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10 Amazing Camping Drinking Games for Outdoor Adventure

Craving for alcoholic drinks during camping is common. But, there is no fun if you just sit inside the tent or around the campfire and take one shot after another. Both camping and drinking is fun and you can double the enjoyment by bringing camping drinking games into the mix.


Best Camping Drinking Games for Your Outdoor Adventure

Going outdoors and camping with your friends is a great way to unwind after a stressful month or week of office work, household chores, and loads of responsibilities. Camping drinking games can bring some spice into the quiet days and make the more enjoyable.

These campfire drinking games could be an excellent excuse just in case you need one for drinking alcohol (or taking jello shots) during a camping trip:

1. Most Likely

camping games for adults drinking
Drinking games will make the camping more fun.

All of you have to sit around in a circle and each of you will ask a ‘most likely’ question one at a time. For example, you can ask “who would most likely get drunk and go home with a stranger” or “who is most likely to do a secret dance in a retail shop isle” – the more bizarre the question, the better.

On the count of three, others have to point at someone who they think will do the thing asked in the question. You have to take a shot for every person pointing at you.

2. Pick up the Bag

Everyone has to stand in a circle around a bag (possibly made of cotton or a soft material) on the ground. One by one, everyone has to lean over and pick the bag up with their mouth. No one can use their hand (not for even keeping the balance). Anyone fails has to drink a shot.

You can make the game more fun by taking it to round two, three, and onward. You just have to cut an inch off the top of the bag at every round until there is no more bag but just the bottom of it.

3. The Alphabet Game

It’s one of those camping drinking games that need no physical stamina. And, nerds must love it! All of you have to sit around a circle and choose the theme of the game. For example, if your theme is ‘flowers’ and the first player says ‘rose’, the next player has to add a flower name that starts with ‘s’ (the alphabet next to ‘r’). So, it will be ‘rose, Snapdragon’ and the player next to him/her should say ‘rose, snapdragon, tiger lily’. It will go on until a player misses a name. Then, that person will have to take a shot.

4. Never Have I Ever

campfire drinking games
The more bizarre the statement, the more the fun.

This classic game is almost like the ‘Most Likely’ game with a slight twist. Everyone will sit around a table or a campfire and every player will take a turn to say something like ‘never have I ever farted on the dance floor’ or something like that using the phrase ‘never have I ever’. Among the rest of the players, those who have farted on the dance floor have to take a shot.

Pro Tip: Everyone has to be totally honest and candid to make the game hilarious.

5. The Poker Face

It is one of the easiest camping drinking games but there’s no guarantee what will happen after taking two or three shots. All of you have to write one or a few sentences on small paper pieces. The sentences have to be absolutely comical, sarcastic, or inappropriate so that it’s difficult to keep a straight face when reading them.

Put all the pieces in a bowl. One player at a time will pick up a slip and try to read the sentences without cracking a smile. Whoever fails to keep a straight face have to drink.

6. I’m going to the Bar

It’s like the alphabet game but with more drinks (at least in the words!). Everyone will take a turn to say a sentence like “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a dry martini” (it could be the name of any liquor). The next person has to repeat the sentence and add the name of another drink and it will go like that until someone messes up. That person has to drink and the game will resume.

7. Say ‘Buzz’

People who are good with numbers will enjoy this game pretty much. All every player has to do is to count the numbers from 1 to onward but they have to say the word ‘buzz’ (or whatever you like) instead of some specific numbers. They could be:

  • Even numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10…
  • Odd numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9…
  • •Multiples of four: 4, 8, 12, 16…
  • Any number with a nine: 9, 19, 29, 39…
interesting camping drinking games
Nerds will like the number game.

You can set the rules about numbers at the beginning of each round. People who mess up saying the word when the specific number comes will have to drink.

8. You are a ‘Medusa’

Put plenty of full shot glasses on the center of a table. Players will sit around it with their heads down and then look up to stare at another player on the count of three. If you find someone directly looking at you, both of you have to shout out ‘Medusa’ at each other and drink a shot. You are safe if there’s no one looking at you. The game will go on until all the shots are finished.

9. Swap the Cup

There will be two cups (one full of alcohol and another empty) and a spoon for each player. Set the timer for one minute or 30 seconds for each player to transfer the drinks from the full cup to the empty one with the spoon. When the time is up, each player has to drink what’s left in the cup that was full initially.

10. Bocce

Camping drinking game
You will find this game very enjoyable!

It’s a classic game and becomes more enjoyable when you treat it as camping games for adults drinking. There will be two groups and the losing groups have to drink shots equal to how many inches they are behind the winning group in the Pallino or the small white ball. If a group can make their ball touch the Pallino or they get bocce, the other group has to gulp down a round of shots.

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