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The 10 Best RV Water Filters To Buy In 2024

All RVers around the globe know that to travel comfortably on recreational vehicles, securing a steady water supply is one of the most important tasks. While bringing water from home is sufficient in short journeys, extensive trips often require owners of RVs to re-supply water tanks of their vehicle using a variety of sources.  That process involves a lot of items but for most of the time, a high-quality filter is always indispensable. Hence, if you intend to embrace the RV lifestyle, you need to think about getting the best RV water filter 

Want to get something good but unable to tell the models on the markets apart? Well, in that case, the following information may be able to help you with that. 


Best RV Water Filters

You would find some of the best RV water filters available these kinds of days as well as reviews of their field performance below. So take a good look at these products and see if anything catches your attention. 

1. Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter – Best Of the Best

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  • Flexible hose protector  
  • Fit standard gardening/water hose 
  • Kinetic degradation fluxion  

Why This Is The Best

Able to eliminate contaminants and improve the overall taste of the water, Camco 40043TastePURE Water Filter is the best RV water regarding all-around performance. The Camco model features an inline design that stays aligned with the hose during operation which receives lots of praises from RVers around the globe. In addition to that, the wide body of the filter results in high capacity as well as superb flow rate. Thanks to the use of top grade materials, the filter would last through an entire camping season without experiencing troubles. 

The presence of granular activated carbon in the filter element from Camco ensures you don’t have to worry about chlorine, sediment and so on. Furthermore, the filter employs the innovative KDF fluid treatment in order to take care of foul odors in the water. Because of that, you should have no trouble re-supplying the water tanks of your vehicle using water from most RV campsites on the road. As KDF also prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold,… the filter shall remain in top condition during off-seasons. 

In terms of performance, Camco 40043 TastePURE Water Filter arrives in a ready-to-use form, which means no assembly required. To avoid straining the water hose in use, Camco gives the filter a flexible hose protector that permits the hose to bend at sharp angles. Considering the fact that the filter fits all conventional water hoses nowadays, it’s a top choice for people that want filters for multiple applications: recreational vehicles, boats and alike. The lightweight and compact profile of the filter contributes to its excellent handling characteristics. 


  • Reasonable price tag 
  • Well build and rugged     
  • Straightforward installation 


  • Inconsistent performance between products
  • There are some complaints about broken threads  

2. Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter – Editor’s Choice 

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  • Two-stage micron filters  
  • Powder-coated metal chassis 
  • Stainless steel fittings 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

A premium model that comes along with an expensive price tag, Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter is the best RV water filter for people that treat quality as the top priority. Possessing a study optimize to handle the rough lifestyle of usual RVers, the product from Clearsource is able to endure everything you throw at it. While it’s a bit on the heavy side, the filter is actually easy to set up due to its plain installation and ergonomic profile. On the field, the filter holds itself together for a long time in regular use.  

Regarding the filter element, the Clearsource filter employs a two-stage layout: the first stage takes care of the sediments while the second stage gets rid of cysts, chlorine, giardia, volatile organic compounds and others. Therefore, the quality of the water that the filter process is outstanding compared to the average models on the market. Furthermore, the filter proves capable of removing chemical smell so you don’t have to put up with foul odor in your water while traveling. 

The anti-rust and anti-corrosion nature of the steel fittings on Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter means you use it on multiple RV applications. Additionally, as the filter receives its own stand from the factory, it’s highly adaptable. Though the flow rate of the filter is unexceptional, it’s sufficient to deliver a constant flow of clean water to the majority of rigs.  


  • Short setup time 
  • User-friendly installation  
  • Impressive endurance in the outdoors  


  • Quite pricey 
  • Less than ideal customer service   

3. Camco EVO Premium Water Filter – Editor’s Choice

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  • Inline
  • Polypropylene filter cartridge
  • Filter housing and hose extension

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

As a self-contained system that you could attach to your recreational vehicle in just a blink of an eye, Camco EVO Premium Water Filter is among the most highly regarded RV water filters nowadays. No matter where the water originally comes from, the Camco model would make sure that your RV receive clean water. Because of that, the filter is a nice accessory to have around for campers that intend to go on an extensive trip through unfamiliar regions. The filter fits standard water and gardening hoses as well.

