how to summer proof your RV

6 Ways to Summer-Proof Your RV

Camping out with your RV is fun, but you have to consider all the possible environmental factors that could affect your enjoyment of the summer months. Going out during the summer can be one of the ways you can maximize your RV experience, but the heat can also take its toll on you and your planned comfort. Make sure you take the necessary steps to summer-proof your RV. Here are some of the best ways you can ensure a pleasurable trip, even in the midst of extreme heat:


1. Ensure proper maintenance of your vehicle

Make sure that your RV goes in for routine checks and maintenance overhauls. Since this is a big vehicle that takes on a good number of people most of the time, it is especially important that you keep it in good shape so you are ready to travel. Your air-conditioning should be working well. Refrigerant or coolant levels should not be too low, and if they are, make sure to have professionals adjust this immediately. Air filters should also be clean of dust and debris.

2. Keep it in the shade

As much as possible, park your RV under ample shade to reduce the amount of energy needed to keep it cool. This also keeps everyone inside more comfortable, and lessens the heat that is unnecessarily absorbed by the vehicle.

If there is no natural shade, you can improvise by bringing insulating material, such as windshield visors or tarpaulins. These are effective in keeping the sunlight and heat from being absorbed by your vehicle, and can be used more flexibly around and even outside of your RV.

3. Ensure that all gaps and openings are secure

Doors and windows should be closed properly. If there are any cracks or holes, make sure to have them repaired immediately, before you commence with your trip. For the glass windows and other components, consider applying tinting in order to maintain the lower temperatures for longer inside your vehicle. Experts such as Van Isle Glass will be able to help you with these concerns.

4. Install blinds or curtains

Just like window tinting, blinds or curtains can significantly reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed inside your vehicle, and helps reduce the amount of energy needed for the air-conditioning to cool it down.

5. Keep appliances unplugged when not in use

Reduce the energy waste by also keeping your appliances disengaged for as long as they don’t need to be plugged in.

6. Cook outside when you can

You don’t have to add to the heat inside by doing your cooking in your kitchen. As much as possible, cook outside so that no additional heat gets trapped or absorbed by your vehicle. This is also more fun and lets more members of the family engage in the activity.

These are some of the best ways you can keep the heat out of your RV. Let your family in on your summer-proofing plans in order to ensure maximum cooperation and the most fun and pleasurable adventure you can have.

Last Updated on October 30, 2020

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