Buck 110 vs 112

Buck 110 vs 112: Which One Is The Superior Folding Knife?

Besides backpacking axe, a knife is also considered one of indispensable survival tools. A quality pocket knife shall come in very handy from time to time due to its excellent characteristics. But with thousands of styles and models, it’s surely not easy for you to pick your first pocket knife. Well, in case you appreciate folding designs, Buck Knives is a famous manufacturer in the industry that you should keep an eye out.  Among their products, Buck 110 and Buck 112 are two nice examples. Should you want to know more about them then this article can provide you with a detailed comparison: Buck 110 vs 112. Take a good look at it in order to make a wise decision.

Due to variable preferences and tastes, not everyone would have the same opinion when it comes to Buck 110 vs 112.  Many could feel one of the knives to be the better choice but the rest may think otherwise. That is why you should thoroughly inspect the Buck Knives products before you come up with the final decision. If you just rush the purchase, you might buy a less than ideal knife that is simply a waste of money. So take some time to think about your needs and requirements, consider the usage condition as well to make a wise investment.


Buck 110 vs 112: What is the difference?

Buck 110 vs 112 Comparison
Buck 110 vs 112: What would be the better choice?

Profile overview

Buck Knives 110 Hunter

Buck Knife 110 Hunter
Buck Knife 110 Hunter

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  • The shape of the blade: Clip
  • The length of the blade: 9.5 Centimeters
  • The material of the blade: 420HC Steel
  • The knife carrying system: Sheath
  • The weight of the knife: 205 Grams
  • The handle of the knife: Dymondwood


Buck Knives 112 Ranger

Buck Knife 112 Ranger
Buck Knife 112 Ranger

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  • The shape of the blade: Clip
  • The length of the blade: 7.6 Centimeters
  • The material of the blade: 420HC Steel
  • The knife carrying system: Sheath
  • The weight of the knife: 159.4 Grams
  • The handle of the knife: Dymondwood

As you can tell right away from the figures above, Buck 110 is considerably longer and heavier than Buck 112.  There are still many similarities between these knives though from the blade material to the knife handle.  However, the differences in their bulk and dimension mean these Buck Knives products shall have contrasting performances in certain situations. Both of them are nonetheless reliable and durable knives or everyday carry. If you happen to be looking for an EDC knife then you would probably find what you need in one of the knives.

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Blade material and design  

Good knives must have quality blades, you can’t have a satisfying experience with a knife if it possesses a less than ideal blade. Buck 110 and Buck 112 utilize 420HC Steel in their blade, the material gets dull fairly quickly but the sharpening is a walk in the park. In general, 420HC Steel is a bit better than other materials like 8Cr13MoV Steel but not as good as AUS-8A. Therefore, the edge retention of these knives is mediocre at best but they would become super sharp after a sharpening. Many people really appreciate this characteristic of the Buck Knives products.

In term of blade shape, both Buck 110 and Buck 112 use a clip point design which permits excellent piercing power. The blade length of Buck 110 makes it a handy tool for slicing and skinning, Buck 112 is not terrible at those tasks as well. Due the bigger dimension and heavyweight, it’s much easier for you to deliver crushing force with Buck 110 compared to Buck 112. But since Buck 112 is more compact, its mobility and versatility are commendable in most of the case. It’s a good choice for light duty works in place of its large and heavy cousin.

Handle construction

The bow-shaped handle of Buck 110 and Buck 112 provide the user with admirable comfort and ergonomic. Because the balance point is located in the middle of the Dymondwood handle, these knives have great handling characteristics. There is simply nothing which can cause you to feel uncomfortable while holding the handle though accurate control is barely feasible. It’s less of an issue in common tasks but this means you can’t use the Buck Knives products for finer works. These knives would still offer you a solid performance in a variety of environment and situation.

Buck 110 vs 112 knives
Buck 110 vs 112 knives have great handling characteristics.

Locking mechanism

Buck 110 and Buck 112 all employ the same locking mechanism which is a rear lock design. While it cannot complete with later mechanisms like frame lock or liner lock, the rear lock is not half bad either. The lock is sturdy, reliable and the engagement process is straightforward, these characteristics make the lock work decently for most of the time. However, it advised not to push the look beyond its limit, the mechanism is unable to deal with heavy duty prying and alike. There is no choil around so if the lock fails, these knives are finished for good.

The sheath

Buck Knives tend to provide their customer with a full grain leather sheath for Buck 110 and Buck 112. However, in some cases, you would receive a low-cost nylon sheath instead. Due to the affordable price of these knives, it’s only to be expected and the nylon sheath work rather well. It’s light, thin, tough, easy to clean and take little time to dry after a thorough wash. On the other hand, the leather sheath is thick with strong stitching and durable rivet. The backside belt loop should able to attach the sheath to any standard size belt without fail.

The verdict: Buck 110 vs 112

When it comes to Buck 110 vs 112, it’s hard to say which one is the winner without taking into account your demands. Buck 110 is a good knife to have if you appreciate its crushing force and penetration power. In the case you like Buck 110 but want a knife with even greater mobility and versatility, Buck 112 shall not let you down. In the end, it’s entirely up to you to make the final decision so you should take some time to think and choose wisely.


And that is most of what you should know about the Buck Knives products, quite simple to absorb, right? Buck 110 vs 112, it’s really hard to make a logical purchase when you know little about these knives capabilities and functions. But with the help of the information above, you should be able to come up with an informed decision.
Pick one and bring it in your survival trips!

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