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25+ Must Have RV Accessories Recommended By Seasoned RVers

See this expansive list of coolest and must-have RV accessories selected by recommendation from 1,000+ RV owners across the globe. Wonderful camper accessories list you shouldn’t miss. Feel free to add more on the list in the comment section!

Have you just bought a brand new RV? Can’t wait to hit the road with your new travel buddy? Wait! A new RV does not come equipped with all the must-have RV accessories that you need on the road and for camping. You have to go for a shopping to purchase the best RV accessories to make your new rig functional.

There are some gadgets, tools, and devices that are must haves for RV camping. They will make your life easier whether you are full-time RVer or love to roam around during the weekend only.


The Best RV Accessories You Must Have

There are certain RV camping accessories that you will need no matter what type of vehicle you drive – truck camper, motorhome, or fifth wheel. Some of them will be your back up during emergencies and others will help you get by in the day to day camping.

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You should include the following list of best RV accessories into your RV must haves because every rig should have them onboard.

RV GPS Device

Some travelers still like the good old-fashioned paper maps but a GPS device takes less space and offers more functions. Using the map feature of smartphones and tablets is popular and you can use a separate RV GPS unit too. Based on the height and weight restrictions of your RV, these devices will help you to find suitable routes and proper guide for navigation.

Some GPS devices offer a few bells and whistles like trip planning, information on destinations, voice commands, hands-free calling and texting, and more. Among all the GPS devices available, Garmin Nuvi 2639LMT, TomTom VIA 1535TM and Garmin RV 760LMT Portable are the best performing products and highly recommended my most RVers.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Most people ignore it because it is expensive but regret ultimately after having a blowout in the middle of a road and ending up spending way more. The best TPMS for RV diagnoses the air pressure in the tires accurately and shows the real-time report to the driver. Installing a device in your RV means you can avoid dealing with a tire blowout, under-inflated tires, poor fuel economy, and road accidents. It is one of the travel trailer accessories must have that save you from losing your investment down the road.

For camping trips with peace of mind, buying the best TPMS for RV is a worthy investment any camper would make. But the most popular options for you would be EEZTIRE T515Tire-Safeguard 6 Sensor TPMS and TireTraker TT-500. Read this article to understand why!

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Air Compressor

When there is a TPMS, complete the unit by purchasing an air compressor. With this device in your inventory, never again worry about a deflated tire. Having it will also significantly reduce the chance of experiencing a blowout in the middle of nowhere.

Quiet, Rugged, Durable and Solidly Made – Viair 40047 400P is considered as the most reliable air compressor for RV owners. It comes with a tire inflation gun and gauge, build in pressure switch, air hose, RV accessories and a carrying case. A little bit pricy but it is definitely a serious piece of equipment which can actually put air into RV tires using a convenient professional system and a screw on chuck – far better than the clip-ons. You can also calculate the pressure during the inflation process right from the hose without stopping to use a separate gauge constantly. It doesn’t vibrate all over the place like others.

Wi-Fi Booster

If you are not going for an off the map camping adventure, you won’t need a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot because there will be free Wi-Fi in the campground. But, the Internet access in most campsites is not reliable. A best RV WiFi booster on the top of your rig will increase the signal’s strength manifold. It won’t make a bad connection good, but you will definitely improve the speed.

Alfa WiFi Camp Pro and RedPort Halo are 2 best options for you which are easy to install and work well in all conditions while camping.

At a much better price, Bearifi BearExtender is also picked by a lot of RVers for its stable performance. It works flawlessly with Windows 8.1 whereas most of the competition doesn’t. With Bearifi BearExtender, you are now able to receive 3 out of 5 bars on an RV park 2 miles away.

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Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot (RV Internet)

Everyone likes camping in a quiet place, kind of in the middle of nowhere. But, going completely off the grid? Not so appealing anymore! How do you share those cool photos of you chilling by a campfire or relaxing on the camp bed with a book if there is no Internet connection? Also, keeping contacts with your friends and families is important for safety purposes. What if there is a medical emergency or a safety breach?

