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Amazing Global Camping Destinations that You Might Not Know Yet

Finally, campings season is here! This means that camping enthusiasts are finally going to spend some time in nature and explore the magical field of outdoor living. In this article, we will provide a series of fantastic camping destinations all around the world that are less known than other very popular camping places.

This way, you can prepare for this, or the next camping season, with some more helpful information on several excellent camping sites, all there to be tried and enjoyed.


Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

This wonderful park in New Zealand offers many unique characteristics, such as stunning views of the highest mountain in New Zealand, Mount Cook. This National Park is a beautiful place for hiking and camping. It has several amazing campsites, including the White Horse Hill Campground, which is conveniently located near the start of the Hooker Valley Track. 

If you love New Zealand and want to explore some fantastic camping options there, this is a great way to do so, as this park is one of the finest destinations for nature enthusiasts in the country.

Skane, Sweden

Skane is a region located in the south of Sweden. Beautiful and wild, this location offers a variety of camping options, perfect for every taste and in line with the Swedish tradition of outdoor living. You can choose to set camp on a sandy beach or in a lush green field if you prefer. 

This region is full of campsites, including the famous Sandhammaren Camping, which is perfect for people who love the sea, as it is located near a beautiful beach.

Boya Lake, Canada

This is known as one of the best places to go camping in the entirety of Canada. It offers some unique perks, such as crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and stunning mountain views. You can choose from several campsites, such as the Boya Lake Provincial Park Campground. 

When leaving for a camping holiday, make sure to consult trustworthy resources to learn more about what you might need to live your outdoor experience in the best and most prepared way possible. Living close to nature is a wonderful experience, but you must be prepared for every occurrence, and this website can help you learn everything you need on safety measures and tricks to survive in nature.

Miyajima, Japan

Not many of us have considered Japan as a prime camping destination, but that was a big mistake. Miyajima is a small island located near Hiroshima, and it offers a unique camping experience. You can camp directly on the beach there and enjoy a unique and stunning view of the famous Itsukushima Shrine. You can pick from a variety of campsites, such as the Miyajima Coral Village Campground. Immerse yourself in the beautiful Japanese landscape, and discover new places where to connect with nature and other people.

Masai Mara Reserve, Kenya

The Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya is a beautiful place to go camping if you’re passionate about wildlife and want to see it from as close as possible. As you can camp in the reserve, you can go on a photographic safari and see fantastic wildlife such as elephants, lions, and many others. You have a variety of campsites to choose from, one of them being the Mara River Camp. 

Tyresta National Park, Sweden

Another tremendous Swedish destination is the Tryesta National Park. This beautiful park is located near Stockholm, and it offers a variety of camping options, including the popular phenomenon of glamping. This wonderful location allows you to enjoy camping while benefitting from all the glamorous aspects of contemporary life and to dive into nature without letting go of comfort. 

Tartaruga Camping, Zakynthos, Greece

This is a beautiful beachside camping that offers a fantastic view of the Greek sea. It is the perfect place to relax and let go of worries. Greece is a magical place, full of history and tradition, but in this campsite, you can find many other interesting perks, such as restaurants and bars, to enjoy camping while immersing yourself in the fantastic Greek culinary culture, not the mention their passion for music and entertainment. 

Sahale Glacier Camp, Washington, USA

The North Cascades National Park welcomes many tourists and nature enthusiasts every day. But did you know that you can also camp there while basking in the unique view of the surrounding mountains? Be advised, though, this campsite is made for real camping enthusiasts. It is only accessible by hiking, and it requires a real permit.

Ladakh, India

Ladakh is a remote region located in northern India, and it offers a unique camping experience. There, you can camp in the desert while staring at the timeless beauty of the Himalayas. There are many campsites in the region, including the Nubra Ethnic Camp, and you can discover a completely different dimension of camping, truly immersed in a desertic landscape.

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

The last interesting camping location in this list is the Sankber Camping site, located near the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia. There, you can camp, respectfully, in a UNESCO Heritage Site. Hike through the mountains and see amazing wild species such as gelada baboons, Walia ibex, and bearded vultures. This is a wonderful camping experience for people who want to discover different types of animals and see them up close. 

All these campsites offer unique and unforgettable experiences, but if you can’t travel this far, don’t worry. Explore your local area, and find out if there are some camping options around you. You’d be surprised at how many people love camping, just like you, and how famous camping is becoming again. 

Thanks to this renewed passion for camping, many campsites are being opened as we speak, and they can be easily reachable from many cities and towns all around the world. Get ready for this camping season, and pick the perfect destination for you, be it near or far: the important part is enjoying camping in its every form. 

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

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