The filter from Camco uses replaceable filter cartridges that utilize granulated active carbon to eliminate chlorine, sediment, bacteria and others that reside in the water. The low micron filter element should be able to catch all the contaminant particles in the water so you know that the water you drink is safe for human consumption. A usual cartridge lasts for a full camping season and once it expires, it’s simple for people to order a replacement from the brand. 

When your purchase Camco EVO Premium Water Filter, Camco is going to give you a complete installation kit including cartridge wrench, Teflon tape, filter housing, hose extension and filter cartridge. Because of that, you have no need to buy additional tools as well as materials to get the filter operational. Aside from processing water for drinking, the filter excels at washing vehicle too as it’s capable of tackling mineral deposits that stain your RV. 


  • Tight threads
  • Come with everything
  • Reasonable flow rate 


  • Mediocre quality control 
  • Some issues with leakage 

4. Culligan White RVF-10

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  • Non-cellulose
  • Hose connection kit and replacement cartridge
  • Granular activated carbon filter 

Why We Love It

Slim and sleek, Culligan White RVF-10 is essentially the best RV water filter in the category of exterior filtration nowadays. Notwithstanding its humble profile, the product from Culligan is tough enough to withstand practically every challenge of the RV lifestyle. As the filter comes along a convenient purpose design connection kit, the entire setup process only take a few moments in most of the cases. If you truly want to get a no-nonsense filter for your recreational vehicle, this is a cost-effective choice.  

Similar to many other water filters these kinds of days, the Culligan use a replaceable cartridge as its filter element. In use, the cartridge shall process about 250 gallons of water before expiring which is adequate for 3 months on the road. The use of granular activated carbon in the cartridge permits the filter to dispose of most contaminants in the water. Hence, the taste of the water after being filtered increase substantially which earn the appreciation of RVers that hate the taste and smell of chlorine. 

About post-purchase support, an attractive 5-year warranty accompanies Culligan White RVF-10 so you know the manufacturer place a lot of confidence in its filter. Once the camping season passes, the compact construction of the filter simplifies the task of finding space to store it. Despite the fact that its flow rate is slightly low compared to other models, the filter still does a good job at satisfying the average demand for water on RVs. 


  • Lightweight
  • Reliable and dependable 
  • Installation is a breeze 


  • Hard to find replacement cartridges
  • Several customers notice leaks around the fittings  

5. Culligan RV-800 Water Filter

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  • Flexible connector hose 
  • Bacteriostatic filter
  • KDF tested

Why We Love It

Need a water filter that processes large amounts of water before requiring replacement? If that is so, you have to take a look at Culligan RV-800 Water Filter. With a premium cartridge that may filter up to 2,000 gallons worth of water, the model from Culligan is the best RV water filter for large party camping. Moreover, the filter could be attached to the exterior of campers, trailers, motorhomes and more. As a result, it’s capable of matching a variety of settings without much difficulty.

At a cost of a few dozen dollars, the Culligan model make sure that contaminants would never make it into the water tanks of your recreational vehicle. The bacteriostatic filter of the filter element also prevents bacteria from growing during off-seasons. Aside from that, the filter removes all traces of sediment, chlorine and others so the taste of water is acceptable to humans in most cases. Regarding the flow rate in use, the filter processes water at a commendable speed which guarantees a constant flow of water.

After you decide to buy Culligan RV-800 Water Filter, the brand present you with everything you need to install the filter from start to finish. You don’t need to make additional purchases to get the filter up and running.   While the setup time varies a bit from application to application, the filter should be ready to serve pretty soon. Last but not least, Culligan offers you a 5-year warranty when you buy the filter so if you notice any defects, the brand is going to send you a new product.   


  • Nice flow rate 
  • Fit multiple settings 
  • Long cartridge lifespan 


  • Prone to leakage 
  • Inconsistent pressures  

6. Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 Water Filter

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  • Finer mesh filters
  • 5 series cartridge
  • Patented KDF media 

Why We Love It

Effective and efficient, Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 Water Filter takes the strain of securing clean water in an RV vacation away. Being highly adaptable, the Hydro Life product performs admirably in a multitude of applications like recreational vehicles, boats and alike. As an external design, the filter is surely a nice investment to people that venture into the great outdoors with unpredictable weather and hostile elements. The sturdy construction of the flitter let it stay in working order under rough conditions. 