A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot will be your savior when you are in a remote place, far from any campground’s Internet access. The small device connects to a mobile broadband service and creates a hotspot zone. You can hook up your smartphone, laptop, and other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to it.

RV Mattress

Many campers won’t count it in the list of best RV accessories because it takes a space much bigger than a camping cot or sleeping bag. But, camping does not mean you have to be Bear Grylls and make everything uncomfortable and hostile.

A good night’s sleep is important to keep you functional and conserve your mental sanity. What can be better than a memory foam RV mattress for this purpose? Make sure to buy one that fits the bed size in your RV. The most popular options come from Zinus Ultima ComfortLive and Sleep Resort Ultra and Serenia Sleep

best rv mattress

Outdoor Stove and Ovens

Cooking outdoors is one of the biggest draws of RV camping because cooking in the kitchen seems so homespun. Preparing your meal out in the open feels adventurous and some fresh air is always welcome.

A portable propane grill seems to be the best gadget for this purpose. You can also go for an oven, especially a unit that has a baking pan, grill, and a few other accessories so that you can omit pots and pans from your purchase list. Weber 50060001 and Cuisinart CGG-180T are the best grills you can purchase for your camping trips.

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Coffee Maker

Some people cannot function without their caffeine shot in the morning. Even if you are not a caffeine junkie, enjoying the outdoor views while sipping into a mug of warm coffee is a classic camping experience.

A portable coffee maker is a perfect solution for making a few cups of richly flavored coffee. It will not satisfy the coffee snobs but produce something far better than the junk named instant coffee mix.

AeroPress Coffee Maker is absolutely the best option for you. Here is why?

best coffee maker for camping

RV Solar Charging System

Renewable energy sources are the trends these days. So, a solar charging system could be a great addition to your inventory of cool RV accessories. A portable unit is a clever choice as a backup to the main generator.

A portable solar unit will keep the batteries charged when there is no conventional electrical outlet. You can even fold it up for easy storage when not in use.

First Aid Kit

Including a first aid kit into the list of best RV accessories is a no-brainer. When you are traveling and away from home, there could be numerous situations when you may need medical treatment. The kit should include gauze roll, band-aids, burn ointment, saline solution, painkillers, alcohol pads, and several other important instruments.

Shower Heads

Since personal hygiene is quite important to RVer, reliable shower heads are among RV must-haves. For most of the time, RV brands prefer to use low-quality shower heads in order to cut down manufacturing costs. As a result, one of the first things that RVers should do is to replace the original shower head of their vehicle with a new model. Most shower heads designed for RV nowadays have features that match the recreational vehicle environment such as enhanced flow rate, reduced water consumption and so on. Do NOT hesitate, just go for Ana Bath Anti-Clog and ETL 26781 shower head. They WON’T let you down!

RV shower head

Water Pressure Regulators

Nowadays, the water pressure at most RV campsites is carefully regulated to be compatible with the piping on recreational vehicles. That being said, there are still places that have relatively high water pressures which could burst the water lines of your RV with relative ease. Once that happens, your vehicle would experience severe water damages to the floors, walls, storages bins, cabinets and so on. As a result, if you don’t want to deal with a costly repair bill, you need to consider getting a high-quality water regulator. Such a device is considered by veteran RVers to one of the most essential items in the camper accessories list.

If you are still looking for the best water pressure regulator to equip for you RV, then Renator M11-0660R or Valterra A01-1117VP would be the one.

RV Generator

Although a good number of modern-day recreational vehicles come equipped with onboard generators, the power output may not be able to meet your demands. That is why RVers that like to go dry campingor boondocking tend to purchase additional power generators and treat them as must-have RV gadgets. With solid generators around, you would have an easy powering your camper setup and get the most out of it. However, you have to remember to pay close attention to the consumption rate, you don’t want the generators to exhaust your entire fuel supply. 

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 , Honda EU2200i and WEN 56200i are widely known for the powerful motor and quiet operation. They are truly reliable generators to provide power for your off-grid camping trips.

