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12 Awesome Outdoor Accessories for Your Adventurous Pup

Dogs love being outside, so naturally, it’s tons of fun to take them along on your outdoor excursions. If you are an avid hiker or camper, you probably have a list of go-to items that you can’t leave home without. We’ve compiled a list of items that you might want to add to your stash–awesome outdoor accessories for your furry friend that will make your adventures comfortable, safe, and tons of fun!


1. Collapsible Bowls

Dogs are always thirsty, and they are sure to build up quite an appetite on all of your outdoor adventures. Collapsible bowls are a must-have item for any outdoor excursion with your pup. Most of these bowls are made from silicone or canvas, and they fold up nearly flat to fit easily into a backpack or even a large pocket. The Ruffwear Quencher Cinch-Top Bowl is a fantastic option–the cinch top pulls tightly closed so it’s easy to carry your pooch’s food right inside the bowl.

2. Hiking Backpack

You certainly wouldn’t venture out into the great outdoors without a backpack to carry all of your stuff, so why should your dog? There are some phenomenal dog packs out there that are roomy and comfortable, allowing your dog to tote along his favorite necessities. Another plus? It will free up some space in your own pack. The Ruffwear Approach Full-Day Hiking Pack is an excellent choice. Its lightweight, streamlined design is comfortable and the large saddlebags are form-fitting and stable. Reflective trim keeps your furry friend visible and safe and sturdy aluminum rings are perfect for leashes.

3. Portable Pen

portable dog camp pen

If you would like to enjoy some down time around the campfire but your dog has a tendency to wander, a portable pet pen can be a lifesaver. They’re much safer than a long lead leash which can become entangled around your dog or other people. These portable pens are lightweight and fold up easily, making them extremely handy when camping. The Carlson Folding Portable Pet Play Yard is weather-resistant and has reinforced mesh walls as well as a convenient carry case.

4. Lighted Collar, Harness, or Tag

safety rechargeable led dog collar

If you are venturing out in the late afternoon or evening, darkness can settle in pretty quickly. A lighted collar or tag is a fabulous outdoor accessory for any dog. An LED rechargeable harness is long-lasting and easy to charge, providing up to 10 hours of light when fully charged. If you prefer something smaller that can clip on to your dog’s collar, a lightweight, water-resistant LED carabiner light is perfect.

5. Leash

hiking dog leash

A good, sturdy leash will ensure that your pet stays safe. The Kurgo Hands Free Quantum Reflective Dog Leash boasts a variety of helpful elements. Switch from a double dog leash to a convenient over-the-shoulder style to a leash that tethers around your waist. It also converts to a 3-foot training leash or a longer 6-foot length. A padded handle keeps you comfortable, even if your dog has a habit of pulling.

6. Dog Bed or Sleeping Bag

dog bed sleeping bag

After a long day on the trails, your dog will want to curl up and drift off to dreamland. A comfortable dog bed or sleeping bag is a necessity to ensure that your pup is well-rested for your next adventure. The Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag features premium insulation that keeps your dog warm and dry, a water-resistant nylon shell, and a storage sack that easily attaches to most dog backpacks.

7. Pet Life Jacket

Vivaglory dog life vet

Have a water-loving dog in your family? Even the best swimmers need a little extra protection when canoeing out into the middle of the lake. Keep your pup safe with a life jacket designed specifically for dogs. Vivaglory Adjustable Dog Life Jacket boasts extra padding to keep your pet safely afloat, a comfortable material, and reflectors so you can see your pal day or night.

8. Dog Boots

Kurgo dog camping hịking boots

If you’re planning an outdoor trip in extreme temperatures, dog boots can save your pup from some seriously sore feet. Both snowy and very hot surfaces can cause damage to your dog’s paw pads. Kurgo Step N’ Strobe Dog Boots provide superior protection on hot pavement or icy trails. Ankle cord locks ensure that boots stay on their feet and light-up soles are fantastic for night outings.

9. First Aid Kit

Even the most careful adventurers can get hurt during all the excitement. A first aid kit filled with dog-friendly items like RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit is a must, just in case. Tools to remove splinters and ticks will certainly come in handy, as well as dressings and bandages that won’t stick to fur.

10. Grooming Wipes and Microfiber Towels

Anyone who has ever taken a dog outside knows that they are a magnet for mud! Pups seem to be naturally drawn to the messiest, dirtiest spots they can possibly find–a day spent outdoors is sure to leave your furry friend covered in muck. Before you venture back into your cabin at the end of the day, Pogi’s Grooming Wipes are a great way to remove a lot of the dirt and debris from your dog’s paws, belly, ears, and face. Microfiber towels are helpful for drying wet dogs who got caught in the rain or just went for a swim.

11. Harness with Camera Mount

While most of the items in this list are meant to keep your dog safe and comfortable, this one is purely for fun. Imagine if your GoPro could capture your travels from a completely new point-of-view–your dog’s! The GoPro Fetch Dog Harness allows you to attach a camera safely on your dog’s chest or back. Five adjustment points and a padded chest plate ensure that your dog is comfortable and happy.

12. ID Tags

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but there are some very helpful types of ID tags that you can use in addition to the traditional tag. Multiple types of tags can be useful in the outdoors, for situations in which you can’t be reached immediately or don’t have cell phone service. Digital pet ID tags allow you to store a bunch of information online, including multiple phone numbers, addresses, and vet and health info. You’ll also receive an alert whenever your pet’s tag is scanned, giving you a GPS location. Another good idea for those who frequently camp with their dogs is an ID tag with your vehicle’s make, model, and license plate number–this can help someone who finds your dog locate your vehicle near a campground or hiking trail. Paw Print Round Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags would be a perfect product for your dog in camping and hiking trips.

outdoor accessories for dogs

These are just some of the fantastic outdoor items created specifically for your four-legged friends. Many of these items will keep your dog safe and comfortable, ensuring that you and your pup have a wonderful time wherever you are headed.

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Last Updated on October 7, 2019

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