since he hit the road in 2011. Now Hunting is skating and living in tree houses.

3. @188sqft

This couple hit the road in a remodeled camper and four pets. Yes, four!

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4. @Wheresmyofficenow

Follow the bikini-heavy travels of couple Emily and Corey—and their pups—as they continue on a van journey that started in 2012.

5. @MavistheAirstream

Follow the adventures of a high-design couple who remodeled a 1975 Airstream.

6. @mitch.cox

A Photographer down under exploring Australia in a DIY camper for the past few years.

7. @alisontravels

This professional photographer takes amazing landscape shots, but let’s face it—we’re here for the awesome dog photos. Dogs + Vans = Perfection.

8. @OurHomeOnWheels

If you wonder how people travel in vans with their kids, look no further. And cute baby photos are the best.

9. @HomeSweetVan

An Oregon-based couple living the dream in their Ford Transit.

10. @Vanlife.Magazine

Curating photos from vanlifers all over the world.

11. @ZachBoth

Founder of and owner of the sweet rig: Zach’s 2003 Chevy Express 3500.

12. @VanLifeTheory

Another van life community that has almost 56,000 followers.

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Last Updated on August 29, 2022

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