Living In A Pop Up Camper Full Time

Best Tips For Living In A Pop Up Camper Full Time

When it comes to living in a pop up camper full time, it’s obvious that everything would not be carefree and easy. While a life on the road sounds exciting, the lack of permanence and space could be troublesome, especially if you are new to camper world. So if you don’t prepare properly beforehand, you are going to run into a lot of issues that you could not solve. Fortunately, you may save yourself the hassle and learn how to deal with common camper life problems with the help of this article.  Here are a couple tips and tricks for full-time camper travel that you should keep in mind.


Top 5 Awesome Tips For Living In A Pop Up Camper Full Time


There is no way to bring everything you own with you, the camper could not accommodate all of them. Therefore, one of the tasks you have to perform before you start living in a pop up camper full time is downsizing.  The process could be time-consuming and tedious due to the number of items you accumulate over the year but it’s nonetheless necessary. Only take what you think that would be critical to your RV life and get rid of the rest. You could sell your stuff at a garage sale to make a quick buck or just donate them to charity, it’s entirely up to you. In general, downsizing offers you the first taste of the liberating sensation of your camper life.

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Plan ahead

In order for your travels to be comfortable and uneventful, you definitely need to have a well-thought plan

With a detailed and thorough plan, you are capable of avoiding most of the problems you could experience while traveling. For examples, figure out how long your propane stove is able to last or the battery longevity of your flashlight. Make some practice runs close to your home so you could see the way things turn out. Take note of any issues that need to be improved and adjust your camping plan accordingly. Increase the duration of the practice runs after each improvement to prepare yourself for living in a pop up camper full time.

Have a clear understanding of your camper

Every camper comes with a manual and you should spend some time getting to know your new friend on the road. Study the camper electrical arrangement, plumbing system and so on, you need to know your recreational vehicle inside out. In most of the case, you don’t have to be a master mechanic or a skilled electrician to figure out your camper operating principle. The knowledge you gain from doing this should aid you a lot if something breaks down when you are in the middle of nowhere. Patching leaks or replacing batteries are tasks that you must learn to perform by yourself if you consider living in a pop up camper full time.

Track your spending

If you cannot balance your budget and expense, it’s quite likely that your journey would not last for long. Living in a pop up camper full time requires a good amount of money so make sure to track your spending carefully. As a result, every time you buy something, remember to log the money you spent. Unless you happen to have an unlimited supply of cash, securing a steady job is one of the top priorities. In addition to that, keep an eye out for discount cards and passes, they could you cut down a lot of camping expenses.

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Pick up a hobby

It’s quite exhausting to spend all day traveling, sightseeing, blogging and alike so you really should think about picking up a hobby.  Whether it’s bicycling, running or making music, a hobby would be an excellent way to kill time and keep your life positive. Living in a pop up camper full time is not all about traveling from one campsite to the next, there is much more than that.

Some Tricks that Would Come in Handy on the Road

Ensure that you have access to a roadside assistance service

There are many things that could happen while you are traveling and roadside assistant is an excellent precaution. Two well known roadside assistants are Good Sam vs AAA, you should run across them every once in a while.  When you purchase a service plan from one of them, you could travel across the country without worry. They provide towing service and mechanic assistance which is really useful if your RV broke down all of a sudden.

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Secure an RV insurance package

Living in a pop up camper full time involves lots of dangers such accidents and thefts so it’s advised that you get an RV insurance. Similar to house insurance, RV insurance covers the value of your pop- up camper along with any personal belongings on board. There are many insurers and levels of coverage to choose from, pick one that suits you the most. There is also medical insurance in case you get sick as well.

Choose your campsite wisely

Not all campsites are the same, there are good places and bad places. Of course, it’s recommended that you stick with the good ones and online reviews could help you with that. Nonetheless, no matter how many reviews you read, you only know what you get for sure when you actually visit the place. Private campsites often offer better facilities and accommodations without limiting the amount of time you could stay. On the other hand, state campsites are cheaper but tend to limit the maximum length of stay to 14 days.  It’s all about taste and style here so you could try a bunch of places and see what match your preferences the most.


And that is pretty much everything you should know about living in a pop up camper full time, not too hard to absorb, right? The lifestyle gives you many opportunities to explore the world as well as challenges to overcome. With the help of the information, you should be able to enjoy your camper life to the fullest.

Last Updated on September 23, 2018

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