Save Money When RVing

10 Clever Ways to Save Money While Traveling In Your RV

Usually, the RV lifestyle often involves a wide range of expenses that makes it necessary for you to ensure every single penny is well spent. Still, people nonetheless make reckless decisions regarding their finances, especially if they are on vacation with various temptations, unforeseen situations,… Hence, it’s common for novice RVers to find themselves deep in the red at the end of a trip. Nothing feels as sad as to realize that it would be a long time before you could put your recreational vehicle to the road again. 

But on the bright side, by thinking ahead as well as exercising self-control, it’s possible to travel comfortably without actually breaking the bank. Here are a couple of tips and tricks from experts that shall help you save money while traveling on RV. 


1. Choose The Right Destination.

Generally speaking, in the case you truly want to go to a particular location then feel free to head over there regardless of the expenses. RVing is all about satisfying your crave of travel so why restricting yourselves too much?  That being said, if you are new to the RV lifestyle, you have to take the cost factor into account. For most the time, urban areas, coastal cities and so on should be considerably more expensive than other places, though there are a few exceptions. Research your destinations to decide if it fits your wallet.     

2. Take Advantage Of Shoulder Season

rv travel
There are some simple but useful ways to save money in your RVing trips

For your information, shoulder season means the “off” season: months that barely anyone thinks of going on an RV adventure. Naturally, prices for everything fall low and you don’t have to face noisy crowds. However, it’s worth noting that people have their reasons when they decide against traveling in the shoulder season: unpleasant weathers, work schedules, school year,…  If you think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the lapse in tourism and save some bucks.    

3. When It Comes To Fuel, You’d Better Shop Around

Many RVers prefer to squeeze as many miles as possible out from the gas tank. However, to make the most of your money, it’s strongly recommended that you look up appropriate gas stations that offer the most affordable fuels. Keep in mind that your recreational vehicle is a fuel hungry beast so if the tank is near empty, start searching around for gas stations. Not every place is RV friendly which makes it wise to plan carefully in advance.      

4. You Brought A Kitchen… So Use It

Sure, it’s tempting to eat at restaurants, order take-outs,… while traveling on RV. “I’m on vacation so why I need to whip up meals all by myself?”. But here is the thing: Cooking your own foods often saves a lot of money. In addition, you also have full control over the ingredients so you could make sure that the taste is right. That is why it’s strongly recommended that you put the wonderful kitchen you already paid for to good use. 

5. Plan Ahead

Overall, it’s fun to improvise on the spot every now and then as spontaneity is one of the most attractive aspects of RV travels. That being said, there is nothing fun about being stranded far away from civilization with an empty tank, dying batteries and no place to stay. As a result, it’s widely advised that you put together a concrete plan in mind before actually heading out. Having a well-thought plan guarantees that you don’t have to rely on pricey options when your improvisations fail to work in your favor. Better safe than sorry. 

6. Get handy

RV on the road
RV Travel could be not pricey for those who know the tips!

Everything on your rig would eventually break down, it’s just a matter of time. While assistance from professionals often prove fairly sufficient, such services tend to cost a fortune. Hence, it  should be wise to pick up a couple of skill as a precaution such as replacing flat tires, patching leaks on the roofs,… Things may seem tricky at first but once you grasp the fundamentals, everything is feasible. Generally speaking, the more tasks you could handle on your own, the more money you save in the long run. 

7. Join The Club

There are a variety of associations out there for RVers that offer all kinds of irresistible discounts to their members. For people that just enter the world of RV, signing up for membership at one of the clubs is a straightforward way to optimize budgets. Some even offer special camping spots that you may never have the chance to experience if you are an outsider. 

8. Be Adventurous — And Try Boondocking!

The parking fee appears more manageable than the rent of hotel room but it adds up over time as well. “Is there a way that cost me virtually nothing at all?” you might ask yourselves. Well, the answer to your question is boondocking, the preferred method to spend times of experienced RVers around the globe. Boondocking is slightly demanding as people have to make the most of their water and electricity but it suits the wallet of budget-minded RVers. 

9. Pay Attention To Fuel Economy

Obviously, recreational vehicles require fuel in order to move around. There are various minor things you could do to increase the fuel economy of your RV such avoid driving into strong winds, avoids roads with multiple traffic lights, keep the tire presses steady and alike. Despite the fact that the effects of these actions seem somewhat negligible on an individual basis but altogether, they shall decrease your fuel expenses considerably. 

10. Use A Small Recreational Vehicle

Everyone loves the idea of traveling on a luxury coach outfitted with top-of-the-line features as well as state-of-the-art systems. Nonetheless, you need to remember the rule of thumb here: the bigger the RV, the more expenses it would incur. So in the case your finance is not in good shape at the moment, it’s a good idea to switch to a small recreational vehicle to cut down costs.

Last Updated on July 1, 2019

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