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Should You Bring a Car Seat When Traveling with Kids?

Interestingly, traveling with car seats remains a contentious issue for most parents. While most parents appreciate the importance of having a car seat when traveling with their toddlers, there’s a lot of debate and indecisiveness over how they should be used, how to choose the best products, and the best time to switch to different models.

You can begin by purchasing a quality car seat from Diono. You should then debate the following questions to determine if you should bring your car seat when going on holiday.


Where You are Going and What You’ll Be Doing

Your travel destination and itinerary significantly influence whether you should bring a car seat or not. The following questions can help you evaluate the decision:

  • Will you be traveling in your vehicle often?
  • Will you spend most of your time in one place?
  • What activities do you participate in during the trip?
  • How will you commute between various activities and attractions? Will you walk, use a bus, car, or train?

If you’ve booked an all-inclusive hotel, chances are you won’t need the car seat much. However, this also depends on the age of your kids. Most travel companies offer vacation packages inclusive of airport transfers. You won’t need a car seat if you are accompanied by young kids. However, you’ll need a seat for infants and toddlers.

Will You Use Taxis or Ride Share Apps?

You should bring your car seat if you use taxis or ride share apps during your trip. While private transfer facilities may offer car seats free of charge, taxis and ride-sharing drivers don’t have available car seats. Even if you inform the taxi company in advance, you can’t be sure of the safety and cleanliness of the car seat.

You should consider the availability of an appropriately sized car seat for your kid. There are no one-size fits all car seats, and taxis rarely have plenty of models to choose from. Carry your car seat to avoid struggling with under or oversized seats.

Will You Be Traveling By Air?

Most airlines encourage parents to bring their car seats on the plane. The Federal Aviation Administration and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that toddlers and young kids should travel in FEE-approved car seats on planes. If you should take some plane rides to reach your destination, don’t hesitate to bring your car seat.

Fortunately, most airlines don’t charge fees to check car seats for those traveling with kids. You should check the car seat at the baggage counter or the gate. However, you don’t need a ticket for babies under two years, and you’ll have to hold your toddler on your lap. You can pack your car seat as part of the luggage.


Deciding if you should bring your car seat when traveling with kids is daunting. You should evaluate several factors to maximize your baby’s safety. If your trip is solely on the road, your kid should ride in a car seat. However, if you are traveling to far destinations, your travel itinerary, mode of transport, and planned activities will determine whether you need a car seat.

Last Updated on July 19, 2022

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