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Mother’s Day Gifts: 20 Gift Ideas For Your Camping Mom

Mother’s Day is such an important day of the year to say thank you to the woman who gave you the gift of life? We know that you want to celebrate mom the right way, but that finding an unique gift for her can be an overwhelming task. If you have been brainstorming what to get your camping Mom this Mother’s Day, here are 20 perfect Mother’s Day gifts to send her a little surprise. Do not forget to say “I love you” when giving her the gift. Our Moms always want to here that!


1. Mugs

You can never go wrong with a camp mug of aluminum or stainless steel with your own personal message stamped or etched on the surface. Give her this meaningful cup on this Mother’s day and do not forget to tell her that how much you love her.

2. A Blade

A pocketknife is an essential tool for any number of things. Some of the greatest female friendly blades have design features like purple aluminum handles and locking liners that keep blades locked open or closed. That way there are no unexpected events that she can’t handle. This Kershaw Scallion will be here favorite gift.

3. Gloves

Whether you gift warm, winter wear or ultra-light protective gear, gloves are always appreciated for anyone who camps and hikes. And for ladies, there are even gloves with scent-controlling fabric because what gal doesn’t appreciate staying fresh? These Under Armour Womens Scent Control Liner Gloves could be a perfect gift for your mom.

4. Gaiters

No lady wants soggy ankles and toes. Get your avid hiker mom some femininely cool and award-winning purple gaiters. No more finding, these Outdoor Research Women’s Wrapid Gaiters will satisfy her well.

5. Hiking Shoes

Whether she loves strolling on easy day hikes or adventurous 5-day backpacking hikes, the right hiking shoe can make all the difference!

7. Socks

Keep mom’s feet blister free and comfortable. Give her the gift of socks. After all, it’s only fair because she has probably been keeping you stocked with socks for years. Your mom will definitely love these Darn Tough Vermont Socks.

8. Luxurious Seat

Give mom the best seat at the campfire with an easily compact folding chair. Ultra-light and easy to pack. She’ll love it. GCI Outdoor Pico Compact Folding Camp Chair will be a great choice to surprise her.

8. GPS

Give mom a navigational gift that can always be relied on, a good, handheld GPS.


9. Jewelry

Every gal loves a bit of bling. For a mom on the trail, her jewelry should be functional, like the latest trend in survival wristbands. These are toolkits for the wrist, a gift any outdoors-woman can appreciate.

10. Bling

And, while your at it, go ahead and get her a bit of outdoor enthusiast inspired bling.

11. Poncho

Nothing says snuggle like a fleece poncho. A variety of colors, styles and prices makes it easy to stay on budget yet get EXACTLY what suits mom.

12. Pure Water

Mom certainly works up a thirst on hikes. Make sure clean drinking water is close at hand with the gift of a hand-held water purifier.water purifying pen

13. Toiletry Kit

Ladies have certain essentials unique to their gender. With a hanging toiletry kit, those essentials stay handy, organized and, most of all, private. Select mom’s favorite color and contribute to happier hygiene.

14. No Rinse Shampoo

What does mom do with her bedhair on the trail? Her mane is easily managed with a product like dry shampoo. A refreshing spray-in cleanser with pleasing fragrance choices is a win for a mom-gift under 10 bucks

no rinse shampoo

15. Shades

Everyone needs the right eyewear for protection and safety. Give the gift of shade to mom.

eyewear for mother

16. Gal Rod

For mom’s who fish, a rod and reel will surely tickle her fancy. And you can certainly find a strikingly pink model for style as well as function. A range of prices for a variety of designs means you are sure to find one within your gift budget.

17. Happy Camper Gift Basket

Believe it or not, there are all kinds of little stuff a camper can never have too much of. Gift a grab bag of interesting things: the “Ultimate Camp Cooking” gift/cookbook loaded with humor and helpful camping tips, Wisconsin cheeses and beef summer sausage, ….

18. A Getaway

What better gift to give a camp mom than a pre-paid trip to her favorite outdoor destination?

georgia yurts

19. The Kayaker Kit

If mom finds her joy on the water, a kayaker safety kit is essential. In a single waterproof bag mom will find a bilge pump, alert whistle and paddle float.


20. Tees

A camping gal can never have enough T-shirts. She will be always happy to receive one more from you!

With great gift ideas like this, any mom who loves the great outdoors will know that you picked out a special gift just for her!

Last Updated on May 12, 2019

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