how to make an RV mattress more comfortable

How to Make An RV Mattress More Comfortable?

What’s better than going on a vacation in your family-friendly RV. It will be a full-on adventure and a fun vacation indeed. But, it’s barely soothing when your RV mattress feels like you are resting on an uncomfortable bed. RV beddings are notoriously hard to sleep on, embracing pokey springs, contemptible materials, and lean padding. You must be wondering how to make an RV mattress more comfortable. So, to augment the comfort level of your mattress, here are some useful tips and tricks that can help you to achieve a good sleep.

Surefire Ways on How to Make An RV Mattress More Comfortable?

Now, you can forget about those fidgety and bumpy nights spent turning and flipping! Here are some outstanding tricks that will help you make your RV mattresses more relaxing.

1. Change the Old RV Mattress

Almost everyone knows that most RV’s come with totally uncomfortable mattresses. Some of them are so hard that they can even make your neck and back both in pain. With this thing in mind, you can consider buying an ideal mattress for your RV, which will rightly fit your requirements. It is true that a new mattress will cost you some bucks but you can still find a provider online or offline that will supply you the best mattress at best possible rates.

Prior purchasing a new mattress for your RV, make sure you have checked all the measurements and dimensions of the bed frame. If not, you might require slicing or cutting it to achieve the comforting environment. In case you are thinking to swap your mattress, ensure that you considering the following factors:

  • Fit: When choosing a RV mattress, make sure that you choose one that perfectly goes well with the bed frame of the RV.
  • Component: One more thing that requires your attention is the components. Find your ideal RV mattress that comprises of soft foam layers.
  • Firmness: Don’t forget to test the firmness of the RV mattress. Choose one that is high in density. This is because such kind is spongy enough while offering you with sufficient console and support.

2. Make Use of A Mattress Topper

RV mattress topper
Mattress topper would be a great solution to make an RV mattress more comfortable.

One of the reliable ways that will help you to add more placate to your prickly RV mattress is to utilize RV mattress toppers. These toppers are exclusively designed for making mattresses more comfy. They come in numerous varieties like eggshell toppers, memory foam toppers, or featherbed toppers and can be directly positioned under the sheets.

As these toppers are available in a variety of dimensions, it might pose a little problem for you to search the perfect topper for your best RV mattress. In case the topper doesn’t perfectly match the mattress, you can cut it or slice it to suit your bed. Besides, the mattress toppers are quite cheap, so it will not drain your finances.

3. Pad the Bottom

The main problem with the RV mattresses is the bed frames. They are typically made from some type of plywood, which is not at all comfortable to lie on. So, the question is – how to make a mattress more comfortable? The easy and inexpensive way you can adopt is to put handy foam padding on the base to offer an added layer of soothe against rigid and ruthless bed bases. Now, you are left with a snug padding that will provide you a good sleep.

You can also pick other padding supplies that are readily available. Make sure that the padding is positioned between the bottom and based part of the RV mattress. This method will help you resolve the matter of distress in just a few bucks. You can actually consider this solution to be cheap and quick for providing a tranquil environment in your RV.

4. Use Stack Mattresses

If your present RV mattress is not comfortable, why not add another one. This solution is enormously helpful if your current RV mattress is not really relaxing. Ensure that your vehicle has adequate space for piling a couple of beddings. One thing that you can do is to place an air mattress over the mattress that you are presently using. This is how to make mattress softer.

The good news about the air mattresses is that they are cheaper in contrast to a customary mattress. With stack mattresses, you will actually get the opportunity to take pleasure of two mattress layers. Thus, it will provide you a more comfortable place to slumber on. So, why not employ this useful method to make your vacation more exciting and relaxing.

5. Adding Comforters and Blankets

Many people think about how to make a cheap mattress more comfortable without spending much. To fix the uncomfortable RV mattress, you can make use of comforters and blankets to pad your bedding before relaxing down. Obtain a heavy-duty sleeping bag or comforter that is wide enough to sham your stiff mattress.

In addition, you can use additional blankets to for making your bedding even more broader and supportive. Hence, it will factually purge the uneasiness that you may be sensing with your mattress. Try to employ linen sheets rather than cotton one for a spongy feel. So, take your time and utilize the comforters available to perk up the feel of your RV mattress.


Just because you are in a RV doesn’t mean you will have to reside for a meager night’s sleep. No matter how uncomfortable your RV mattresses are, you can always find easy and cheap ways to upgrade it as mentioned above.

Now, you might get the answer to the above question “How to make an RV mattress more comfortable?”. By employing these useful tips and tricks, you’ll definitely feel more comfortable and relaxed.

So, don’t squander another night of sugary dreams flipping and whirling, get your RV mattresses super comforting right away.

Last Updated on September 1, 2022

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