How To Keep Mattress From Sliding

How To Keep Mattress From Sliding: The Ultimate Guide For RVers

Many people toss and tumble on their mattress in order to find a comfortable sleeping position which is completely understandable. However, all these movements are going to be absorbed by the mattress and cause it to move away from you. As a result, knowing how to keep mattress from sliding on its own could improve your experience with the mattress. Take a good look at this article and you should be able to get the most out of your mattress. All the tips and tricks down below are pretty straightforward so virtually everyone could make use them to good effect.

Important Note: While you could learn how to keep mattress from sliding, it’s probably much easier to prevent it from happening in the first place. Therefore, you should go after a one-sided mattress and skip over all double-sided products.  One-sided models are not designed to be flipped like their double-sided counterparts and they have a non-skid bottom. This mean there won’t be any sliding at all and you could sleep in peace. Of course, if you don’t want to invest in another mattress, the article could provide you with other solutions.  


The Main Causes Of Mattress Sliding

You already know that the mattress is susceptible to your movement but the real problem actually lies with the lack of friction. Mattresses with slick bottom usually don’t generate sufficient friction and the sliding shall worsen if the floor is made from hardwood, laminates or titles.  To eliminate the sliding or at least lessen it, you must find a way to increase the friction between the mattress bottom and the floor. In addition to that, you could also attempt to arrest/secure the mattress in place using a variety of material around your house/RV campground.

Generally speaking, you could try out as many methods as you like to deal with the sliding, it’s your mattress after all. Nonetheless, it’s advised that you avoid doing anything that may cause damage to the mattress and its component. For example, don’t ever make changes to the mattress bed frame/box spring because you are going to void the manufacturer warranty. Furthermore, there is a chance that you could get hurt by the screw, nail, wood or any material that you use to modify the mattress component.

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A Detailed Guide on How To Keep Mattress From Sliding

How to keep mattress from sliding

1. How To Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding

To secure the mattress topper, the safety pin is an excellent choice but you need to use it in an appropriate manner. One mistake and you would rip the topper as well as the mattress so remember to distribute the pressure evenly. The bigger the mattress, the more safety pins you have to use with at least 4 to 5 pin for each side. In the case you want to play it safe, a tight fitted sheet supplanted by cloth straps/suspenders is an ideal setup for most of the time. For temporary measure, duct tape could work but it’s not exactly the best method in the long term.  

2. How To Keep Mattress From Sliding Off Box Spring

Don’t know how to stop mattress from sliding? Well, all you need is some non-slip pads to enhance the friction of the mattress bottom. Many people don’t how to keep mattress from sliding on platform bed and box spring so they have to constantly adjust their mattress position. Whether you have a memory foam mattress, air mattress, latex mattress or spring mattress, a non-slip pad would surely put an end to the slipping. Besides the pads, mattress encasements perform admirably as well since they add an extra layer of friction and preserve the mattress quality at the same time.

3. How To Keep Mattress From Sliding On Metal Frame

Thanks to the Internet, now you could you find out how to stop mattress from moving within a short period time. Among the methods, rubber matting is widely considered to be the most affordable and practical material for the job. No matter if you have the best RV mattress or a top-of-the-line home mattress, rubber matting would fit your setup nicely. Just remember to obtain the measurement of your mattress bottom in order to purchase a piece of rubber matting with suitable dimension. It’s advised that you buy a piece that is slightly bigger than the bottom just in case, you could always trim it down later.

4. Bed Sheet Keeps Coming Off

If you know how to keep mattress from sliding on its own, you could do the same to your bed sheet using similar material. It’d recommended that you purchase a tight fitted sheet to minimize the chance of it slipping away.  Support the sheet with cloth straps/suspenders in order to keep the sheet where you place it. Felt rug pad and shelf liner are effective alternatives as well, you could add as many layers as you to keep everything in place. As the friction between surfaces increase, the sliding shall decrease without fail.   

5. Arrests And Restrict The Mattress

Beside direct methods, you could secure the mattress and eliminate the slipping through indirect means. For example, adhesive hook-and-loop strips work well with mattresses on box spring, you simply have to peel the paper then stick the hook strip and loop strip on the mattress bottom and the box spring respectively. As long as the strips are attached and aligned correctly, the slipping should subside. For slippery floors that cause the bed frame to slip, furniture stoppers would be ideal because they could reliably secure the bed leg.


And that is how to keep mattress from sliding with the help of purpose designed products as well as some common materials, pretty simple, right?  Knowing how to keep mattress from sliding away would allow you to rest peacefully without waking up to adjust the mattress every now and then. With the help of this article, you could finally have a good night sleep on your mattress.

Last Updated on November 24, 2020

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