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5 Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 Pounds (Top Lightweight Trailers)

You don’t need to tow a huge camper to enjoy the thrill of camping adventures. There are some best lightweight travel trailers that can help you get a kick out of the camping life without sacrificing the fun. Pick one of the best travel trailers under 4000 lbs. It can be your nifty tour-mate during the day and cozy mini-home at night.

If you are driving an SUV or a small pickup, it is practical to choose the lightest travel trailer on the market. These vehicles are not suitable for towing a heavy RV. You should choose a trailer that is compatible with the towing capacity of your car. You can choose from the best travel trailer under 5000 lbs, or 4000 lbs, to be on the safe side.

5 Best Travel Trailers under 4000 LBS

When you are looking for the best lightweight campers to tow comfortably with a crossover or SUV, always check their weight in Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). It means that the GVWR won’t cross the 4000 pounds limit even after adding fuel, cargo, and passengers. So, you should look for vehicles that have less than 3000 pounds of dry weight (the weight before loading anything).

Check the curated list of five best travel trailers under 4000 lbs:

1# Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailer

The Specs:

Floorplans Dry Weight No. of Passengers Length
9 2342-2836 lbs 2 to 4 people 18 to 20 feet

The R-Pod is quite popular among the travelers for its lightweight build. It comes with 9 different floor outlines and every single one of them is under 4000 pounds GVWR. Four people can easily live in this trailer. So, it is kind of perfect for a vacation for a small family.

However, the smaller structure and lighter build do not mean there are fewer features. In fact, the R-Pod trailers come with some of the features exclusive in Forest River vehicles. They have electric brakes with automatic adjustments, safety glass windows, smoke detectors, outside speakers, and more. You can even go for an upgraded version with awning, microwave oven, and 13,500 BTU air conditioning system. With all the upgrades, it transforms into one of the best lightweight travel trailers having a premium-quality.

best lightweight travel trailers

Key Features

  • Nine different floor plans
  • LP and CO gas detectors
  • Hardwood drawer fronts
  • Windows with custom-tinted safety glass

2# KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer

The Specs:

Floorplans Dry Weight No. of Passengers Length
7 2126-2840 lbs 3 to 5 people 15 to 21 feet

The KZ Sportsmen deserves a spot in the ultra lightweight travel trailers reviews because it is extremely fun to drive this light, simple vehicle. While the lightweight build is definitely a plus point, it has many other selling points.

With the flexibility of 7 different floorplans, you can have the trailer at between 15 and 21 feet of length. However, the shorter length does not translate into less comfort or useful features. The vehicles have a 20,000 BTU furnace, 8,000 BTU AC, interior speakers, solar panels, and more. You can add more features for some extra money.

ultra lightweight travel trailers

Key Features

  • Seven floorplans
  • Solar panels
  • Awning with LED strip lights
  • Alum-a-tough roofing
  • Air conditioning system

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3# Palomino PaloMini 180FB Travel Trailer

The Specs:

Floorplans Dry Weight No. of Passengers Length
1 2823 lbs 3 people 21 feet

The PaloMini series has 6 different models but the 180FB seems to the perfect choice to be one of the best travel trailers under 4000 lbs. The dry weight of all other models is almost 4000 pounds, which is likely to cross the threshold after loading stuff.

The trailer is great for a couple or a small family. There is storage space throughout the trailer and the front cargo deck meets extra packing needs during a long journey.

The trailer will give you at-home feeling with memory foam mattress on the bed, microwave oven, hardwood cabinets, separate rear bathroom, and interior LED lights. The walkable roof, tinted safety glass windows, and smoke detectors make your life easier and safer.

lightest travel trailer on the market

Key Features

  • Windows with tinted safety glass
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioning system
  • 20,000 BTU furnace
  • Awning with LED lights
  • Two-burner cooktop
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Laminated walkable roof

4# Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

The Specs:

Floorplans Dry Weight No. of Passengers Length
1 2775 lbs 4 people 20.5 feet

The combination of extra space and insubstantial build has made it one of the best lightweight travel trailers in the market. The special engineering has kept the weight less than 3000 pounds without compromising with luxury features.

