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5 Things You Should Not Miss When You’re RV Living With Kids

RVing is a great way to spend time as a family. But, have you ever thought of full-time RV living with kids? It could be a great lifestyle for parents who love to travel and are not a fan of the traditional way of raising children.

Living in a motorhome could be equally exciting and stressful when you have kids. Things can get quite noisy now and then. Plus, is it legal to live in an RV with a child?

Well, get answers to all of your queries and learn some tips that will help you to overcome all the challenges of RVing with your children.


Living In An RV With Kids: What Does The Law Say?

It makes sense when the question of legal bindings of living in a camper with a family having kids arises. As a parent, you are supposed to provide for your underage children including food, medical care, education, and a place to sleep. There are laws in some states regarding providing education to children. Also, some states demand that boys and girls have to have separate sleeping areas after reaching a certain age. However, there is nothing illegal about living in a small place or in a motorhome.

Is it legal to live in an RV with a child? YES.

Although, full time RVing with kids might raise concerns about their education. But, homeschooling is a great option in this case. The only time it can turn against you is when you are getting a not-so-amicable divorce and involved in a custody battle with your divorcing partner. Your ex’s lawyer may try to paint the living arrangement unfavorable for the children but that’s it. It’s not against the law to live a nomadic life with your kids in an RV.

living in an rv with kids
RVing with children is not illegal.

In fact, RV living with kids is supposed to give them a wonderful childhood, roaming around the country, living close to nature, and learning valuable life lessons. Spending quality time with each time will also strengthen the bonding between family members.

However, off-grid living has some restrictions, irrespective of whether you have a child or not. Due to some ordinances and zoning restrictions in several cities and counties, doing certain things is illegal when you are living off the grid. For example, you can’t camp on your own land for more than two weeks.

Things You Should Know When RV Living With Kids

Many people think parenting and traveling to be at opposite poles. Well, family RV living with kids could be stressful but parenting itself is a demanding job, no matter wherever you live.

As long as you are aware of these things and be sensible, there should not be any problem while RV living with kids:

Keep The Kids Buckled Up

If you have a vehicle like a minivan separate than the motorhome, put the kids there buckling safely in their car seats. Older children can be in the RV’s dining but tied with seatbelt nonetheless.

full time rving with kids
Kids need to be buckled up.

The RV dining or kitchen table is not the safest place when the vehicle is running at 60 mph. No matter how you keep everything secured there, things could fly around like a drawer or the oven. If you don’t close the refrigerator tight, the door can come open and spill everything inside there all over the floor.

Follow federal recommendations while choosing the car seats and look into the manufacturer’s instructions at the time of installation.

Allow them to Have ‘Me’ Time

Whether you have one or more kids, it’s important they have their own space to spend some alone time. When you are living with the family members 24/7, everyone needs a break time once in a while. Create a bunk room or separate corners for each of them where they can do whatever they want such as reading a book or listening to music.

Similarly, there should be designated boxes or bins for keeping their toys. Separate boxes mean one’s toys won’t get mixed up with others’ toys and they can move the box to their favorite corner whenever they want.

Choose Camping Places Wisely

When you are living in an RV with kids, it’s better to camp somewhere that welcomes children. Avoid those places that charge for kids known as Kid Tax. It not only adds to the costs but also indicates that these campsites are not kid-friendly.

State and National Parks are more family-friendly than most of the RV campgrounds. If you are dry camping, choose a place that offers large surrounding space for the children to play around. Also, the site should not be strict with rules and restrictions because children won’t stay put for a long time. If possible, camp in a site that has a playground, pool, and laundry room.

living in a camper with a family
Pick up a kid-friendly campsite.

Don’t Expect Much Privacy

Living 24/7 with your kids in a small RV means there is no privacy. At home, you may go somewhere or just shut the door of your room to have your own time. Or, you and your partner may go to dinner while someone else is taking care of the kids. This won’t happen in a motorhome. You have to find ways to enjoy your own little space and private time.

Be Patient

RV living with kids is quite different from traditional parenting. No one prepares you for what to expect or not. There will be new parenting challenges and you have to be patient and sensible to overcome them without losing your sanity. Also, there will be disagreements and hard feelings and you cannot avoid them or push under the rug. As a parent, you should try to figure out something that works for everyone.

The first few months are likely to be the toughest when everyone is trying to adjust to the new lifestyle. It will be easier afterward given that all the members are willing to grow together as an open family.

Last Updated on March 1, 2019

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