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6 Tips for Choosing and Installing Light Bulbs for Your RV or Motorhome

Whether you live in your RV or motorhome, or you travel in them often, you will know that lighting is critical. LED lights are considered the best lighting options for RVs, trucks, and other cars for many reasons. This is primarily because they offer so many advantages over traditional lighting options. Are you planning to install LED tail lights or any other type of RV LED light? Here are a few tips that can help you:

Don’t Mix Voltages

You need to avoid the dangers of mixing voltages. Before buying LED lights, check your RV light fixtures to know what they require. Fixing DC low voltage bulbs into AC powered fixtures is quite dangerous. In addition to damaging the bulbs and the fixtures, it can lead to fire incidents in extreme cases. Lighting companies like XK Glow can help determine the ideal voltage for your RV.

Know What Your RV Needs

Most RVs have two kinds of lights: 120v and 12v. While the first kind works with the RV’s shore power or a generator, the later may run off the batteries of the RV or motorhome. Make sure you have the correct light bulbs at all times. Examine the base of the bulbs once again before installing them. You also need to choose the right color LED taillight and other bulbs.

Consider the LED Color Temperatures

When choosing LED light bulbs for your RV, it is always important to consider the temperature. RV LED lights have a color temperature rating, which informs you how warm or white the light will be. Light bulbs with a higher color temperature rating produce a whiter light, which promotes concentration. Conversely, light bulbs with a lower color temperature rating produce warmer colors, which promotes relaxation.

Turn the Power Off Before Removal or Installation

Whether you are installing bulbs on an RV for the first time or you are replacing the old bulbs with new ones, turn the power off first. Even if you are playing around (which is not advisable), turning off the power is important for your safety. You can even unplug from the battery if you feel it is necessary.

Take Precautionary Measures

Installing light bulbs for your RV and Motorhome is actually an easy task. This doesn’t mean you should be careless about it. There are recommended precautionary measures you must follow for your safety. Let a working bulb cool off entirely before trying to unscrew it. If the fixture is beyond your reach, use a steady stepladder to reach it.

Discard Old RV Bulbs Appropriately

Finally, ensure that you dispose of your old RV bulbs properly. This is specifically important if you have just changed old light bulbs in an RV or Motorhome. It may be that you have just changed the old lights with energy-efficient LED options; make sure the ones you remove are properly disposed of.


Light bulbs are important for your RV and Motorhome. It is also important that you choose the right ones and install them properly. Purchase your bulbs from a reliable store and follow the tips here dutifully. 

Last Updated on November 18, 2020


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