Suburban RV Hot Water Heater Won’t Light: Causes And Solutions

Traveling is a passion that can lead people to unknown places! When camping out in the wild with an RV on your side, having a bath in hot water is a pleasure beyond words. It is a facility that makes you feel homey and relaxed. The picture looks perfect, but what if your Suburban RV hot water heater won’t light? Do you know where to look and how to fix it? If no, then reading on, could help you survive in secluded places.


Why Suburban RV hot water heater won’t Light?

Suburban is a brand that always delivers quality products, such as its line of RV water heaters. In the end, it all machinery, and is likely to wary out with time or owing to an internal malfunction. Read on to what could have gone wrong and the corresponding Suburban RV hot water heater troubleshooting.

1. The Inlet Of Air

If air manages to enter the LP or the liquid propane lines, it becomes a hindrance to the water heater, and it won’t light. To detect whether it is the air causing the problem, light the stove burners, and consequently switch on the RV water heater. In case, the hot heater starts, you could conclude that air entrance is causing the real issue.

Solution: You would have to bleed the air out when Suburban RV hot water heater won’t light. Purging the heater tank is the perfect solution for getting rid of air intrusions. Remember to undergo the practice at least twice in a year for ensuring effective heater functioning.

Things to observe suburban RV hot water heater won’t light
Causes about suburban RV hot water heater won’t light

2. A Mere Bad Connection

Sometimes, one misses seeing the simple things that may be causing the RV water heater from lighting. There may be a case when you switch “ON” the hot heater connection, but the heater indicator won’t light. This could be due to a poor connection between the electric PC board and the plug.

Solution: All you need to do is; unplug the RV hot heater plug from the electric board, and then plug it again, making a tight connection. Maybe, things work out this time. If it does not work, you would have to check the wiring of the water heater and the connection of the PC board.

3. Choked-Up Burner Tube

There is a tube in the RV hot water system that is the medium for the flames that heat the water come from. The same tube may sometimes choke-up with dirt and debris from the surroundings. There could be possible chances of a spider entering the tube system too. The blocked passage hinders propane from getting to the igniter. Thus it will not light!

Solution: You could make use of compressed air to blow out the tube so that all the impurities force out with pressure. The best thing would be to blow out the chamber partition as well, for ensuring effective cleaning.

Truth about suburban RV hot water heater won’t light
Reason for suburban RV hot water heater won’t light

The Final Words

These are the three major causes behind why suburban RV hot water heater won’t light. Home is where you park your RV! If your home has no one but you around, the mentioned solutions could help you big time.

Last Updated on November 24, 2018

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