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Things to Consider When Going On RV Camping

RV camping is becoming popular day by day. What’s better than taking all the stuff you require including almost everything from the mattress to kettles, and going on camping to your favorite place? Yes! No worries of any flights, home or food. You have all you need and enjoyment is just some time away from finding the right spot. Nothing is better than experiencing your own trip in your way where everything is according to your plans exactly. The freedom and mobility that an RV trip provides are incomparable.

Before going on an RV camping trip, you have to take care of a lot of things. Starting from food till the bathroom, you have to take everything along with you to make your trip is successful. Here are some of the things you have to take into consideration when going for RV camping.


Picking the right spot

The first step to going on camping is picking the correct spot. You have to do full research on the area and make sure it’s safe for you to camp on. Make sure that the specific site fulfills your needs and is easily reachable. It is advised to not go for any remote areas and places where people do not go often. Make sure there are people living near, in case you are planning to go to any far areas. Always make sure that the area you are planning to camp on is easily reachable in terms of help. You never know when an emergency situation shows up, so always be prepared.

Keep a watch on the campfire

Every year, hundreds of people face deadly, life-threatening consequences by leaving the campfire unattended. When going on an RV trip, a campfire is a necessity. It is advised to start a campfire in the evening and keep a watch on it. Never leave it unattended. Even if you have to go somewhere for a while, leave a person to keep an eye on the campfire. Fire spreads rapidly and can lead to serious situations. Take fire extinguishers along too, in case of any emergency.

Store your food properly

You don’t want to attract any animals by leaving any food outside. Animals can get attracted and follow the smell of food. This could result in a sudden attack from an animal. Make sure to keep all the food sealed and stored in your RV. Do not leave any half-eaten food outside or throw it away. Keep a dustbin inside your RV to discard any food items. This will ensure your safety and will keep all your food out of the reach.

Take iodine tablets along

Although everyone takes sufficient water along when going on an RV camping, there are certain situations when you are short of clean water. Imagine you are hiking and go miles away. You are short of water and all you have now is the water form stream or a river nearby. No matter how crystal clear the water may look, it’s never clean and pure. You either have to boil it or filter it or use iodine tablets to minimize the impurities. Boiling and filtering wouldn’t be possible for you so all you can do is to take iodine tablets along. By treating the water with iodine tablets, it’s clean enough for you to drink it.  

Take pest control treatment along

It’s no denial to the fact that pests are almost everywhere especially when it comes to open sites. Pests can be a cause of major disturbance to your camping. They can get into our foodstuff, potentially sting you which could be fatal and they can get into your electrical appliances affecting their working. It is advised to take a pest control treatment along so that you enjoy your trip to the fullest without having to worry about any attack from the pests. Native Shield provides the best organic pest control treatment to get rid of all the little unwelcomed guests from spoiling your trip. Most of the treatments are organic, so they do not cause any harm to the environment. In this way you make sure you have done all on your side to make the most out of your trip.

Put the tent properly

It’s no shame if you do not know how to put up a tent, nor there should be any hesitation in asking how to. If you are buying a tent from a specific shop, ask the shopkeeper in detail about putting up a tent. You can practice at your home too and search on YouTube as well. Hundreds of videos are available on YouTube showing the procedure of putting up a tent. New tents nowadays are very easy to put up. Make sure you have put up a tent at least once before going on camping.


Make sure you have all the necessary items for cooking. Grill gate and cast iron cookware are some of the things that are a must. You can really make use of your campfire to make some of the most delicious foods at the camp. It really feels amazing when you have all the luxuries along on the RV. It literally feels like home if you make sure that you take along all the necessary items.

Take care of all these things and ensure that you have a safe and funfilled camping!

Last Updated on August 28, 2020

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