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Tips for Hunting During Nighttime

It is typically better to go out for a hunt during the daytime, but there are cases wherein night hunting is possible.

Here are some tips should you want some challenges for your next trip.


Have a plan

This applies to hunting during the day as well. It can be tempting to decide on a whim, but just be aware of the many factors involved. 

For starters, the weather is something you should look into. While we can’t predict whether it will rain or not, the forecast can at least give an idea of when is a good time to hunt. Hunting at night is hard enough. You’d at least want to not worry about getting sick the next day.

The route and area where you’re hunting are also something to consider. If it is a place you are familiar with, then it’s no problem. However, if you are thinking about going to a new place, then do some research.

Finally, the fact that you plan to hunt at night adds to the layers of uncertainty. It will be much riskier to do this sort of activity, so be cautious.

This is especially true if you decide to stay there overnight. Always set up camp in a safe area.

Don’t go alone

Going on a solo hunting trip is not the best idea. This is especially true if you are just a beginner. For starters, you should probably stick to daytime hunting until you gain more experience.

But even if you are with a seasoned hunter, bring someone along with you as much as possible.

The great outdoors is filled with uncertainty.  This is especially true at night. It is much more difficult to spot what could be threatening and what isn’t.

Having someone else around or a group of other people around can bring a sense of security, knowing that you can watch each other’s backs. 

The advantage to being in a pair or group is that you can take turns keeping watch and sleeping. This adds more safety and security to your campsite.

​​You can sleep soundly knowing that the campsite is safe and well-protected.

Bring the right equipment

Day hunting and night hunting will entail different equipment. You will need to think about things like GPS or compasses that light up, ideal scopes for low-light conditions, and the like.

Light sources are a must if you want to be able to see things properly.

Stuff like Wi-Fi and cell service have become a necessity as well in this age. However, the chances of having them appear in the wilderness is less likely. Consider bringing portable hotspots or routers in case of an emergency.

You should also bring walkie-talkies. This is so you can communicate with the rest of your group should you split up and the cell service gets weaker.

Bring equipment that will make the hunt less difficult as well as items that will keep you and your companions safe throughout the trip. 

Bring night vision devices along with you

Related to the previous point, but this is more for when you go out hunting.

It is paramount that you bring along any night vision devices when you go out hunting. 

The first reason is so that you will be able to see where you are going. You can’t rely on your vision to find your way throughout the area. Even the most experienced hunter with 20/20 vision will still need some help.

You are going to be hunting at night. Light sources will be little to none out in the wilderness. Apart from the moon, you won’t be able to find as much light to guide your way. 

Night vision goggles will be useful. However, they can be pricey. A small lamp or flashlight will be good enough to light your way without drawing too much attention.

The second reason is to distinguish targets. Your safety is not the only priority but everyone else’s.

You need to be absolutely certain that what you are pointing at with your rifle is a “legal” target, not your companions or innocent passersby.

This is why you will need something other than your vision to verify whether what you see is a target or not.

Bringing a scope and sight when hunting will help you ensure that you avoid pointing your rifle at a companion or other hunters.

Holographic sights are also great for hunting at night. They don’t rely on sunlight to create a superimposed image since it uses laser technology. As there is little to no light present at night, this will get the job done.

In the event that you don’t have enough to buy one nor enough sources of power to charge it, there are scopes that can still provide the best results despite the night setting.

Practice gun safety

The last important piece of advice is to always practice gun safety.

Whenever you are not using your rifle, always unload it. This is for your safety and everyone else’s. When you’re done with your session and decide to head back to camp, unload it immediately.

A gun of any kind is not something to be taken lightly. The best way to view it is to think that it is always ready to be used, whether it is with you or not, loaded or otherwise.

Guns should only be used for hunting and self-defense. That’s it. It should be left on standby during any other instance during the trip.

Viewing this way will make you more aware of unloading it when you keep it on standby. 

Holding a gun entails a huge responsibility. So be sure to remember to unload your gun every time you don’t use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is going as a pair enough?

Going on a hunting trip with another person should be okay. So long as there is someone to watch camp while you sleep and vice versa. 

However, having more people around is better. There is safety in numbers.

When is a good time to hunt at night?

We recommend hunting in the morning just because it is safer. You can go night hunting when you have more experience.

Where is a good place to set up camp?

That will depend on the layout of the location. Positioning yourselves near a water supply like a river or lake is optimal.


A safe hunting trip is a fun one. It can be overwhelming with all the precautions and tips, but always remember that there is a responsibility in wielding a gun.

With that in mind, we hope this helps your first or next hunting trip at night.

Last Updated on January 23, 2023

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