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These Best Camping Hacks Will Make Your Outdoor Trips Fun!

Going to camping is always exciting. You went to camping as a kid, you do camping as an adult, and you will be going to camping trips when you become a senior citizen. The appeal of outdoors, campfires, and spending a night under the stars is hard to ignore. However, a full-on camping trip can be intimidating if you have to do it alone or you are a newbie. Here comes the necessity of the best camping hacks that will not only save the day for the rookie campers but also help the seasoned trippers to have a smooth camping experience.


Best Camping Hacks Every Campers Must Know

Here are some of the best camping hacks that we’ve gathered for you. Check them out and apply them on your next trip.

Don’t forget the water

Water is life, so have several bottles of it with you. It’s necessary to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration but it’s also not possible to carry large containers of water. What’s the solution? Carry water purification tablets or a handheld water purifier and drink the water from natural sources.

water purifier
Bring water purifier.

Bring your own toilet paper

Why? Don’t ask. Just pack the rolls and you’ll thank me later! There are bathrooms in campsites but you will hardly find the toilet paper there. It’s because 100 or more people use the same toilets and use the paper. The Ranger refill it only once in every morning. Now, you do the maths!

Baby wipes

Take them with you even if you are not taking your baby to the camping. These are really good to freshen up quickly and wipe down your gadgets and equipment.

A small first aid kit

It’s not just one of the best camping hacks but a lifesaving one too. Everyone knows that they should keep one with them but most of them forget. Don’t forget it because there will be lots of small cuts, burning, and headache.

Some more genius camping hacks you should know!

A repair kit

Just like a first aid kit, bringing a repair kit will save you from plenty of hassles. What will you do if the stove breaks or the lamp does not work? A small box filled with the basic tools will come handy in such cases.

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Toss out the guidebook

Don’t worry. You can still have the trail maps and information about the campsites and nearby hiking. Print out the necessary information or make photocopies of the pages you need. In this way, you don’t have to carry the weight of the heavy book.

campers with map
Bring the map printouts, not the handbook.

Save time with semi-instant foods

Sometimes, you won’t have the energy to cook a fancy meal for an hour. The instant and semi-instant food will not only save your time but will taste better than the frozen dry meals. Empty the tins and cans into several Ziploc bags to save weight and space. You can carry several tasty items such as ramen, condensed soups, couscous, Rice-a-Roni pasta dishes, and more in this way.

Pack dry food

Cooking will be out of equation sometimes due to rain or bad weather. Dry food that you can eat instantly will be what you need in those days. Instead of buying packets from stores, you can make your own mixed bags. Pick up dry cereal, pretzels, cookies, dried fruits, nuts, and other similar items to check the hunger in no-cooking days.

mix of dry foods.
Make your own mix of dry foods.

Non-melting chocolates

Chocolates are energy-booster and a great way to keep your mood sunny when the weather is bleak. Always pack M&Ms because others will melt and make a terrible mess.

Scrambled eggs in a bottle

Scrambles eggs taste good but you cannot avoid the mess of eggshells around the campfire. Be smart! Prepare the scrambled eggs at home and bring them to the campsite in a plastic bottle or box. Get tasty breakfast in the morning without any mess.

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Hot water bags

They will keep you warm when you will face that surprising, unexpected cold at night. Don’t forget to wear plenty of layers and keep those bags closer.

DIY fire starters

It’s one of the best camping hacks because it’s a chore to ignite the firewood. You need something that starts the fire really quick. Use empty toilet paper tubes, dryer lint, and old newspaper as your fire starters. The dryer lint is the most flammable of all and it also packs really light.

Camping hacks - DIY fire starters
Keep some DIY fire starters.

Plastic containers

They are the real heroes as they will keep your matches and toilet paper dry on a rainy day. You can use an empty plastic coffee container or a bottle with a lid for this purpose. Cut a large slit on the side to pull through the paper. A container will also keep the matchboxes dry, which is one of the few things you will want in a bad weather condition.

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Wherever you camp, never forget the ‘leave no trace’ code. Be the Captain Planet and don’t litter, pollute, and harm the wild environment.

Last Updated on November 19, 2018

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