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RV Armor: RV Roof Sealing Service Reviews

Re-roofing is traditionally one the most tedious and time-consuming maintenance tasks that all RVers have to carry out every once in a while. Recently, thanks to advances in technology, there are a couple of ways to accomplish a re-roofing project without wasting too much time and effort. Among them, RV Armor manages to attract a huge number of clients and insurance carriers because of its superior performance. Most RV Armor reviews and feedbacks indicate a relatively high level of satisfaction as well.


What You Must Know About RV Armor And Its Service

As your RV is an expensive investment, you have to consider everything before moving forward with a re-roofing project. In the case you are unable to make up your mind, the RV Armor reviews below would be of use.

1. The Roofing Material

RV Armor is a single component high-performance liquid polymer that could be applied on pretty much every RV roof. It’s waterproof, UV resistant and holds up well against a wide variety of abrasive elements exist in the outdoors. In addition to that, the high tensile strength of RV Armor allows it to handle harsh weathers and unforgiving elements. While it possesses excellent durability, the flexibility of RV Armor is quite commendable as well. Featuring an elongation of 830%, RV Armor could be twisted and turned without suffering permanent damages.   

Since liquid polymers are light, RV Armor should add less than 100 pounds of weight to the roof of your RV. As a result, the effects of RV Armor on the roof and the vehicle chassis are considered to be negligible. Due to the presence of UV stabilizer, RV Armor is a reflective material and it’s capable of reducing the interior temperature to some extent. In the long run, using RV Armor would let you cut down on A/C expenses and save a lot of money in the process. Aside from that, some RV Armor reviews claim that the polymer could also reduce noise.

Compare to other roofing materials on the market, RV Armor requires no additional maintenance procedures such as caulking, re-sealing, …Therefore, once the polymer set in, there is nothing else to do besides enjoying the new roof of your vehicle. Couple with the reasonable acquisition cost, RV Armor is held in high regard by many because of its cost-effectiveness. You would have a hard time finding another roofing material that performs better than RV Armor in the economic aspect.

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2. The Service

A large number of RV Armor reviews are pleased with the highly trained and responsive technicians provided by the brand. They all follow strict and specific procedures which is why RV Armor earns its reputation as a dependable roofing service. While RV Armor is based out of Florida, you could gain access to its service anywhere in the continental USA. The availability of RV Armor service is guaranteed through a network of employees and technicians stationed all over the country. For most of the time, RV Armor could be applied outdoors or indoors, at a campground or by your driveway.

3. The Warranty Terms And Policies

Each RV Armor-protected roof is backed with an attractive lifetime material and labor warranty. The RV Armor warranty is non-prorated, transferable and tracked by the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your recreational vehicle. Generally speaking, the warranty would remain in effect for as long as the vehicle last. Escape clauses, fine print and so on are not present in the warranty so you have nothing to worry about. All things considered, RV Armor provided its users with some of the best warranty terms and policies on the market.

RV Armor Service

Frequently Asked Questions About RV Armor Service

“What kind of roof material is compatible with RV Armor?”

RV Armor could be applied to essentially all materials used to construct RV roofs such as metal, wood, fiberglass, rubber,…

“What is the expected lifetime of ordinary RV Armor layers?”

Generally, RV Armor should be able to protect your RV roof and keep it from harm for the next 20 – 30 years. Nonetheless, it’s likely that the longevity and durability of the layer would vary a bit from case to case.

‘What is a transferable warranty?”

The RV Armor warranty is called transferable because it’s still valid if the vehicle is sold to other people. In many cases, the re-sale value of your recreational vehicle would increase due to the RV Armor transferable warranty.  

“How long does it take for RV Armor to cure?”

Given the fact that RV Armor is a multi-layer material, the brand technicians have to apply it in stages

In most of the case, the application would take around 2 – 3 days in order to complete.

“Is it possible to apply RV Armor on my own?”

Unfortunately, applying RV Armor to RV roof is not a DIY task by any stretch. The material needs to be handled and applied by qualified personnel to achieve maximum effectiveness.

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