Engineered to deliver high water flow, the filter from Hydro Life shall never keep the water flowing consistently regardless of the pressure at the site. About its filter element, the filter employs KDF media, an EPA-approved material that deters the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold that come into intact with the carbon filter. Thanks to that, the filter competently get rid of all harmful contaminants in the water while also remain in top shape during long term storage. The taste of the water after being processed improves significantly.  

In terms of installation, Hydro Life 52141 HL-200 Water Filter possesses standard size gardening hose connectors.  As a result, it’s a walk in the park for people to set up the filter on recreational vehicles. Additionally, the open nature of the filter means you would be able to replace the cartridge in a blink of an eye without using tools. For RVers that need a plain filter that works, the Hydro Life model is best RV water filter available for purchase on the market nowadays. 


  • Rugged
  • Smooth operation 
  • Versatile and flexible 


  • Incomplete instruction
  • Several parts come loosened  

7. Hydro Life 52133 HL-180 

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  • Inline 6 series 
  • KDF media
  • Garden hose connectors

Why We Love It

So you are in a rush and really need a water filter that comes cheap? Well, if that happens to be the case, Hydro Life 52133 HL-180 is surely the best RV water filter for you. Made to be disposable, the Hydro Life filter possesses a short lifespan compared to the average filters for recreational vehicles. In exchange, the filter is much more affordable and its performance on the field is adequate for conventional RV travels. Similar to other models from the brand, you should be able to replace the cartridge without needing to use tools.  

Regarding its filter characteristics, the model from Hydro Life boasts a capable combination of granular activated carbon and KDF material. Because of that, sediment, bacterial, chlorine and others would be eliminated which result in safe, clean and good-tasting water. In addition to that, the high flow rate of the filter makes it shine in areas that have low pressures. On average, you never have to wait too long to fill the water tanks of your rig with purified water.  

To shorten the setup time, Hydro Life 52133 HL-180 employs the same convenient garden hose connectors like most of its cousins. Because of that, the filter could get up and running within a few moments in a variety of RV settings. Beside recreational vehicle, it’s possible to use the filter on other applications such as boats if the need arises. The compact dimension of the filter allows it to be fitted on lots of surfaces. In fact, during the off-season, the filter occupies just a small amount of storage space due to its small body. 


  • Robust 
  • Fast delivery 
  • Take care of foul odor


  • Fairly limited lifetime 
  • Barely acceptable quality control 

8. Aquacrest RV Water Filter 

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  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Leak-free fit
  • KDF Media

Why We Love It

Capable and affordable, Aquacrest RV Water Filter is often thought of as the best RV water filter for budget-minded RVers these kinds of days. The inline filter from Aquacrest is suitable for RV, boats, garden, farming, brewing, auto washing, household chores and so on. Because of that, with a single purchase, you are able to secure clean water for a wide range of activities. While it’s completely unrelated to Camco, the filter proves to be an excellent replacement to the TastePURE line of water filter in most cases. 

Featuring a two pack filtration layout, the Aquacrest is able to tackle fluoride, arsenic and heavy metal inside the metal. Hence, not only the filter improves the taste of the water but it also keeps your body in good condition. Normally, the filter shall last 3 months in regular use but the time varies depending on the quality of the water. Considering its cheap price, full-time RVers experience few troubles getting a replacement every quarter. There are blank spots for you to write down the installation date on the filter.

Needless to say, no one wants to struggle setting up a filter on their rigs. Fortunately, Aquacrest RV Water Filter comes along a comprehensive manual which allows people to finish the installation without a hitch. Considering the modest profile of the filter, it’s a breeze for you to find suitable storage space for it. The filter works with the majority of water and garden hoses which comes in handy as you explore new areas.


  • Attractive price 
  • Fast installation 
  • Nice packaging 


  • The flow rate is mediocre 
  • Inconsistent performance 

9. Camco 40013 TastePURE Water Filter

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  • High-flow
  • 100 micron fiber filter
  • Low lead content

Why We Love It

Like every other product from the brand, Camco 40013 TastePURE Water Filter is a high quality model that competently satisfies the needs and requirements of customers. Boasting the latest technologies as well as rugged materials, the filter from Camco shall be a  fine companion to RVers in most of the cases. You don’t have to be an RV expert to install the filter, in fact, the setup process could be done in a few minutes. 

