How To Wear A Boot Knife

How To Wear A Boot Knife In 10 Minutes For First Timers

Designed to be carried in or on your booth, a boot knife allows you to quickly come up with countermeasure in dangerous situations. While this item is really useful, it’s all meaningless if you don’t know how to wear a boot knife properly. There are many issues you have to consider in order to make good use of the knife. As a result, beginners often make lots of mistakes which can be easily avoided by paying attention to details. In the case you are in need of hints and recommendations, you come to the right place. Down below is a comprehensive summary of boot knife characteristics along with a couple of problems you should keep an eye on.

Given that preferences vary greatly from people to people, there are many carrying methods and varieties for you to try out. Stay flexible and ready to improvise to better suit your needs and requirements, you don’t have to rigidly follow the information here. Treat this article as references and make adjustments whenever it’s necessary, it should considerably improve your experience with the boot knife. As long as you are able to do that then you would not run into any substantial obstacle.

Wearing a boot knife needs some practice to make you a pro!


Important Warning

Learning how to wear a boot knife is easy but let’s talk about an issue you probably need to keep your mind on. Technically speaking, a boot knife fits the descriptions of a concealed weapon, therefore, check the local law and regulation. Certain countries and regions consider wearing a boot knife a criminal offense so act carefully. To put it short, before you learn how to wear a boot knife, make sure that it’s legal to carry the knife first.

How To Wear A Boot Knife: Process Overview

Slim and sleek, the biggest advantage of a boot knife lies within its super compact profile, it’s concealable weapon by all mean. Because of these body traits, you could carry a boot knife wherever you go on a daily basis with little to no trouble. Back in the old days, men often wore high leather boots so as to accommodate the boot knife in a convenient manner. But due to advances in boot design and its construction, now a modern pair of boots could possesses built-in pockets for boot knives. There are still lots of exceptions here and there though so better get ready to tweak your boots a bit. Be careful in the process or you may damage the boots by mistake.

Things You Should Get

Knowing how to wear a boot knife is really handy but the most important step is actually the preparation process.  If you collect unsuitable or low-quality items then you cannot have a comfortable time carrying the boot knife.

1. A boot knife and a sheath

A quality boot knife must be long enough to let you reach it comfortably when a need arises. Short knives tend to slide toward the ground inside the boot and inevitably get lost without your knowledge. At the very least, it would make you quite uncomfortable and complicated the entire knife drawing process. It’s said that the ideal length of the average booth knife should be around 3 – 5 inches. Of course, do remember to take into account your desired comfort level while carrying a concealed weapon as well.

Best boot knife
How to wear boot knife for first timers – A quick guideline!

The boot knife needs to have a doubled edged blade along with a sharp tip to add penetration power and usage versatility. Another important issue is the blade steel, you want something which can withstand lots of abuse, water, impact force and so on. You get what you pay for so the better the metal, the higher the knife price. You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive product on the shelf but settle for dirt cheap stuff either. As long as you are willing to look, you can always find an affordable yet durable knife.

For the sheath, a simple and basic one would do. Its main job is to secure the knife and prevent it from cutting or stabbing your skin as you move around.

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2. A pair of boots and a string

It’s highly advised for you to consider steel toe boots when you attempt to wear a boot knife. Tough, pleasant to your foot and most of all, these boots have the space for your knife, not too tight, not too loose. Pay attention to the size along with the material and you should be able to secure a nice pair of boots. Finally, grab a string to secure the knife to the boot and that would be it. Now is the time to put the items together and assemble your personal boot knife kit.

The technique to wear boot knife
Learn the best technique to wear boot knife quickly.

How To Wear A Boot Knife: The Assembling

Slide the boot knife into the sheath and exam the overall tightness. Should everything is ideal then put them into one of your boots. Obviously, the boot that contains the knife must belong to the stronger side of your body. For example, a right-handed should place the knife in the right boot and the opposite for a left-handed. By locating the knife in your dominant side, it’s much easier and more comfortable to draw the knife in times of need. Oh, and do keep in mind to slide the knife into the outer side of your boot instead of the inner one. The latter makes it troublesome some to draw the knife and put it back when you are done.

When you are able to find an ideal position for the knife, proceed to secure the knife sheath using the string. Tie the entire sheath to the foot calf while centering the sheath flat edge area. Wrap the knife sheath two or three times and do the same with your calf then you are done. Walk around a bit to get the feel of the knife and modify its position if necessary. Should everything is ideal then your boot knife is ready to be used.

Wearing Boot Knife Process
It won’t take you much time to wear a perfect boot knife following the guideline!


It’s not hard to learn how to wear a boot knife but you have to pay some attention to the execution part. One mistake and you can get in a lot of troubles from wounding yourself to arousing authority suspicions. But with the help of the information above you should know how to wear a boot knife safely and comfortably.

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