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What Is A Brass Catcher, And What Is It Used For?

Brass catchers are excellent additions that can make or break a shot at the end of a long day. Anyone who has been to the range will agree that cleaning up your brass is one of the most inconvenient things about coming to the content. It goes everywhere, and depending on how long you’ve been at the range, cleaning up might take a long time. Brass catchers also keep hot brass from igniting your neighbors’ lawns. Brass burns are painful; do your share to safeguard your fellow range attendees.


What is Brass Catcher?

A brass catcher is a device to collect the fired cartridge cases. They come in many sizes, shapes, price ranges and are made of different materials. You can get brass catchers for pistols, rifles, and any other firearm. It is also called a shell catcher. It is meant to collect cartridge casings. They are commonly made of brass as they are discharged from a weapon.

What is it Used For?

The empty hull is caught in the brass catcher and removed through the receiver, where it is held for easy disposal. Basically, it is used to prevent the flying shells from distracting the user or others. If you are shooting a target and the fired cartridge cases keep distracting you from concentrating, it is best to use a brass catcher for a smooth shooting experience. 

How does a brass catcher work?

It uses hook and loop webbing to attach to the forearm of any pistol and catches ejected brass. It keeps brass from getting all over your shooting area. The Brass Catcher is also useful for avoiding hot brass from falling on the shooter or those nearby. To be more precise, the firearm fires a cartridge when the user pushes the trigger, and the ejected case flies out of the port. The cartridge case falls into a brass catcher connected to the ejection port, and the brass catcher may be removed and emptied afterward. The brass catcher does not interfere with the firearm’s operation if it is correctly connected.

First time in a shooting range? We have some tips for you.

What to Look for in a Brass Catcher?

What would you use the brass catcher for? This is the first question you should ask yourself before you make your pick.  You can get something special for your type of weapon. Some brass catchers are available in a universal fit for different models of rifles. Your hot brass will not damage the brass catcher, which is composed of heat-resistant mesh. It includes a strong wireframe that is easy to attach to your weapon. The main feature of this brass catcher is the bottom zipper, which allows you to rapidly empty the catcher.

Mounting System 

Brass catchers can be hooked up in your weapon, a tripod, or unbiased at the floor or platform. If you are doing a lot of movement while shooting, you have to go with a mounting system. A universal non-mounted brass catcher would be an excellent option since you can use it for any weapons, including pistols.


The larger the capacity, the less often used casing needs to be emptied. But the smaller the capacity, the lighter and easier it is to operate. Different equipment might require different types of brass catchers. Thanks to the fact that they are available in a wide range.

Use of Brass Catcher

So, what is the purpose of the brass catcher? Well, they are pretty handy to be in the shooting range for several reasons: 

First, it’s a lot of fun to shoot, but you still have to clean the ejected case later. After all, responsible people do not want to harm the environment or leave garbage behind. If these cases are collected automatically, the cleanup will be much faster.

Second, some firearms can eject used cartridge cases over a considerable distance of about 34 meters. If multiple people are in the shooting range at the same time and there is no plate between the shooting ranges, the cartridge case of one user’s firearm can be thrown into the next shooter’s face or body part and lose concentration and create a situation. If the weapon has a grenade catcher attached, the hot shell will not pop out and hit the next person. 

Third, if the shooting range floor is made of a hard material such as concrete or stone, the released cartridge can get damaged or dented. Damaged cartridge cases cannot be reused for those who want to reload ammo. The suitcase can roll down somewhere and get lost. Due to the recent rise in brass and ammunition prices, reloading cartridges is a way for shooters to keep costs down, especially for those who want to shoot large amounts of ammunition. Your investment in a cheap brass catcher will pay off immediately, thanks to the saved boxes.

Are Brass Catchers Illegal?

Schedule 3.2 adds “brass catchers” to the list of illegal weapons under the Weapons Prohibitions Act of 1998. Schedule 3.3 modifies the Weapons Prohibition Regulation 1999 to exclude licensed shooters from needing a permit to own or operate a brass catcher. Some lawmakers, we believe, are afraid that a criminal would use one to help them commit a crime and evade punishment. Never mind that matching any markings on bullets or brass is a very subjective process that is far from as exact as television and movies portray it to be.

As a result, no one is allowed to have one because everyone is a potential criminal. However, with a proper permit (along with certain requirements to be eligible for the permit), you can have one in your possession.

If you shoot frequently, you are aware of how costly this sport can be. Investing in a brass catcher not only speeds up cleanup but also saves you money.

List of Renowned Brass Catchers

  1. Caldwell Brass Trap (Non-Attached)
  2. Caldwell AR-15 Brass Catcher
  3. Graco Models Mark 1 Handheld Catcher
  4. Durable Tarp (Alternative for Pistols)
  5. Graco Model Mark 2 for Pistols
  6. Gloryfire Picatinny Mounted Brass Net
  7. No-M.A.R Brass Shell Catcher (Best Design)
  8. Cyberone AR-15 Brass Net
  9. Flyland AR-15 Brass Catcher (Cheap)
  10. TacStar with Picatinny Mount
  11. E and L Polymer Shell Catcher

To sum it up, you won’t be left cleaning up all of the cartridges after you’ve finished shooting for the day since a brass catcher is designed to gather empty cartridges when they are discharged from your firearm. So. to make your hobby easier you will need a brass catcher. However, there is a certain age to practice this hobby. So, be careful whether you are choosing the right hobby at the right age or not.

Last Updated on January 18, 2022

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