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All You Need To Know About Different Types of Sleeping Bags

Going on a camping trip with friends can be a memorable experience. But if it has not been planned well, it can turn into an inconvenience. That is why you need to shop for all the things you will need ahead of your camping trip. And one of the most important things you need to buy is sleeping bags. But buying sleeping bags can be complicated as they come in different shapes and sizes. So to make that easier for you, I have mentioned a few different types of sleeping bags below from which you can choose from. 


Down-filled Sleeping Bags

While they might be expensive, there are also one of the best sleeping bags out there. They are not just warm and comfortable, but they are also light in weight. This is the choice of adventurers and mountain hikers. However, you may want to keep it dry while using it, because its insulating properties will be limited once it has got wet and will take a lot of effort to dry. 

Synthetic Sleeping Bags

These bags are made up of polyester filaments and are quite similar to down-filled sleeping bags. But they are heavier in weight and aren’t as compact as down-filled bags. If you are going on hiking, then it is not a great option because you may want to keep your bag lighter. But unlike the down-filled, they can have better insulation and would not be affected much by the wet surface. 

Cotton Sleeping Bags

If you are shopping with a tight budget, then the best camping sleeping bag for you is this one. Cotton sleeping bags. Not only can you take it out for camping but it is very useful if you have friends or family over at your house for a sleepover. But you can take it out for campaigns where you would not have to walk too much as it is heavier than other bags. You should also avoid placing it in any wet spot.

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Shapes of Sleeping Bags

  • Rectangular Sleeping Bags: These bags are not just the most common but are also very comfortable. They have space so the air can cross, which makes them ideal for summer camping. However, you should avoid them in winters as they are not made for the cold.
  • Mummy Sleeping Bags: These bags are lighter than the rectangle bags and are suitable for winter outings. As the name suggest, they have a mummy shape, which makes it wider on the shoulder and narrow on your feet. And the added hoddie is the perfect way of keeping yourself warm in such weather. 
  • Double Sleeping Bag: This is a single bag for two people. Two adults can fit into this back at once easily and are suitable for couple outings as well. You can find a double sleeping bag in both rectangle and mummy shapes as well.
  • Barrel Sleeping Bag: If you cannot decide between mummy and rectangle bag, then this is the perfect option for you. There are not shaped as symmetrical as rectangle bags and are not as narrow as mummy bags. They also do not have a hood either. 

Last Updated on February 11, 2020

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