Tips for Taking Care of Hunting Rifle

Tips for Taking Care of Your Hunting Rifle

When one takes their gun out for hunting, they expose the rifle to conditions such as moisture. Over time, these elements may degrade the condition and performance of the gun. Whether it’s a hunting rifle or an outdoor survival tool, you need to keep it well maintained. This helps ensure that the weapon stays in good shape and lasts longer. Here are some of the tips one can follow to maintain their hunting rifle.


1. Clean Your Rifle Often

Different rifles are cleaned based on the number of bullets they dispatch at a time. To keep your gun clean and well maintained, you will need to have several supplies, including oils, solvents, and brushes. These are often included in universal gun cleaning kits. According to a recent list of gun cleaning kits by Ryan Cleckner from Gun University, complete gun cleaning kits can either be universal or for specific firearms. On the other hand, ‘build your own’ kits are best suited for those who know what they need to keep their guns clean.

Regular cleaning makes your firearm more reliable, and helps it perform better and last longer. The best time to clean the rifle is before the hunting season and immediately after. And a rifle vise is an ideal method of securing your firearm while cleaning or doing maintenance on it.

2. Keep All Parts In Order

While it is required when oiling and cleaning, disassembling a rifle can be challenging, especially because you could misplace a part that is essential for its function. Not only can this be an inconvenience to the hunter, but it could also pose a gun safety threat depending on which part is misplaced.

The good thing is that when purchasing a rifle, most of them come with a diagram showing all the different gun parts disassembled. After disassembling and discovering a faulty or missing part, it would be wise to order a replacement.

3. Avoid Drastic Temperature Changes

Some guns can be quite sensitive to temperature changes. To keep your firearm in good condition, you will want to minimize the stress it is put through by any sudden changes. For instance, when the rifle is exposed to long hours of extreme cold, you should leave it outdoors for a while. This is because bringing it in after long exposure to extreme cold, ice that may have accumulated on the rifle will melt, leading to rusting and corrosion.

4. Oil Your Rifle

Another important gun maintenance task is oiling. Lubricating the parts of a rifle helps in improving user safety as well as accuracy. This is especially important for the moving parts of the gun. Consider using a quality gun lubricant depending on the material used on your rifle. The ease of application and durability are also factors to keep in mind when getting a lubricant for your rifle.

5. Store Your Rifle Properly

When traveling, store your rifle in a padded case. Depending on the time you wish to store them, consider using a gun cabinet or a rack. However, it is better when they are stored in a much safer place, such as a gun safe. This way, you keep them away from intruders or any other unauthorized access.

There are various maintenance methods you can use to take care of your hunting rifle. Cleaning and lubricating are essential to upkeep. For one’s safety and the safety of people surrounding you, good maintenance is important.

Last Updated on March 3, 2021

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