Red Dot Sights for AR-15

How to Choose The Best Red Dot Sights for AR-15

A red dot sight refers to a non- magnified firearm optic that shows either an illuminated green, red, or other colors. A reticle is usually a dot or even a dot with a circle that is on the lens of the optics. AR-15 red dot sight is usually utilized for accurate and fast target acquisition in low light. It’s mainly utilized for self-defense, competitive shooting, military, and predator hunting. There are some situations that need you to equip yourself with the right tools. This article discusses how to choose the best red dot sights for AR-15.

Understanding red dot sights

The red dot sight is becoming an increasingly popular option for a first upgrade and its low-cost of entry makes it an attractive choice. A red dot sight can have a green, red, or any other reticle patterns. This dot is usually put on the target while firing a bullet.

In the past, a red dot was commonly used in the 1900s. These red dots have many similarities to the red dots you find nowadays save for the LED illumination that came later. You can find latest red dot sights that utilize clear lenses and reflectors to superimpose the dot on your target. 

Besides, they also use everything from holographic technology to fiber optics. But before you decide to buy a red dot sight, you need to select a dot shape and size that best meet your needs.

Choosing the right dot shape and size depends on what you want to use it for. When you get a too small dot sight, it may be slow to pick up by your eye. Likewise, if you have too large a dot sigh, then the dot can hide the target, especially when you intend to shoot at longer distances.

You can find some red dot sights that try to fix this problem. So they provide a dot reticle with a large ring that features a precision dot at the center. As explained earlier, it’s a good idea to decide on the dot that you want and then pick up something that fits your uses. 

A simple 4 minute of angle reticle can fit a general purpose rifle quite well. This is because it’s small enough to give it precision at distances of medium range and large enough for your eye to pick them up quickly. 

However, you need to be careful with products that let you change reticle patterns. In most cases, these can be cheaper products and they have a reputation of being unreliable. While there are exceptions, you still need to do research before buying them. 

How you can estimate range using red dot sights

A red dot comes in handy when it comes to rough estimation of range. If you choose a red dot that has the correct size, it can assist you with holdover and basic distance estimates. But this is not as simple as just selecting a dot. You need good distance estimates as well as the right holdovers to score hits using a red dot for a man-sized target of up to 400 yards.

It also makes sense to know how to position the red dot sight. Red dot sights sometimes feature a tube effect when you position it too close to your eye. Therefore, the best practice for you is to put the optic away from the eye to reduce the effect as well as to shoot with both your eyes open. 

There are some red dot sights that don’t have a tube or even have a short tube. These products have less area occupied by the optic’s body. So any tube effect may be negated when you place the optic away from your eye. 

One thing you also need to take note of is that the bigger your lens is, the more the red dot can move around within the viewing area. You need to get quality red dots that are parallax free with a specified distance. This means the red dot can be anywhere within the viewing area and the shots can still hit the target. This is useful when you decide to shoot from unconventional areas.

With the entry stage red dot sights, it’s a good idea to look for the ones that are budget friendly, feature filled, and durable. Even better, you should consider getting red dot sights that you can use easily on your AR15. However, these optics need to come from reliable and reputable suppliers, so it’s important to research. 

Also, you can find some battery-free red dot sights. Reflex style sights don’t use electronics, so you can use them as long as you want. These optics are illuminated using tritium that gives them low light function. 

The only drawback of these optics is that they tend to wash out when used in different lighting conditions with no option of adjusting manually the dot intensity. Therefore, if you want to run your system without using batteries, then it’s important to think about setting the weapon to mitigate the lack of reflex style sights.

On the other hand, you can also find electronic red dot sights which are reliable and efficient. You can find some high-quality patented technology that you can find on the market. Other models are also available that can give you hundreds or even thousands of hours of use. 

The good thing is that the technology used in red dot sights keeps on improving in both longevity and durability. There is a belief that higher quality red dot optics can be reliable, so you need to get such types of red dot sights. 

As you can see, the type of use of the red dot sights can determine the right optic to buy. That said, it’s crucial to purchase a red dot sight that meets your needs. You should also make sure that the optic is durable and comes from a reputable supplier.

Last Updated on April 10, 2021

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