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7 Outdoor Tactical Gear That Can Save Your Life in Below Zero Conditions

You might live in a place where it snows a lot or you could be passing through such a location on the wrong day. But extreme winter conditions and snowstorms can get you all caught up in unwanted situations. When you are cold and start freezing, getting out of a tough situation becomes challenging. 

In fact, it can even lead to deaths. According to the National Weather Service, around 25% of people who die due to below-zero conditions are the ones who are caught out in storms. Hence, we bring you a compiled list of outdoor tactical gear to help escape such situations.

7 Best Tactical Gear That Can Save You in Extreme Cold Conditions

Having winter survival gear in extreme conditions can make the difference between life and death. Check out the list given below to learn what you should include in your survival kit.

Thermal Clothing

One single layer of clothing won’t help much during extreme cold situations. Hence, you will have to put on multiple-layer clothing, and thermals should be at the base. The first layer should be soft, comfortable, and flexible, and thermal clothes meet all the requirements. You must wear tight thermal clothes that remain close to your body for the best results. You can find several thermal shirts and pants that can help with insulation and keep your body warm.

Parkas or Snowsuits

The outer clothing should be either a parka or a snowsuit, depending on your preference. A hooded parka will be enough if you think you can survive the cold. You also can buy thermal pants separately if you are going for a parka. Besides parkas, you can also go for snowsuits. Both parkas and snowsuits come with multiple insulation layers and help retain body temperature in extreme colds. It would be even better if the parka or snowsuit is waterproof.

Hand Gloves and Mittens

You can use hand gloves or mittens, but the combination of the two is preferable. Since one might not be enough, you can also apply the same layering fundamentals here. You can use a hand glove for the inner layer so that it doesn’t lead to discomfort. 

Over the gloves, you can then use one or two mittens. The hand gear you choose can also depend on the kind of work you will be doing after putting them on. For instance, a pair of thin but warmer gloves are best for clicking pictures, but mittens are preferable if you are skiing.

Winter Hats

Despite the attached hoody in your parka or snowsuit, it is advised to include a winter hat in your survival gear. The head has a large surface and can easily lose heat. Hence, one of the easiest ways to retain body temperature is wearing a hat. It should also cover your ears so that they don’t become icy cold in below-zero conditions. Hats will also enable you to put on or remove your hoody based on the temperature, allowing better visibility and flexibility.


Covering your feet is the most important thing to survive extreme cold. Wearing a boot alone is not enough, as it can lead to frostbites. You can wear a pair of woolen socks to get comfort and ensure insulation. You have several options here, but the socks that are marked as thermal, winter weight, or mountaineering use are the thickest and best for such conditions.


Regular shoes are not capable of keeping your feet warm. Hence, you need specially insulated boots. While buying a boot for your winter survival gear, ensure selecting one that can cover your ankles appropriately.

Fire Starters

This is pretty self-explanatory. It is obvious that you need heat to fight cold situations. Hence, fire starter tools can come in handy. You can also opt for matches, but the downside is that lighting a fire with the help of matches can be challenging if you face a snowstorm. 

Magnesium alloy starters can be really helpful here. These starters have magnesium alloy on them. Thus, you won’t even have to search for dry wood. You can simply take off some alloy from the starter and fire it. Since magnesium alloy is non-combustible, it doesn’t even pose a fire hazard threat.

Getting stuck in a sub-zero condition can be fatal if you are not prepared. If your body temperature goes down below a certain extent, it can lead to hypothermia. This medical condition can lead to drowsiness, confusion, memory loss, and even cardiac arrest in some situations. Hence, it is vital to get your winter gear ready and be prepared for extreme cold.

Last Updated on December 20, 2021

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