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Top 5 RV Camping Spots in the States

There is no better country in the world to go on an RV camping trip than the United States. The RV industry has long been associated with America, it’s a very popular choice for family vacations and it makes a lot of sense why.

The United States is kind of like fifty different countries in one. Every state has a different history, a different culture and its own distinct landscape and there are interesting and unique sights in all of them.

Realistically, you could ride around one state in an RV for a week and still not experience all the value that said state has to offer. And that’s just one fiftieth of the entire country. No matter where you go in the States, you can have a memorable RV trip.

In one sense, the sheer amount of opportunity is an awesome thing, but this can also make it difficult to decide where to go. So much to see and only so much time. So to help you make that decision, let’s look at the five top RV camping spots in the U.S right now:


Yellowstone Grizzly Park, Montana

The massive Yellowstone National Park which stretches across Idaho, Montana and Wyoming was actually the first national park opened in the United States, all the way back in the 1870s, and remains one of the most popular ones today.

Featuring all kinds of natural wonders ranging from huge canyons, to sprawling lush forests, alpine rivers and of course, what Yellowstone is perhaps most famous for, the hot springs and geysers. 

There are numerous RV parks in Yellowstone but the best one is Grizzly park in the Montana portion. In this park you’ll be surrounded by aspen and lodgepole pine trees so it’s a beautiful area and the facilities are unmatched.

Hot showers, cable TV, water and sewage hookups, the drive-throughs are wide enough to accommodate even the largest rgis and there is more than enough space in each site for slide out awnings. There’s also a couple of stores as well as a laundry area too.

Grand Canyon Village, Arizona

Much like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon is one of the most well-known and popular sights in America and it’s one that most definitely lives up to the hype. You cannot fully appreciate the sheer scope of the canyon until you’ve seen it in person.

The Trailer Village park is within walking distance of the south rim of the canyon and it’s perfect for vehicles up to fifty feet long. A Grand Canyon National Park pass will be included in the accommodation fee for the park so you are free to see everything if you stay here.

In addition to as much access as you could possibly want in viewing the canyon, if you stay in this camp you will also get daily breakfast in the Yavapai Lodge restaurant, which has a large variety of choices on its menu. 

Zion River Resort, Utah

If what you’re looking for is a place to be able to park your RV and then get out and then get out and do some hiking and camping, then the Zion River Resort in Utah will be a great stop to include on your trip.

About 13 miles from the park’s southern entrance, this spot has concrete parking spots which can fit massive rigs, there are grills, there’s also a pool and a sauna and daily shuttle which will take you to the heart of the park.

Here you’ve got easy access to do some real, old-fashioned camping and head out into the beautiful landscapes around the Virgin River. Outdoor camping is of course a completely different beast to tripping around in an RV, so make sure you know what you’re doing.

Know how to set up a tent, how to keep warm even if you don’t have electricity and how to stay safe and you should be good to give this a shot.

Wanderlust, Arkansas

Arkansas has the nickname of the Natural State for a good reason. It’s a state that has no shortage of natural beauty. With sprawling forests, a huge variety of different kinds of trees and flowers and over 600,000 acres of natural lakes

This particular campsite is located not too far from the city of Eureka Springs, which is a town that’s notorious for its Victorian architecture and from your camping spot you will overlook a massive, scenic valley which displays the natural beauty of Arkansas in its truest form.

This is a really chill place to camp for a while, there’s almost 50 acres of picnic areas under the cover of trees as well as a swimming pool, plenty of electricity and sewage access and also a number of firepits to relax around during the evenings. 

West Haven Park & Campground, Pennsylvania

We’ve covered a lot of the South and the West up to now, which is mainly because a lot of the more camp-friendly climate is out that way, but the East has a lot to show for itself too, and perhaps the best RV campsite in the East is this one in Fairview, Pennsylvania.

West Haven Park is on the shores of Lake Erie and there is plenty of stuff for you and your family to do. You can check out the lake of course, there are a few nice hiking trails nearby and you’re not too far from Presque Isle State Park. 

The general feeling that people have is that this is a quiet and homely atmosphere. The picnic tables, fire pits, well-stocked fishing pond and the pool area are all helpful in achieving that effect. 

I think it would probably be impossible for anybody to experience everything that RV camping has to offer in the United States, but these five spots are all excellent choices. With these you get a variety of different environments, each of which have their own joys on offer. 

Last Updated on April 23, 2021

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