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Essentials Tips for Easy Motorcycle Camping 

No doubt, motorcycle touring and camping both provide a great source of amusement. Riding those two wheels enables us to enjoy the road without constrictions, in direct contact with the forces of nature. Pack your tent and enjoy a billion-star accommodation under the uncovered sky. 

If you’re deciding on a guided cruiser tour on your motorcycle, you need to prepare your OEM bike beforehand. This will affect a failed and a successful camping trip. Try not to stress, this doesn’t mean you need to invest in expensive gear.  


Contemplations When Preparing for Motorcycle Camping  

Getting ready for a motorcycle camping trip includes something other than just creative packing. There are various contemplations that you will need to have secured before setting off. Planning matters much! Cautiously think about the following: 

1. The length of your trip matters 

The length of your trip is the greatest beginning stage since it directly influences what you pack and what you have to deal with. 

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The length of your trip is the first thing to consider!

If you are just leaving for a couple of days, you might be convenient with bringing a few sets of garments and doing laundry when you return. In case you’re going for over seven days, notwithstanding, there is the thought of doing laundry out and about. Consider what number of garments you need to pack and how frequently this will require washing them. 

2. Where will you stay and what gear you need to pack?

If you are sleeping outdoors, it is indispensable to invest in some good motorcycle camping gear. Keep in mind this general standard: the better the gear, the littler, lighter and sturdier it is. 

A decent camping bed is imperative. A down camping bed will keep you hotter and packs littler, yet it doesn’t cushion up when it is wet, in this manner thwarting its capacity to keep you warm. 

A family-sized tent is roomy, can have numerous rooms and will keep your motorcycle out of the weather. The drawback is that it may be massive to pack. 

3. What resources will be available to you?

To begin with, do you have to reserve any spot? Make certain to book your campgrounds well early. These spots can fill up rather quickly during peak seasons! 

Cooking should be possible over the flame or a barbecue, which a few campgrounds offer. Additionally, it’s great to have another source of cooking heat in the event of wet conditions and saturated wood. 

4. Is your motorcycle maintenance up-to-date?

motorcycle campingKeep in mind that an oil change is indisputably the least expensive maintenance you can do on your motorcycle Suzuki V-Strom which is best for a camping trip. If you are taking off to go camping, it may be a smart thought to get your oil changed, your oil filter supplanted and furthermore to have a mechanic investigate the rest of the best parts for your Suzuki V-Strom bike to make sure it’s ready for the trip. 

5. How to pack your bags for motorcycle camping?

Packing for a motorcycle for camping isn’t equivalent to packing a suitcase and taking off the door. On a bike, anything you carry with you turns into a cosy piece of the voyage. So, you will need to think about different choices for packing your gear on your motorcycle. 

6. Give close consideration to weight distribution

A low centre of gravity implies stability in just about any sort of vehicle. This holds doubly valid for bikes, where halting at a red light requires the rider to offset the motorcycle with afoot. Moreover, a bike needs a reasonably even burden between its tires. An excessive amount of weight behind the back hub will lift the front tire, influencing handling and stability hazardously.


A motorcycle camping trip takes your relationship with your bike to another level. Presently, rather than just giving transportation, your bike turns into your mobile home base and the base camp for your living, dozing, feasting and entertainment. 

Last Updated on August 1, 2019

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