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9 Most Popular Myths about RVs Debunked

The buzz about recreational vehicles is spreading and RVing has become a way of life for many people. However, plenty of people cannot muster up the courage to squeeze their home into an RV and start an adventurous life. Why? Due to the myths about RVs and the lifestyle they offer! There are many popular beliefs and outdated assumptions that lead people making unfavorable and inaccurate perceptions of RV experiences.


The Most Popular Myths about RVs Debunked

Are all the popular beliefs and myths about RVs are false? Well, a few of them are correct but the rest is simply an exaggeration. Let’s take a look at some of the myths that are based on false perceptions and that act as big turn-offs to the aspiring RVers.

1# RVs are expensive.

Partly true. Yes, you can shed million dollars for an RV just like you can choose a super-luxurious Porsche Panamera or an Audi A8 over a Ford Fiesta. The truth is there are plenty of budget options at various sizes and configurations. The additional benefits are:

  • You can always rent if you are a part-time RVer. You will get to choose from a wide array of vehicles within your budget range.
  • There are lots of financing options if you want to purchase a vehicle. You can even secure an RV loan at a competitive rate.
  • The resale value is very high. The only difference between the purchase price and the current value is the running capital cost.

2# RV driving requires special driving skills.

You may need a special driver’s license and training too for driving Class-A and fifth-wheel trailer in some states. However, there’s no need to have a professional bus or truck driving experience.

myths about RVs

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The adjustment to driving something new may take a while but it’s not difficult. Practice in an empty lot for a couple of days to get the hang of it. Stick to small road trips at the beginning and then switch to the longer versions when you feel confident.

3# Maintenance is costly.

It’s nothing more than you spend for a standard car. Most of the times, it’s nothing more than one oil change and filter replacements per year. The diesel engine requires a larger quantity of oil but the bigger oil change interval – 15 to 20 thousand miles – makes up for that.

The yearly winterizing is an additional cost. Nonetheless, it’s an easy job that you can do by yourself or take the help of a local dealer.

4# Fuel consumption is high.

It’s true but not a major issue since it travels between three to a maximum six thousand miles per year, unlike your car that experiences more mileage. In addition, RVs come in various sizes. A unit that is small, lightweight won’t consume that much fuel. Automakers have also been working incessantly to improve weight and fuel efficiency.

5# It’s not possible to drive an RV in the city.

Most people prefer to park their vehicle in national parks and other natural destinations. Nonetheless, that does not mean that you can’t take it to the metropolitan areas. Any cities offer spate camps and parking space for these vehicles. Sometimes, private property owners also allow camping on their land for small fees. So, you can easily zip into a city for some fun and enjoy the nightlife and fine dining.

6# RVs are not comfortable.

One of the most prevalent myths about RVs is that they are uncomfortable. It’s normal for people to assume that living in a small space is discomforting. You have to constantly bump into things and cramp for space whether it’s for sleeping, relaxing, or doing the daily chores. Wrong!

RVs myths

Most RVs are comfortable. You can relax there just like you do on your bed at home. Some units are small, suitable for one or two persons. Buy a bigger one if you want to travel with your family.

7# RVs can’t be luxurious.

Another myth that needs to be busted! There are plenty of variations out there. There’s always an RV for you whether you need a budget unit or something that feels like a luxurious mini condo.

It’s possible to squeeze everything from walk-in closets to HD TVs. It’s no problem if you want to have freshly brewed espresso served in the breakfast, rest in a leather recliner during your reading break, or enjoy a full-size shower before going to bed.

Currently, the most expensive RV model on the market is the eleMMent Palazzo Superior (from Marchi Mobile) that sells for a whopping $3 million. It has plenty of deluxe features including radiant floor heating, a retractable Sky Lounge, and a spa with a glazed rainfall shower. So, if you want luxury in your RV, the sky is the only limit.

8# RVs are for retirees and older citizens.

It was true at the beginning but the RV craze has slowly been grasping the younger generations too. In fact, the millennials have greatly involved in the ‘hitting the road’ lifestyle in the recent years. They are one of the major consumer groups contributing to the growth of the $50 billion RV industry. So, only the older people use recreational vehicles is nothing but one of the many speculative RVs myths.

The RV life perfectly works for people who do freelance jobs or work from home. It is also suitable for the 9-to-5 followers who can use a short trip as a spontaneous getaway from the routine life. A lot of youngsters enjoy spending your interesting life on the road as fulltime RV’ers.

RV trips
RVs are suitable for short, family trips.

9# RVs are not suitable for small trips.

There are people who live on the road full-time or spend months driving their RVs from one place to another. But, the vehicles are just as useful for day trips too. They can be your campground for day-long events and festivals, perfect means of transportation for long weekends, and tailgating options at football games. You can just pack for a day and drive them to a nearby park or camping space with your family. Enjoy the campfire, BBQ, songs, and jokes and return home at night or the next morning.

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