With a combination of granular activated carbon and KDF media, the Camco model excel at removing chlorine, bacteria, sediment and other contaminants from the water. Therefore, the quality in addition to the taste of the filtered water would be excellent for human use in most cases. Furthermore, the large capacity of the filter guarantee high flow rate which lets you fill the water tanks in a blink of an eye. 

About its average lifespan, Camco 40013 TastePURE Water Filter should push through an entire camping seasons without experiencing malfunctions in use. Have to cut your trip short because of certain issues? Then you simply have to put away the filter until the day you need it. The nature of the filter allows it to resist the growth of fungus, mold and alike in storage so you have nothing to worry about here. All things considered, the filter is able to offer more value than its price suggests.  


  • High endurance 
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Compatible with multiple uses 


  • People complain about loose charcoal
  • Leak on several occasions 

10. Camco Mfg 52700 Water Filter

Check price and reviewsFeatures:

  • Catalytic carbon
  • Flexible hose protector
  • KDF media

Why We Love It

When it comes to RV water filter systems on the market nowadays, it’s going to be a mistake not to mention Camco Mfg 52700 Water Filter. Capable of providing safe and clean water from various sources of water, the Camco model is the best RV water filter in term of reliability. As it’s accompanied by user friendly accessories, the filter proves extremely forgiving to work with in both installation and operation.    

Employing catalytic carbon in its filter element, the filter from Camco gets rid of all water contaminants effectively and efficiently. Moreover, the filter takes care of heavy metal in “hard water” as well so it offers complete, all around protection to the health of RVers. The commendable capability of the filter also make sit suitable for a multitude of applications such as gardening, auto washing, … Since the filter fit the majority of conventional water hose, it’s a breeze to get it up and running. 

Regarding how long it lasts in use, Camco Mfg 52700 Water Filter could process up to 8,000 gallons of water before expiring. Needless to say, such an amount of water is more than enough to sustain you and your family for a long time on the road. In addition to that, the filter is a high capacity which means it’s able to ensure high flow rate on a lot of conditions.  


  • Well made
  • Highly affordable 
  • Nice water pressure 


  • Leak around the fitting
  • May discharge carbon 

How to Choose The Best RV Water Filter

Still don’t know which model is the best RV water filter for your needs and requirements on the field? If that is so, here are a couple of things that you have to consider before committing to a purchase. 

1. Type

Few novice RVers know that there are up to 3 types of water filters on the market, each possesses unique characteristics. Of course, if you want to get the most out of your filter then it’s of utmost importance that you pick the correct type. 

 best RV water filter
There are up to 3 types of water filters on the market.
  • Sediment Water Filters

Work like mechanical strainers, filters of the type catch particle in the water which make it excel at protecting delicate water systems on recreational vehicles. So if you wish to keep the faucets, pumps, valves and alike on your RV from being damaged, you should definitely prioritize sediment water filters. On the downside, it’s worth noting that most sediment filters tend to run into clogging issues after a while. As a result, these water filters require periodic maintenance in order to operate as designed. 

  • Carbon Water Filters  

In addition to filtering out particles, carbon filters also remove the contaminants which enhance the overall taste of the water.   Therefore, if you particularly hate the foul odor of water in RV compound, get yourself a filter of this type. There are 3 options of carbon water filters available for purchase: solid block carbon, modified carbon block and granular activated carbon. Because of its cost-effectiveness, the majority of RVers prefer to get the GAC but rest see extensive as well. 

  • Ceramic Water Filters

Featuring a series of purpose-design small holes, ceramic filters diligently screen out elements such as bacteria, protozoa, giardia cysts,…  Unfortunately, filters of the type often fail to oust lead, chlorine, mercury and similar contaminants. However, some of the later models incorporate carbon materials to take care of dangerous chemicals. All things considered, ceramic filters seem ideal in case you want to prevent waterborne pests from getting into the water supply of your rig.  

2. Capacity

Needless to say, the more people present on your RV, the higher the water demand. Because of that, the capacity of the filter is something that you must keep in mind while assessing market products. For small party travels, a standard model shall be more than enough in most cases. On the other hand, if your vehicle needs to accommodate a large party, invest in a high capacity water filter. As a precaution, ensure that the amount of water the filter could process is slightly higher than the actual need. 

