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9 Coolest Survival Gadgets to Keep You Alive in the Wilderness


Do you love to escape into the wilderness often? Or, you are an occasional camper who like to go out and get lost in the great outdoors? Any person who loves to camping and outdoors must be a fan of survival gadgets because these tools will help you survive the tough days. They will also save your life if your excursion went wrong due to a natural disaster or any other accident.

There are numerous gadgets that you can bring with during hiking, camping, survival trips. However, every camper should curate a list based on their camping locations and the weather conditions. They should also be comfortable with their chosen tools.

Top Coolest Survival Gadgets to Explore In Your Next Trip

Most people have no idea about what the basic survival gadgets are and how to use them. The newbies mostly waste their money on fancy tools that they are hardly going to use any time. So, we’ve rounded up a list of gadgets that include basic surviving tools and cover your fresh water and medical supplies. They will have you covered whether you are going to spend a couple of days in the woods or preparing for an impending disaster.

Of course, there are plenty of other cool gears available other than the ones included in our curated wilderness survival kit. But, these are among the best selections and they will convince you to go on an adventure more than ever.

1# LifeStraw Steel

lifestraw steel
LifeStraw Steel

The pocket-sized steel straw is so lightweight that you will hardly feel its weight in your backpack. You can suck water right from a stream or a puddle without the fear of getting infected with bacteria and protozoa. Its double-layered filtration system also reduces the levels of heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, herbicides from the water. With a capacity of filtering 1,000 liters, it also removes bad taste and odor from water. There’s a cheaper version of it that purifies the water of bacteria and protozoa.

Its bigger version, LifeStraw Mission, is ideal for a group of people. It can purify up to 18,000 liters and remove bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. And, none of the LifeStraw purifies needs any power or batteries. Wow!

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2# Exotac titanLight Waterproof Lighter

survival gadgets
Exotac titanLight Waterproof Lighter

What will save you when you are stranded alone on a rainy day and your energy is slowly fading because you are hungry? A fire. And, this lighter will help you build one even when it’s raining. In fact, it also reduces the wind interference too with the small air vents placed underneath the flame. The lighter is refillable and it also has a high-spark flint wheel.

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3# Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit


most important survival items
Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

The compact first aid kit has multiple inner sleeves to store 120 medical grade items including a mini first aid kit and survival tools. They are organized in a way that you can access everything quickly. You can separately carry the 32-piece mini first aid kit that includes gauze, band-aids, alcohol pads, CPR kit, and other essential items.

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4# S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Scout Survival Kit

survival gadgets
S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Scout Survival Kit

The kit includes some of the most important survival items – some survival tools that will keep you warm, hydrated, and fed. It has a heat-reflective two-person survival blanket, waterproof tinder, a fire lite striker, and a combo of fishing-sewing kit. You can also pull duct tape, a compass, a signal mirror, and a rescue whistle out of the waterproof bag.

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5# The goTenna

survival gadgets

This handy gadget is the ultimate tool for staying connected even when there is no cellphone coverage or Wi-Fi available. It’s so unassuming and lightweight (less than 10 ounces), you will barely know that it’s in your pack.

Through this device, you will be able to send text messages and GPS coordinates even when you are off-the-grid. It creates its own network with other goTenna users within a specific radius. Communication is the key during an emergency situation in the wilderness and goTenna will help you to communicate when it matters the most.

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6# VSSL Supplies

survival gadgets
VSSL Supplies

You can aptly describe this survival gadgets kit as a water-resistant flashlight that contains several outdoor gears. The 9-inch, rod-shaped light is just like a magic box that can pop out a wire saw, fishing gear, water purifying tablets, a candle, a compass, trail markers, and a whole lot of other things during emergencies. And, the flashlight, which works in both static and SOS modes, stay alive for 40 hours.

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7# Zippo Handwarmer

survival gadgets
Zippo Handwarmer

Think of the hassle of using disposable hand warmers during a cold hunting trip or a camping in winter. They are not also good for the environment. The Zippo Handwarmer offers you ten times more heat for 12 hours at a stretch with just one fill. It does not have any flame and you can refill it whenever needed. Slip one in your sleeping bag and have a warm, good night’s sleep even if it’s a chilly night.

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8# Stealth Angel 9-in-1 Survival Kit

survival gears
Stealth Angel 9-in-1 Survival Kit

The 9-in-1 kit from Stealth Angel is one of the smartest survival gadgets because you can utilize it for almost 1,000 different functions. It includes an emergency compass, multi-functional pocket card, a tactical pen, a keychain LED flashlight, and some other multi-purpose tools. The Paracord Bracelet comes as a bonus that offers double functions of a whistle and a fire starter. You can even unwind it and get 20 to 30 feet cord for emergencies.

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9# A Sun Oven

survival gadgets
Sun Oven

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You need to cook and eat to survive but it’s not always possible to carry a propane stove or a gas cylinder in the wilderness. Here comes the Sun Oven to your rescue! It’s not something that you can carry in your backpack but it weighs not more than 22 pounds and has a carry handle for easy transportation.

The solar oven uses the heat of the sun and can produce up to 400°F. You can bake, boil, or steam and set the cooking time to Fast and Slow. The oven works even when the sky is partly cloudy although the cooking will take much longer than usual.

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