easiest meals to cook while camping

What are the Easiest Meals to Cook While Camping?

Camping is one of the best parts of summer vacation. Whether you go out with your family or alone, in a campsite or in the middle of the wilderness, sitting next to the campfire and enjoying a warm meal is one of the most rewarding experiences of an outdoor trip. Won’t you love to have the recipes of some of the easiest meals to cook while camping? Everybody loves them to be quick and easy because you don’t want to spend hours on cooking.

Some of Easiest Meals to Cook While Camping

Before drooling over these delicious meals and quick bites, what you should do is to make a plan of your diet chart for the camping days. Plan what you will eat and pack the groceries, produce, and other items such as pasta sauce, spice mixes, and salad dressings. If you want something quick but tastes good, try these easiest meals to cook while camping:


Who does not love pancakes, especially in the morning? The trick of making them quick and without any hassle is to prepare the batter at your home and freeze overnight in a large Ziploc bag. You can even divide them into smaller bags, one each for every morning in the camp.

Easy camping meals
Keep the batter in a Ziploc bag.

Store them in your cooler, so they will be nicely thawed and ready to use when you need them. Cut one corner of the bag with a scissor to create a perfect dispenser for the pancakes. Enjoy them with butter and a drizzle of honey or syrup.

Oatmeal Packs

Super lightweight and versatile. You can stuff plenty of packets in your backpack. The great thing is you can mix them up with almost anything you like. Add dried fruits and nuts to it and mix milk or juice at the time of eating. You can even cook a delicious meal by mixing beef jerky and sambal with it and boil in water. You can even eat raw oatmeal but don’t forget to drink sufficient water or other liquid after that.

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Could anything be more welcoming and nourishing than a bowl of warm soup in the evening or on a cold night? Preparing soup packets are easy and they don’t add much weight to your backpack. Having all the ingredients premixed and precut in a Ziploc bag is the best way to enjoy soups in camping. Just pour everything into the packet into water and stir. Your soup will be ready! Don’t eat soup every day though as it is high in sodium.

Cheese Fondue

Surprised? It can’t be one of the easiest meals to cook while camping, can it? Well, it is! Your spirit or gas camping stove could be a perfect fondue maker. Put some grated cheese (it could be Gruyère, Pecorino Romano, Mimolette, or any other hard cheese), Dijon mustard, and some cider or white wine on a small skillet. Heat up and stir occasionally. When the cheese is melted, lower the heat. Enjoy the gooey delight with baguettes or whatever you like and make other campers jealous.

easy meal to cook for campers
It is even possible to make cheese fondue while camping.

Pitta Pizzas

Take some pitta bread with you if you want to enjoy some small but delectable pitta pizzas. Cut a bread in half and fill the pockets with a mixture. It could be sausage chunks, shredded cabbage, cheese, and tomato sauce or any other mixture of your liking. You can also use a filling previously made at your home. Fry them in butter or oil. The trick here is to flip quickly, just like what you do when grilling cheese.


It’s one of the easiest meals to cook while camping if you have readymade tortillas and filling. Pack baked tortillas and a large packet of a mixture of your choice before leaving for the camp. Sautéed or baked beans, salsa, and cheese makes a toothsome filling. You don’t have to do anything except for preparing the quesadillas and heat them up.

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Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs
Prepare the scrambled eggs in Ziploc bags.

Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs? It makes a tasty breakfast and you don’t need many ingredients. However, any egg dish leaves a mess and washing the pan is also a hassle. The most convenient way to have your favorite breakfast is to crack one or two eggs inside a Ziploc bag and add in ham, cheese, veggies (if you like). Scramble everything and seal the bag. Put it in another Ziploc and boil it in water. Within a few minutes, you will have a bag full of scrambled eggs!

One-Pot Meal

It’s the easiest solution if you have to cook dinner or lunch for your whole family. The good thing is you can put carbs like potatoes in it and eat with or without bread. The dish is a lifesaver if you have a one-burner stove. It also saves you from the chore of cleaning multiple pots and pans.

Last Updated on February 3, 2018

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