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Tips for Upping The Comfort Level for Your Next Backpacking Trip

A backpacking trip is a superb way to get out of the city, to explore the wilderness and the great outdoors, and to get back in touch with nature a little. By their very nature, backpacking vacations tend to be a little more rugged, more rough-and-ready than other trips, but just because you are camping in a forest or bedding down in a cabin by a river doesn’t mean that you can’t be comfortable!

Little touches of luxury can make all the difference when it comes to the comfort level of your backpacking trip. It isn’t so hard to add a few extra things to your pack that will make your adventure that much more enjoyable. Plus, staying comfortable while backpacking means you’ll be fresher and more prepared for the next part of your trip! So whether you plan to through-hike the Appalachian Trail then have a swanky city break in Manhattan, or explore San Bernardino State Forest then depart on a cruise from LA, stick these luxury items in your pack and enjoy your adventure in comfort and style.

A nice pillow

You might get a little snark initially from your traveling companions, but a good, comfortable pillow can make a world of difference when you are bunking down in a tent or a rustic campsite somewhere. Lightweight, foam, compressible pillows don’t take up much space or add much weight, and they will allow you to rest far more comfortably than you otherwise would. Your neck muscles will thank you!


Getting up and onto the trail can be challenging on wintry mornings, and your hands tend to take the brunt of the chill. Handwarmers slipped into your gloves are just the ticket, keeping your fingers nimble and making everything a little more bearable. They are great at keeping your toes warm at night too!

An (extra) great pair of socks

Speaking of your toes…a great pair of socks is one of the most important things for any backpacker worth their salt, and something worth indulging in. Your feet are your primary mode of transport on a backpacking trip after all, so it makes sense to pamper them a little. Find something light and breathable, made of merino wool, and with targeted cushioning for extra comfort. It is also worth bringing an extra pair of socks whenever you set off, as wet feet is one of the worst things that can befall a backpacker!

Your favorite tipple

After a long day’s hiking, there’s nothing that warms you up, relaxes you, and fills you with a sense of luxury better than a tot of whisky (or whatever your favorite liquor is). 

Creature comforts might not seem like they should be high on your priority list when packing a bag for your backpacking trip, but a few small luxuries can make all the difference to your comfort levels on the trail. Take a look at the recommendations above before setting off on your next big adventure – I guarantee you won’t regret having them along for the ride!

Last Updated on February 20, 2021

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