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10 Mind-Blowing RV Hacks To Make You A Happy Camper (Two Bonus!)

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Camping is a traditional activity for most American families. Whether with the family or alone, a great number of people hit the road in a camper and enjoy the fun, thrill, and adventure that come along the way. However, one problem of camping with your family in a camp trailer is the limited space. For this reason, you must resort to some crafty RV hacks to make the available space more functional and the camping experience more convenient and delightful.

10 Crafty RV Hacks to Enhance the Camping Experience

RV camping is a huge family experience where you can spend quality time with each other. Some people even choose full-time RV-ing, traveling from one state to another one. Nonetheless, you have to find ways to things differently in a camper because it does not have as much space and many facilities as a home. These RV camping hacks will save you from having a hard time on the road.

1# Use the shoe rack.

Camper hacks
Shoe holders can keep small items organized.

You can utilize the shoe rack not only for storing the shoes but also plenty of other small items. It could be one of your ultimate RV organization hacks as you can hand one over the shower curtain rod for holding the toiletries.
Another way to use shoe holders is to cut them after every layer of pockets and wire the upper edge of each layer with a strong wire or cord. Set them around the bed frame and keep whatever you want. They can hold shoes, toys, and other small items.

2# Press and seal the cups.

RV camping tips
The wrap will reduce the drink spills.

What causes one of the most annoying messes when traveling? Spills of drinks. The Press’n Seal Wrap can minimize the spill rate and save you from tedious cleaning work. Just wrap it around the open face of the cup, make a hole in the middle, and use a straw to suck the drink. However, you can apply it only for cold drinks because it’s not possible to suck hot coffee with a straw.

3# The clever use of command hooks.

RV camping hacks
Use command hooks for no-drill hanging.

Command hooks should be in any RV life hacks list as they are the best solution when you need to hang something without drilling holes into a frame. Whether you need to hang a shower caddy in the bath or a temporary curtain to create a separate section in the camper, the hooks will hold up everything.

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4# DIY tank cleaner

RV life hacks
The solution will keep the toilet clean and odor-free.

You surely don’t want to mess with the toilets when you have to travel with it! But, toilets are a hassle to clean and the reek seems to be a real headache in a small place like the camper. Well, this DIY solution is one of the most effective RV hacks for cleaning the toilets.

Mix a cup of laundry detergent (which has borax in it) with ½ cup of a water softener. The detergent will fight the odor while the softener won’t let the waste to stick onto the waste tank’s wall.

5# Keep a dry erase board.

RV hacks
Dry erase board has multiple functions.

A dry erase board is a multifunctional tool as you can use it for various purposes. Hang it in the kitchen and write the week’s menu or the cleaning tasks for everyone on it. Also, you can write down the campground’s name, address, phone number, spot number, and other necessary information on it in case you need them in an emergency.

6# Boost the Wi-Fi signal

rv hacks
The booster will strengthen the signal.

This is one of the camper hacks that every social media and internet-addicted camper will welcome with open arms. Most of the campsite gives access to Wi-Fi but you won’t get a good signal at every spot. A Wi-Fi reception booster (which is nothing more than a $20 fix) will fix this problem and enhance the signal.

7# Updating the floor on a budget.

travel trailer hacks
Vinyl tiles are inexpensive but looks like hardwood.

The RV floors are too generic and almost everyone will want to update it with something that looks nice and lasts for a long time. But, RV hacks for floor updates are expensive and not every material is suitable for the camper floor.

Installing vinyl tiles is one of the best travel trailer hacks for updating the floor on a budget. These are inexpensive but looks beautiful. Also, they are pre-glued (for easy installation), easy to cut down into convenient sizes, and water-resistant.

8# Non-slip liner for the glass items.

Rv tips and hacks
The liner will protect the glass items.

Traveling in a vehicle is not good news for glass materials. It won’t take long for your cabinetry to turn into a dishware graveyard if you are not careful. The RV camping tips for saving the glass items during bumpy road trips are to keep them in steel holders or line the shelves with non-slip liner.

9# Increase safety with dark-glow tape.

rv hacks
Glow tape will minimize some safety concerns.

There will always be a clumsy member in every family who trips over everything. Help him/her by using neon-colored or glowing tape to mark the stair steps and other potentially trip-trap areas. It will also help others to be careful around these places in the dark.

10# Cheap solution for annoying wasps.

RV hacks
Flea collars will keep away wasps.

Most RVers use propane stove and heater but the smell of the chemical ingredient attracts a dangerous insect – wasp! One of the simplest RV hacks to keep them away is to use dog flea collars. Cut up a few collars into several pieces and place them in different areas, especially the places where you keep the propane stove or heater.


Bonus 1# Save your free condiments.

rv organization hacks
Your prized possessions will be in order!

Who does not love to get free condiments? But, those small packets create a mess in your refrigerator or cabinet drawer. Keep them in a small container or tie several packets together with rubber bands.

Bonus 2# Trick for hanging the blackout curtains.

RV hacks
Enjoy a sound sleep with the blackout curtain trick.

Blackout curtains are a must-have for a travel trailer. So, any tip about them is definitely one of the best RV hacks you can expect in a list. The curtains come handy when you need a completely dark bedroom after a long journey. Instead of hanging them from a separate hanging rod, you can Velcro them to your existing curtains.

Applying these RV tips and hacks will allow you to enjoy an RV camping experience with a hitch. These will make the life of all the members easier and reduce the stress of long journeys.

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