The trailer feels much larger than other travel trailers under 4000 pounds. Both the living and bathroom areas have large windows and skylights. It uses Azdel instead of wood on the walls and the use of Lite-Ply makes the cabinets lighter but stronger. The ceiling is also fiberglass, not metal. The applications of all these brilliant features keep the weight down.

The bathroom has a bathtub, foot flush toilet, and other amenities. The bed has queen innerspring mattress with throw pillows. There is a three-burner cooktop, a refrigerator, and a rangehood in the kitchen.

travel trailers under 4000 pounds

Key Features

  • An 18,000 BTU furnace
  • AM/FM/DVD Stereo
  • Internal and external Bluetooth speakers
  • Skylights
  • 45 amp converter
  • HDTV antenna

5# Airstream Sport 22FB

The Specs:

Floorplan Dry Weight No. of Passengers Length
1 2,860 lbs 1 to 4 people 22 feet

The Sport series have two travel trailers and both of their dry weight is below 4000 pounds. However, the 22RB seems to be the right choice if you are looking for the best travel trailers under 4000 lbs.

The boasts a modern interior, perfect for the city dwellers and minimalists. The simple, sleek interior design and the combination of bright colors and earthy tones give the vibe of an urban tiny apartment.

There is a separate lounge space for entertainment and relaxing. The galley-style kitchen has everything that you need to make a full-course meal. The dinette in the dining area converts into a bed for two in case you are having guests.

There are air conditioning system and heat strip, keeping you comfortable and cozy throughout the year. The shell is aluminum and the panoramic front windows flood the interior with enough daylight.

best travel trailers under 4000 lbs

Key Features

  • Multifunctional dinette
  • Smoke detector and fire extinguisher
  • Separate lounge area
  • Ultraleather seating surfaces
  • Air conditioner and heat strip
  • Spacious front windows

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A Comparison of the Best Travel Trailers under 4000 LBS

Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 LBS
5 Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 LBS

If you are a bit spoilt for the choice, a comparison chart of the reviewed travel trailers under 4000 lbs may come handy:

Name Type Dry Weight Length No. of Passengers Key Features
Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailer Travel Trailer Series 2342-2836 lbs 18 to 20 feet 2 to 4 people · Gas detectors
· Safety-glass windows
· Wood-glazed drawer fronts
· 9 floorplans
KZ Sportsmen Classic Travel Trailer Travel Trailer Series 2126-2840 lbs 15 to 21 feet 3 to 5 people · Solar panels
· Alum-a-tough roofing
· AC
· Awning with LED lights
Palomino PaloMini 180FB Travel Trailers Travel Trailer Model 2823 lbs 21 feet 3 people · Awning with LED lights
· Walkable roof
· Memory foam mattress
· AC and furnace
Lance 1575 Travel Trailer Travel Trailer Model 2775 lbs 20.5 feet 4 people · Skylights
·  Stereo systems
· Furnace
· Bluetooth speakers
Airstream Sport 22FB Travel Trailer Model 2860 lbs 22 feet 1 to 4 people · Several entertainment options
· Dinette-cum-bed
· AC
·  Ultraleather seating

Last Updated on January 13, 2020

  1. Wayne says

    You have the model listed as the 22fb airstream but then you talk about the 16.

    1. Carlos Perry says

      Thank you for the comment. We’ve updated with the correct information!

  2. The Dodgy One says

    In your article dated July ly 3, 2019, “8 Travel Trailer Brands to Avoid Today,” you place Forest River in the #1 position, as you state: “Until the brand manages to put a stop to the growth of negative reviews, you should exclude all of its models from your shopping list. It’s simply unwise for you to invest on Forest River RVs knowing that you likely have to deal with a plethora of frustrating troubles. So save yourself a headache and just pass over vehicles that come from the brand.”

    In your July 24, 2019, article titled “5 Best Travel Trailers Under 4000 Pounds,” you rate the Forest River R-Pod in the #1 position.

    This is confusing, and perhaps misleading, too; do you consider the R-Pod to be the bright light in the Forest River brand, or should we be avoiding all Forest River products – including the R-Pod series – until the company sorts out its quality issues?

    I have been looking at R-Pod, and if it’s destined to be a headache in some way, shape, and form, I’ll want to avoid it. What’s your current verdict on the product?

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