Road Tripping and Shooting with iPhone

Quick Guide to Road Tripping and Shooting with iPhone

There are a lot of you would agree with me that iPhone is an such amazing and convenient camera for landscape photography. The latest smart phone from Apple – iPhone XS recently launched this year has had modest upgrades on the camera capabilities which really enhance the images taken. And it’s actually easy to take stunning pictures with even the iPhone 5S. Because of this, you now can have beautiful landscape photo taken during your road trips by only an iPhone and share them promptly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In this article, we will show you some useful tips save all road trip memories with beautiful images taken by an iPhone. Let’s go!


Tip 1: Plan to be in the most beautiful places at sunrise/sunset

When planning a road trip, we naturally think of our route, what we’ll eat, what we’ll see, where we’ll stay for the night etc… but don’t forget to consider the sunlight. If you can, plan to be in the prettiest spots in the first or last couple hours of daylight… this is when the sunlight is warm and golden and the landscapes will look their best!

This one simple effort will make a massive impact on the quality of your pictures!

sunset photography
Find you a sweet spot to take beautiful sunrire or sunset pictures – Shot on iPhone XS – Zion National Park


Tip 2: ABC (always be charging)

Nothing like a day full of traveling, only to arrive at your beautiful destination with a dead iPhone! Keep your battery charged throughout the day to ensure you’ve got plenty of juice to take pictures when it matters most.

Pro Tip: Use the iPhone’s Low Power Mode to conserve power through out the day. To do this, just ask Siri to “Turn on Low Power mode.”

I won’t like the warning your battery being low! (Shot on iPhone X – Redwoods)


Tip 3: Talk to the locals and the rangers

One of the best things you can possibly do is talk to the people around you, especially the rangers… not only do they know the park incredibly well, they also know the latest news, safety information, what roads are open/closed and they’re passionate about helping people like you experience the beautiful world around you.

Arches National Park
Talk to the people around you (Shot on iPhone XS – Arches National Park)

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Tip 4: Get a great group photo using Apple Watch.

One of my favorite features of the Apple Watch is it’s ability to remotely view and trigger the camera on your iPhone. Simply open the Camera app on your Apple Watch and it will connect to your synced Apple Watch… you can even preview what your iPhone camera sees on your Watch!

Tip: You could just prop your iPhone on a rock but it’s much better to have a small lightweight tripod for your iPhone instead… I love the Ultrapod II + Studio Neat Glif (I’ve used nearly all the iPhone tripod solutions and this is by far the best.)


Tip 5: Adjust your exposure

Sometimes a picture may appear too bright or dark on your iPhone screen… there’s a couple of simple ways to make adjustments. Start by tapping the area of the screen that is most important… when you do this, the iPhone will focus and adjust exposure for the area you tapped.

Pro Tip: If you still want more control, touch-and-slide your finger up or down… this will brighten/darken your picture so it looks exactly how you want it.

Airstream Basecamp Fall Nature Trees Roadway Roadtrip Highway (Shot on iPhone XS – Aspen, Colorado)


Tip 6: Put down your camera and enjoy the beauty

It’s easy to get so caught up in the pursuit of that perfect picture that you miss the beauty around you. Don’t forget to slow down and put your camera away to just be still and soak it in.

Zion National Park
Do not forget to enjoy the scenery landscape around! – Shot on iPhone XS – Zion National Park

Top 3 Roadtrip Accessories for iPhone Photographers

  1. Ultrapod II + Studio Neat Glif Best iPhone tripod and is great for group photos, low-light pictures and time-lapses
  2. Anker Battery Backup Small & light battery backup, great for longer hikes.
  3. Anker 6FT Lightning iPhone Charger Cord Extra long Lightning Charging cables come in handy.

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Last Updated on October 12, 2018

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