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The Benefits of Having a Car Jack in Your Vehicle

Almost every day, we commute to and from various places with our vehicles. Sometimes, we cover great distances in the process, and other times, less. Over time, due to the wear and tear of the tyres, one would need to have them replaced. This can be done easily with the use of a car jack. Within a few minutes, you should be done changing your tyres. We need to understand the various types of car jacks. But before we proceed, it is important to know what this important tool is. A car jack is a mechanical tool which is used to lift vehicles from a particular point. This is done when a vehicle tyre needs to be changed or when an underbody work needs to be carried out.

Types of Car Jack

For an experienced driver, having a car jack is not a new thing. Even for learners, there is a need to have a full driving kit, which includes a car jack. At some points, you have used it to change your vehicle tyres or inspect issues underneath your vehicle. Car jacks are available in various sizes and types. We will look into the following types of car jacks.

  • Trolley Jack:

This is a common jack that is being used by mechanics for tasks which include the change of motor oil. The trolley jack has wheels that enable easy movement and incorporates the use of a pump to lift the vehicle up.

  • Scissor Jack:

The scissor jack has the easiest form of usage as it is small and easy to carry around. It is commonly owned by car owners and used almost all the time for various tasks. With its scissor mechanism, you can easily lift up a vehicle from the side it is fixed to. This is easy to use, especially in cases of emergency which may include changing a flat tyre.

  • High Lift Jack:

This car jack is perfect for people with heavy vehicles, as it wields great strength and capacity. You can use it to lift vehicles at higher altitudes. It provides you with great ease; especially when you are stuck in the mud or you need to change your tyres.

Why Do You Need A Car Jack

Drivers who don’t own or take car jacks along with them place themselves at a disadvantage. Should issues arise that require the use of a car jack, they would be rendered helpless. Having a car jack prepares you for unforeseen circumstances. Here are the various benefits of having a car jack in your car at all times:

  • It Ensures Your Safety:

It is important that you ensure your safety when fixing any affected component in your vehicle. One of the ways you can stay safe while working on the underneath section of your car is to use a car jack. This way you can conduct inspections and perform repairs, without the fear of your vehicle crashing down on you.

  • You Can Use It With Ease:

For drivers that commute great distances, it is important to take a car jack along. With it, you can easily change your vehicle tyres or perform a checkup on your vehicle. You will not require much effort to lift your car compared to someone who doesn’t have one. You can do this alone without needing the help of someone else.

  • It Saves You Time:

Imagine the time that would be spent to fix a vehicle if there is no car jack available to lift the car up. It will be more time-consuming and stressful to accomplish such a task without the use of a car jack. On the other hand, car jacks help you save time while fixing a car. You can be done in no time and continue your journey like nothing ever happened.

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Last Updated on March 4, 2020

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