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Insect/Mosquito Repellent

Mosquitoes, ticks and other insects could ruin your trip if you let them run amok. In order to keep the annoying vermin away from you and your vehicle, pack some repellents before you head out. Generally speaking, there are a lot of repellents available for purchase on the market from spray bottles to incense coils. All you have to do is get ones that suit your taste and travel requirements. As always, ensure that the products you use have no negative effects on your health.

Camping Chairs

Want to sit on the ground? Then by all mean help yourself but remember that only work with dry grounds. In the case the ground is wet or covered in snow, it’s great to have several camping chairs on hand. These chairs are specifically designed with portability in mind so you could deploy and put them away at moment notice. In addition to that, camping chairs often feature cup holders, side table, phone compartment and so on which would enhance your level of comfort substantially. So it goes without saying that the majority of best RV accessories debates and discussions agree that camping chairs are among the best RV gadgets.

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Walkie Talkies

“Why would I need a walkie-talkie? I already have my phone”. Well, having a couple of walkie-talkies (also know as two-way radio) is quite handy from time to time. For example, you are camping in areas that have poor or no reception at all, how could you communicate with people outside of shouting distance? This is when walkie-talkies prove their worth as must have RV gadgets: they allow you to quickly reach out to family members as well as other RVers at will. While the range of commercial walkie-talkie models is not exactly impressive, it’s nonetheless good enough for common situations. 

Tire Covers

As time goes by, the tires of your RV would wear down to the point that you have to get replacements to avoid potential accidents. The lifespan of the average tires often vary but in many cases, you could maximize it by using tire covers. With the covers, the damages caused by temperature fluctuations, humidity, UV rays and chemicals to the tires would be reduced.  To RVers that spend a good deal of their time on the roads, tire covers are definitely must have RV accessories. And Classic Accessories is always the best when it comes to any cover for your RV (tire cover, RV cover,..)

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In the case you tend to spend the night in brightly lit areas, illumination is far from being a problem. Nonetheless, if you prefer to venture deep into the great wilderness, it’s going to get pretty dark in nighttimes.To prepare for such a scenario, it’s of utmost importance that you keep a couple of headlamps or flashlight in your recreational vehicle. They would provide you with a source of illumination in case you have to navigate the terrain in the dark. Since headlamps and flashlights would likely require batteries to work, make sure that you got some spare batteries ready.

Bike Rack

To sit on the RV without doing any exercise for an extended period of time is unhealthy to the body. Hence, it’s a good idea for RVer to work out in each stopover, there are a wide variety of options from hiking to running. If you really wish to combine exercise and sightseeing, consider equipping your recreational vehicle with a rock solid bike rack. Thanks to the rack, you could secure several bikes to your RV and then use them to break a sweat whenever you have the time. Because the rack would slightly alter the profile of your vehicle, you need to be careful while making tight maneuvers.

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RV Water Filter

Every recreational vehicle has built-in freshwater tanks but in extended trips, the tanks may not last till the end. All things considered, it’s not a big issue if there are towns on the way where you could acquire drinkable water with relative ease. On the other hand, what should you do in the case you inevitably have to pass through sparsely populated regions? Well, you could refill the tanks using water taken from ponds and lakes this the assistance of a water filter. The filter would make sure that you would not go down with waterborne illnesses right in the middle of nowhere.

Holding Tank Treatment

A clogged toilet is simply a nightmare in an RV. Also, it’s annoying to have lingering poop smell every time someone comes out of the toilet. Holding tank treatments are chemical solutions that break down the tank matter and do the odor control.

Tool Set

A good set of tools should be in the inventory even if you are not a DIYer. RV-ing means traveling to many places and some of them might not be populated where you will get all the services available at hand. A toolset will help with maintenance work and small fixes.

A Music System

Music might not be on the list of best RV accessories of many campers but a camping is incomplete without a good music system. Purchase a good-quality speaker that has a long battery life. A portable boombox could be a good choice, depending on how loud you want to crank up the music. Don’t forget to invest in a pair of premium-quality headphones too.

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