3. Installation 

Generally speaking, it’s possible for you to hire professionals to take care of the entire installation of the filter. That being said, why do you have to waste more money after buying the filter? That is why it’s strongly recommended that you grab a straightforward model that let you install it by yourself. After all, it’s highly likely that you have to perform inspections as well as maintenances once in a while so it’s a good idea to get simple products. By reading RV water filter reviews, you should be able to judge the complexity of the installation of particular filters. 

4. Brand

Like other purchases, it’s advised that you get your RV water filtration system from reputable brands in the business. Sure, feel free to disregard the label if you are certain that a specific model is the best RV water filter for your rig. Still, if you happen to be a novice RVer, it’s wise to place your trust in well-established names instead of lesser-known manufacturers. A brand of filter only becomes prestigious if it manages to satisfy a large number of customers around the globe. As a result, it’s surely a good idea to stick to highly regarded names.       

5. Price

After buying an RV, you are going to face all kinds of expenses which make it necessary for you to have a budget for everything. Getting the best RV water filter means nothing if you have to strain your delicate finance just to afford it. There are quality water filters for RVs that come at affordable prices on the market. All you have to do is to keep looking until you get what you want. Nonetheless, while you don’t need to get the most expensive models on the shelves, avoid dirt cheap products as they often have lackluster performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions About RV Water Filters

  • What is the average lifetime of most RV water filters? 

Depending on the construction materials, operating conditions and so on, conventional water filters would likely last between a quarter and a year in regular use. Over time, the performance of the water filters steadily degrades to the point that RVers have no other choice left but to repair/replace them. In most cases, top-tier models shall hold together longer than their entry-level counterparts. Of course, the frequency of travel plays a role in deciding just how longs the water filter last as well.  

  • Is it true that water filters only process drinking water? 

One of the good things about modern filters is that they are able to filter all sort of water in your RV including drinking water. Hence, with a water filter installed, the water you use to drink, cook and wash while traveling should be safe. That being said, in the case you tend to drink from the vehicle sink, it’s a good idea to install an inline RV water filter beneath the sink in addition to the main filter. That is going to ensure that the water you drink is completely free of microbes, contaminants, pesticides and so on. 

  • How could I make a decision between two products that happen to match my tastes? 

While searching around the market for the best RV water filter for your vehicle, it’s highly likely that you come across more than one model that meets your preferences. “Camco 40043 vs 40045: which one is more cost-effective?”, “Fette Filter vs Hydro Life: which one offers more value?”,… Well, to answer questions like that, you need to read customer feedback. Though opinions of people regarding a particular filter may seem conflicting, they would give you the general picture of what might develop on the field. 

  • Are any brands of water filter I have to remember?  

In the industry of RV accessories, the competition is quite fierce so if a manufacturer manages to stick around, it must have done something right. Camco, Clearsource, Watts, Hydro Life,… are some of the names that successfully satisfy the needs and requirements of numerous RVers. That is why if you want to play it safe, get the water filter for your rig from these brands. Though products of well-known manufacturers also receive all sorts of complaints over time, the risk of failure is low. 

  • Should I run hot water through filters on my RV? 

To put it plainly, you must refrain from running hot water through any type of water filter for recreational vehicles. Besides the fact that it may damage the filter, hot water could reserve the filtering the process which releases the contaminants back into the water. As a result, regardless of what occurs, don’t use the water filter on your RV to process hot water. In the case you run hot water through the filter by mistake, stop and promptly run cold water through it in a couple of minutes.  

Repairing And Replacing Water Filters

Though the construction of water filter varies slightly from product to product, the principle remains practically the same when it comes to repair and replace. Here are a couple of hints you must keep in mind if the filter of your recreational vehicle is malfunctioning. 

  • Backflushing The Water Filter: As time passes by, gunk accumulates on the filter element of the water filter which leads to reductions in the performance. By backflushing (also known as reversing the flow), you would be able to restore the original efficiency of the filter. 
  • Cleaning The Filter Element: In the case backflushing fails to improve the situation, you need to open up the water filter using a wrench to clean the filter element. When you see the filter element, use a soft brush to get rid of the gunk.  
  • Removing The Entire Water: When the water filter reaches the end of its life, cracks shall emerge which necessitate removal. If that indeed happens, use a wrench to steadily remove each component of the filter

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