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Keep These Facts In Mind When Renovating Your Old RV

It’s easy to become sentimental over an RV and to get excited every time the covers are removed. After all, it’s your second home and it will have been a source of many pleasant memories. Because of this, you may be reluctant to replace it with a new one when it becomes a little old and tired. Many people can’t afford to buy a new model anyway. 

It’s popular for some folk to opt for a renovation, and it can often prove to be a joy rather than an inconvenience. There’s the chance to make the RV more pleasing to the eye and to increase its functionality. In turn, this may give it a new lease of life. If this strikes a chord with you and you are preparing to renovate your vehicle, here’s a helpful list of things you need to consider.


The Comfort Levels Could Be Enhanced 

If you increase the seating/sleeping capacity, it could make it easier to sell later on. We’ve all seen people who own sofa beds that serve two different functions. If the new floor plan allows it, you could install new bench seats that can become beds only when you need them. 

If your mattresses are getting old they will be less comfortable for everyone at night. If you’re considering replacements you can find helpful advice on specialist websites, and details of the sizes and dimensions to ensure they match your floor plans. Before you buy, it’s possible to view anything from twin to XL, full to queen-size mattresses online. 

Create A Budget And Stick To It

In reality, few practical projects end up safely within budget. It literally pays to put aside more money than you expect to use. Think about the work you want to have done and itemize each thing financially. This would need to include things like new furniture, appliances, and auto parts as well as decorating equipment. If someone is going to do some of the work for you, obtain at least three quotes and then include the labor costs in your budget. 

Whilst many people take out loans for this purpose you would be wiser to only do what you can afford. If you create a game plan, you can do one thing at a time as finance dictates. Whilst it may be cheaper renovating your RV than buying a new one, you’ll need to consider all the possibilities: If you bought another secondhand RV it could save you needing to do all this work.  

You Need A Strategy

In order to fully know what you’re going to do, it’s important to go through the RV with a fine-tooth comb. If necessary, get a professional to do the audit and price everything up for you. Once you have the proposed changes and the prices are in front of you, you’ll need to prioritize everything from one to ten. 

There may be no point in installing furniture if the floor will need to come up. You may also need to delay the new carpets until the painting has been done. The more fragile changes should only be done at the end once the mess and dust have settled. 

Think About The Flooring

If the carpet is aging, it may be dull, threadbare, and emitting odors. Whilst it’s ok to use carpet shampoo in a house, you should only dry clean carpets in an RV, to protect the floor. 

If you’re going for something new, you don’t only need to consider carpets. You could use vinyl that is stuck down, and even buy products that resemble wooden planks in shape and appearance. You could also check out laminate or linoleum as a practical alternative. If finances are limited, a good choice of the rug may be a cheap way of freshening up the decor. 

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Replace The Curtains

The old ones may have become grubby and dull. If you make your own or buy some new ones, it could help transform the area. 

People generally sleep better and longer at home if the rooms are dark. If you’re on holiday with young children this may be even more important! Blackout fabric behind the curtains is a great way of keeping the sunrise at bay.  

Tackle The Walls  

Just as many homeowners paint over their wallpaper to save time and hassle, you could do the same. Be sure that the paper is fully stuck down at the edges before you start, and then use a double coat of paint. 

If you remove the old wallpaper, be sure that the walls are clean before you add latex-based paint. If there are areas that frequently come in human contact it’s worth protecting them with semi-gloss or satin paint.

Practical Improvements

The more you can create a blank canvas before you start, the better; this way you can maximize the space you have available. It’s good to learn from fitted bathrooms and kitchens and to consider how recesses and alcoves can be turned into cupboards or bespoke shelving. If you do the same in your RV you will remove the potential dead space. 

When it comes to storage and decluttering, think about adding shelves or utilizing the empty space under benches. Use multipurpose equipment and buy items that are scaled-down in size wherever purpose. If tables and chairs are foldable they can be stacked away when not required. You may be able to upcycle a few existing items or reupholster the fabrics on your furniture to save money too. 

If you bought a new RV it would come with warranties and feature all the latest gadgetry, as well as saving you all this work. You may be up for a challenge, however, and want something to get your teeth into. If this is the case, be sure you’ll have the people to do the jobs that you can’t do, and check that you’ll be able to insure the amended vehicle. If you renovate your CV it may pave the way for several more years of happy motoring, and all the joy that such vacations can bring.

Last Updated on June 3, 2021

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