Must-have Bicycle Equipment and Gears

Here Are 10 Must-have Bicycle Equipment and Gears

Do you often enjoy cycling? Have you ever thought of accessorizing your bicycle? Safety is a must when riding a bike. Thus one should consider outfitting the one they have to protect themselves. That’s not all; it’s a chance to experience comfort while cycling. Below are some equipment that one must have:


10 Essential Bicycle Gears You Really Need

1. Mirrors and lights

While one is commuting during the day, you need to have a mirror to check on the oncoming vehicles. One can look at how the traffic is flowing behind without having to turn their head and losing focus on what’s ahead. You need to clip them onto the handles or on your helmet

Must-have equipment in the cycle lights. They come in handy at dusk as well as into the night. Having front and rear lights which enable one to illuminate the way; thus, other road users can be aware there’s a cyclist. Before heading out, you must ensure that batteries are fully charged or carry extra. However, some lights tend to generate electricity as one pedal thus eliminating the need for batteries

2. Repair kit

As you cycle, you must have a repair kit at hand. It’s one of the essential Bicycle equipment & gear that one could have. A basic repairing kit contains puncture kit, tire levers, spare tube as well as multi-tools used for making necessary adjustments. They can fit into bike bags that mount on the seat.

It’s often frustrating to have a flat tire stuck 50 miles from your destination. It’s why having a portable bike pump is a must-have tool.

3. Helmet

bicycle equipment
Wearing a helmet is mandatory whenever one is cycling.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory whenever one is cycling. Safety is the underlying reason why one must have it. There’re helmets available for various biking styles such as a downhill mountain cycling needs a full-face motorbike-style helmet. To have the perfect helmet one should go for a fitting one with no gaps between it and the user’s head

4. Water bottles

Having one or two water bottles is part of the core gear that one must-have. It’s a hydration pack that’s vital. You can have one to use for long distances or short distances. It can easily fit on the bike frame, or you can use water bladders in a backpack or saddlebag.

5. Clothing

Having a visible and reflective gear is very crucial, especially if you are biking in a low light condition or through traffic. Bright and reflective clothing offers a better chance of getting seen by other road users.

The range of clothing is astounding as well as specialized. You need to have one that will suit your needs, budget as well as climate. Always select a gear that will transfer more of your riding efforts when cycling rather than one which will hold you back.

6. Padded Cycling shorts

Cycling over a long distance can sometimes be discomforting without the proper gear. If you have a passion for cycling, then you must have a pair of top-notch cycling shorts or bibs. Comfort is vital when it comes to cycling to have a heavenly experience. The benefit of having padded cycling shorts is to reduce the compression of tender tissues. It’s also vital as it wards off soreness as well as chafing on long rides.

Cycling shorts are quite versatile, and you can choose from tight-fitting ones to baggy shorts. Having cargo shorts will give you room to carry more items on the pockets. On the other hand, a tight-fitting short minimizes resistance while cycling. You must select a pair based on your taste as well as preference

7. Cycling gloves

While cycling without the proper gear on your hands, you might get blisters. To ensure that your tender hands are safe, you must have a good pair of cycling gloves. It’s essential in terms of safety and more especially for comfort. A good pair of gloves go a long way in ensuring your hands aren’t injured in case of an accident when you fall or crash. Various gloves are depending on brand and price; thus, you have to choose very carefully.

Bicycle Equipment and Gears

8. Bike pump

A right inflated tire makes cycling easy. However, you might find yourself with a flat tire with no mechanic nearby. What would you do is your tire is out of pressure? Thus its quite essential to have a bike pump.

You need to be self-sufficient while cycling to have the most fun experience. Always check on the air pressure before leaving home or work station. But never forget your bike pump anything can happen on the road.

9. Chain lube

While cycling, one is always to seek to have the best performance as well as comfort. To achieve this, you must make sure your bike is entirely operational. You need to have a look at the chains.

It’s because with increased wear as well as friction it might become challenging to manoeuver around. Worst case the noise that comes as a result of resistance is a nuisance to the ear. You must have a chain lube with you. It will assist you in lubing your bicycle every few miles to ensure its running smoothly.

10. Car bike racks

Are you headed out for vacation and wish to go along with your bicycle? How do you often transport it? Did you know that jamming your bike in the trunk or the back seat is terrible? Squeezing your bike in the truck with other stuff might result in damage of some parts of the bike.

Having a car rack is worth the money spent as it will ensure your bike is carried safely as well as securely. It will also make your transportation more manageable, and you will have space for other equipment fitted in the trunk. You can select from a variety car racks including roof car bike racks among other


When choosing the perfect bicycle equipment & gear, you need to be keen as there are many accessories and one can become spoilt for choices. You need to start with the must-have accessories then add on them as you go along. Most expensive doesn’t signify top-notch quality. Shop around, read reviews, and ask for referrals to get the best biking accessories.

Last Updated on October 15, 2019

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