Thompson Center Compass Vs. Ruger American

Thompson Center Compass Vs. Ruger American: The Differences!

Thanks to advances in manufacturing techniques, it’s relatively simple for firearm enthusiasts to acquire quality guns at reasonable costs. In the market of bolt action rifles, Thompson Center Compass and Ruger American are prime examples of good weapons that come along budget-friendly prices. But while they share some common traits here and there, the Compass and the Ruger, in essence, have distinct characteristics. Hence, a popular question pops up from time to time: Thompson Center Compass vs. Ruger American, which one is superior? 

So you are long attracted to these particular rifles and wish to know just how they differ from each other before deciding what to buy? Then the following information shall be all you need you to make a wise investment.

Note: This article only covers the basic setup of the rifles (factory setting) which mean it excludes all aftermarket modifications.  Accessories such as optics, slings and others could be adapted base on your own preference


Brief Rundown Of The Guns

To properly approach the issue of Thompson Center Compass vs. Ruger American, you must have thorough understandings of the guns. Here are a couple of things that people always have to keep in mind about the Compass and the Ruger.

1. Thompson Center Compass

thompson center compass


Specifically designed to deliver feature-rich experiences at an economical price, Thompson Center Compass is held in high regard by a lot of shooters nowadays. Rugged, robust and reliable, the rifle performs admirably in multiple roles from hunting in the woods to long range plinking. About configuration, the brand offer to customers 2 options of barrel length ( 22″ and 24″), 4 options of rate of twist ( 1:12, 1:10, 1:9 and 1:8) and more than 10 option of caliber (.30-06 Springfield, 7mm-08 Remington, .223 Remington/5.56×45mm NATO,…)

2. Ruger American

ruger american rifle

Versatile, dependable and high performance, Ruger American is a straightforward no-nonsense rifle that everyone could out to good use. Because of its extremely ergonomic profile, the Ruger possesses excellent handling which is a major plus for people that want to get a forgiving weapon. Regarding configuration, the manufacturer presents you a lot of options in term of barrel length, rate of twist and caliber. Hence, people looking for a bolt action rifle would likely find what they need in a model of Ruger American.

Differences Between The Guns: Analysis

To figure out who comes out on top in the Thompson Center Compass vs Ruger American comparison, it’s necessary to check out the features. Both rifles employ a couple of standard features for modern day bolt action rifles but they boast some unique attributes.

1. Thompson Center Compass

Burris Eliminator and TC Compass 4

  • Attachments-Compatible Factory-Threaded Muzzle: Shooters that have a thing for flash hiders, muzzle breaks and silencers shall definitely enjoy the fact that the Compass incorporates a handy threaded muzzle. That feature allows the use of a wide variety of attachment without requiring gunsmith work. Needless to say, it’s a good idea to make sure that you don’t violate the local regulations by mistake so remember to check out the rule of muzzle attachments in your place first.
  • Deformation-Reduced 5R Barrel Rifling: Bullet deformation is one of the top issues that impair the shooting accuracy and Thompson Center Compass handle that skillfully. Instead of usual sharp edges, the 5R rifling of the Compass uses slightly round grooves which lead to minimal deformation. Another benefit that the rifling offers is much less fouling build-up so you are able to shoot for long periods of times between cleaning. That being said, you should nonetheless use non-corrosive ammunition.
  • Textured Stock For More Grip: Made from composite material, the stock of Thompson Center Compass is quite light but still feels solid in the hands. The surface of the rifle stock contains a series of grip patterns that allow you to get a hold of the rifle at all times. For most of the time, the patterns prove aggressive enough to work with thick gloves. On the rear of the stock is a soft rubber pad to help you handle the kickback of the shots.

2. Ruger American

ruger american

  • Power Bedding Integral Block System: To optimize the precision on the field, Ruger American employs the Power Bedding block system that free float the barrel. Thanks to that, it’s a breeze hit targets times and again without having to worry about potential stress deformation. Furthermore, the presence of the block system considerably lengthens the life of the stock on average by clamping down friction.
  • Easy-To-Actuate Tang Safety: Most rifles place the safety on the receiver but in Ruger American, the safety lies right on the trigger housing just behind the cocking indicator. As a result, average shooters should be able to get the Ruger ready to fire at a moment’s notice. Considering the fact that the safety would not lock the action once engaged, it’s possible to for you reload while leaving the safety on. After you move the safety to “safe”, you are going to hear an audible click. However, you could push the safety of the Ruger to “fire” without making a sound.
  • Fixed/Adjustable Length Of Pull: In case you don’t know, length of pull is the distance between the rear end of the stock and the middle of the trigger. To shooters, length of pull determines the level of wielding comfort in addition to the overall accuracy of the shots. The majority of Ruger American models feature fixed length of pull but some permit modifications. Because of that, in the case you want to have a degree of liberty at adjusting the length of pull of your rifle, the Ruger is surely a good buy.

Final Word: Each Rifle Possesses Its Own Pros And Cons

All things considered, Thompson Center Compass vs. Ruger American is a rather difficult match up as both have excellent qualities. For their prices, the Compass as well as the Ruger offers a lot of value. But once you get to know the many differences between the rifles then it’s fairly easy to deduce the right gun for your needs. Take all aspects of your shooting into account then TC Compass vs Ruger American would be a straightforward issue.

Last Updated on May 23, 2019

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