6 Awesome Camping Tips for First Time Campers

Camping is something that you have to gain experience with time. Every camping trip in different conditions and weathers will teach you something. However, if you are a rookie camper, you can utilize some camping tips. If you are prepared, you don’t have to learn things the hard way.

6 Camping Tips for Rookie Campers

Even the experienced campers overlook some things sometimes. Learning these camping tips will help you to be a smart camper and enjoy your experience in the outdoors.

Pack only the Necessities

You are going to camping, not on a luxury cruise trip. So, pack only those things that are necessary. The beauty of such outdoor trips is twofold – you can enjoy the exotic nature of the wilderness and develop the skill of surviving out of your comfort zone. Packing only the necessary items such as first aid kit, survival tools, and basic gear will minimize your load and teach you how to survive with just the basics.

Camping Tips for New Campers
Pack light, and only the necessities.

Use a Checklist

Among all the camping tips, this is the one that most campers choose to ignore. Don’t do it. Staying organized is one of the most basic survival rules. You have to make a list of the items you will need during the camping trip. Pack everything according to the list. Doing so will also help you pack light and efficiently.

Know Your Gear

You are doomed if you don’t know how to pitch a tent or ignite that newly-bought stove. Most rookie campers don’t try their new gear unless they are on the campground. It could be dangerous. What will you do if you have to pitch the tent real quick because it’s raining? You can’t spend hours to figure out how to use the basic tools or operate the stove. Use them at your home to make sure they work properly and to know how to use them.

Plan for the Meals

You cannot enjoy camping with a hungry bowel, no one can. So, plan the meals ahead and pack the items and equipment required to prepare those meals. Figure out how many meals you will be making and do the grocery shopping accordingly. Remember that a quick stop at the department store on the way and buying some snacks and munchies are not going to cut corners.

camping tips
You have to plan for the meals, and shop accordingly.

Don’t Forget of Dryer Lint

What is the skill that every camper must have? To know how to light a campfire. You can use paper, twigs, or wood chips but these are not the most effective way. The best thing to start a big campfire is to use the clothes dryer lint! It’s old-school, but one of the cheapest and quickest ways to keep you warm in the evening. Besides, it’s lighter than anything else.

Don’t Camp in Bad Weather

Camping is an adventure, but you should not put yourself in danger for the sake of some thrilling experiences. If you are a new camper, you should avoid any uncomfortable condition, and foul weather tops that list. Don’t camp in the rainy season, severe winter, or the peak of the summertime until you become a seasoned camper.

camping site at night
Beautiful camping site at night!

Last Updated on January 18, 2018

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