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8 Pieces Of Camping Gear That You Must Invest In To Improve Your Experience

Camping is a wonderful way to escape from your busy life, experience nature, and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Just having the opportunity to sleep out under the stars is the perfect way to relax and recharge your batteries. It is very important that you have the right equipment and gear when you go camping to protect yourself and the rest of your family from the elements and to give you everything you need to have a great time. It will take a little preparation to get everything you need but it will be well worth it.

To help everyone have the best time, here are 8 pieces of camping gear that will improve your experience.


1. A Suitable Tent

The right tent for your trip will be dependent on the conditions where you set up your campsite as well as how many people will be staying in the tent. The number of people a tent can fit is called its “berth” so a four berth tent will fit four people. Of course, not everyone is the same size so you may want to consider buying a tent with a bigger berth than the number of people in your party. A bigger berth can also be useful for storing all your things and still giving you enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably.

2. A Durable Groundsheet

It is not always possible to pitch your campsite in a place where the ground is soft and comfortable. A thick, durable groundsheet can help to pad out the floor of your tent so that you won’t be sleeping directly on the hard ground. Alternatively, you can buy thick mats to lie on top of so that your back is protected from the ground and from any sticks or stones under your tent. Make sure that there are no holes or tears in your groundsheet when you are packing all your camping gear or water could leak into your tent from below.

3. A Sleeping Bag to Suit the Conditions

There are various types of sleeping bags available which are suitable for different camping conditions. If you are staying up in the hills, then you will need to buy a specialized thermal sleeping bag to keep you warm at night. You can buy a quality sleeping bag at any department store but they can be expensive. Look out for discount vouchers online because they will save you money and give you more options for your budget. Speak to the staff in the camping section of the department store and they will be able to advise you on which sleeping bag will be best for you.

4. An Air Mattress

If the ground underneath your tent is too hard for a groundsheet or sleeping mat to make a difference, you may want to consider taking an air mattress with you. Many so-called “glamping” (glamorous camping) websites put air mattresses in their tents so that their guests can sleep in absolute comfort. You may also need an electric pump so that you can blow your mattress up in minutes. A foot pump can also be used but this will take a lot of time and effort. 

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5. Lights

Camping out in nature is the perfect way to get some peace and quiet and escape the city lights but it can also be very dark when the sun goes down. Big campsites often have nighttime lighting so that the guests don’t get lost or have an accident, but if you are staying out in nature then you will need to take your own. You can fit a fire-safe lantern inside your tent and then get a powerful flashlight for when you need to go outside for a bathroom trip. Many people buy lights which they can wear around their heads so that they can walk around outside with their hands free. 

6. A Portable Generator

If you prefer glamping to traditional camping then you may want to take along a few appliances so that you can have a few home comforts. Many people take a mini refrigerator and even a TV, and to power these you will need a portable generator. There are various options available but the most efficient and reliable are usually diesel-powered generators. You don’t want the hum of the generator keeping you awake all night so choose a model that is air- or liquid-cooled as these tend to be the quietest. Make sure you have enough fuel for your generator and it will last for your whole camping trip.

7. Cooking Equipment

You will need to eat while you are on your camping trip, and while many people like to cook on an open fire, you can not always guarantee that you will find wood or that the weather will be kind. Portable cooking equipment will enable you to prepare everything you need no matter how long you are camping for. A portable paraffin stove or an electric one powered by your generator will allow you to cook all of your favorite foods wherever you are staying. 

8. The Right Clothing

To stay warm and dry while camping, you will need to pack the right clothing. If you are planning to just spend the whole time at the campsite, then weather suitable clothes are all you need to consider. If you intend to go hiking, fishing, or hunting, however, you will need to take into account the right apparel for those activities. Solid hiking boots are always useful items as well as a warm, waterproof jacket. It is always better to wear many layers rather than just a few thick pieces of clothing because you can remove the layers when you get too warm. 

No two camping trips are the same and to have the best time you will need to consider the climate and what level of luxury you want. There are various things which will come in handy in different conditions but these eight suggestions will help you wherever you set up your tent. Follow this guide and you will be safe and comfortable on your camping trip.

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

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