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8 Most Brilliant PVC Hacks for Your Outdoor Gear

Plastic pipework moves our potable water, waste water, chemicals crucial to heating and cooling, and other resources that keep our world functioning as we know it. PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipes are a type of plastic pipework that, while created for the uses above, have also inspired people to creatively refurbish them in completely different ways. And you can get it at your local hardware store!

Today we’ve compiled examples of people utilizing this protean material to organize and add to their outdoor gears. Check it out these 8 brilliant DIY PVC projects below, enthusiasts!


1. Organize Your Fishing Rods

Saving space in your garage is important if you want to be able to keep your car in there. Using your walls and even the ceiling as storage spaces is a great way to keep your garage open and free of clutter. This PVC overhead storage rack for your fishing rods will help you do just that! This one of my most favorite PVC pipe storage ideas.

pvc hacks fishing rod ceiling
Image: www.stripersonline.com

Check the steps in this guide video:

But if you aren’t into keeping things on the ceiling, have a look at this fishing rod stand building with PVC pipe that conveniently sits on the floor.

pvc hacks pvc rod stand
Image: www.pinterest.com/pin/392516923743200435/

2. Organize Your Water Sports Gear

For another garage organizing idea by way of PVC hack, you can attach PVC pipes to 2x4s on the wall to make a rack for your wakeboards and surfboards. This also works with skiing equipment.

pvc hacks watersports
Image: www.wakeworld.com

3. PVC Snow Shoes

It won’t be winter again for a while, but these PVC snow shoes are a pretty cool craft project. Sure you can rent or buy snow shoes, but making your own gear is one way to be the most creative outdoor enthusiast on the snowshoe hike. Learn how to make your own here.

pvc snowshoe

pvc hacks pvc snowshoes
Image: www.boyslife.org
pvc snowshoes
Image: www.boyslife.org

Here, the incredible result:

pvc snowshoes
Image: www.boyslife.org
snowshoe made of pvc
Image: www.boyslife.org
snowshoe building from pvc
Image: www.boyslife.org

4. PVC Bow Stand

Check out this simple design for a bow stand, made entirely out of PVC pipes and fittings. One of the cool things about some of these simple PVC constructions is you can figure out what parts you’ll need for building just by looking at the picture!

pvc hacks bow stand
Image: www.archerytalk.com

5. PVC Canoe Dolly

Canoes are heavy! This PVC canoe dolly will help you get your canoe from your car to the lake without the potential back problems.

pvc canoe dolly
Image: www.simplifiedbuilding.com
pvc hacks pvc canoe dolly
Image: www.simplifiedbuilding.com

Check out the detailed guide here.

6. Outdoor Movie Screen

Okay, so this may not be the most outdoor enthusiast type of creation, but hey—sometimes you want to watch a movie. And since you really love the outdoors, why not do it outside? Anyway, this is a pretty cool idea, although we aren’t sure how it will hold up when it comes to windy evenings.

pvc outdoor movies creen
Image: www.pinterest.com/pin/85568461640669821/

7. Drying Rack

The drying rack has a simpler purpose than some of the other uses already mentioned here, but it’s just as useful, especially if you’re planning on swimming or doing some tubing this summer. To hang your wet clothes out to dry at the campsite, all you need are some PVC pipes and fittings.

pvc hacks pvc drying rack
Image: www.pinterest.com/pin/135319163777002538/

8. PVC Hiking Staff

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most powerful. Of course wood is a popular material for making a hiking staff, but PVC pipe has its advantages. This model from Instructables has a camera mount built into the top and a compartment inside where you could stash some emergency items.

pvc hacks pvc hiking staff
Image: www.instructables.com

We hope you find these 8 PVC hacks for your outdoor gear handy. With just some PVC piping, you’ll be able to maximize your camping, hiking. and outdoor adventures in state parks this summer!

Last Updated on May 24, 2019

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