Charge RV Battery While Driving

How to Charge RV Battery While Driving: Critical Things to Know

Indeed, one must be equipped with all the necessities while driving in a recreational vehicle. As these tools assist an individual in the appropriate method of charging the RV battery. And, if you want to enjoy the RV camping or a road trip, then knowing how to charge RV battery while driving, is essential.

However, before getting into the ways of charging the RV battery, it is better to get yourself familiar with some of the critical things about it.


Essential Things about RV Battery

Everything in the recreational vehicle depends on a 12-Volt system. In fact, if the RV batteries drains-out then, none of the devices in the vehicle can function. Therefore, they must be kept charged all the time in order to avoid any inconvenience, especially while driving.

Moreover, these RV batteries also called deep-cycle batteries, are meant to store enough power so, they can operate for a longer time. If these batteries are maintained and charged timely then, it does not cause any problem while on a trip. Otherwise, it takes a lot of time and patience too, in order to charge this device.

Let’s see what are those key things that best describes it:


To prevent the damage it is essential to take care of RV batteries in a right way. Check them at regular intervals, once in a month is quite enough.

Battery Charging

The battery will charge only when RV is connected to an electric outlet. In any case, if RV does not contain a charger or converter that converts power and channels it into an adapter, buying a deep cycle battery charger will be the right choice.

How to charge RV battery while driving your car
Look for how to charge RV battery while driving

Use of 3-stage charger will be more beneficial rather than using an internal charger. Moreover, this type of charger can protect RV battery for long-term use. A 12-volt battery gives more voltage when it is fully charged. By checking the voltage being emitted, it becomes easier to examine the state of charge. A battery monitor can easily examine the charge if RV has a solar panel and an inverter. Buying a digital voltmeter for examining the voltage is another accurate choice to keep the battery in a good state.


RV batteries have different life spans and these are used as per their approach. New batteries are considered as marine batteries. So, when looking for replacing those old batteries, new deep batteries make a perfect choice and every car user would definitely recommend it to all. These batteries come in several sizes and one can prefer the battery size according to the total space. Manufactures mainly offer 12 volt RV batteries. So, look for the perfect battery that fits the space accurately.

Life Chart

RV batteries can stay for a maximum of five years with an appropriate maintenance. Recharge the battery carefully; it typically takes a smaller amount of time to drain as compared to the time it actually takes to charge it for the proper usage. So, invest proper time in recharging the battery for better results. Always remove the ground wire so that unwanted drainage of your battery can be avoided.

Exact Time and Things Needed to Charge the Battery

For charging the battery, mainly three things are required:

  • High Amperage and High-quality cables
  • VCR or Voltage Controlled Relay
  • Good Quality Plugs

However, the time needed to charge the battery depends on many factors like, battery size, capacity, discharge rate and charging current.

How to charge RV battery while driving

Nowadays, there are two basic common methods of charging the battery, either through the solar panel or, through additional batteries.

1. Charge with Good Quality Cables and Plugs

The RV batteries charged with solar panels or additional batteries must allow for minimum loss of power while transferring. Therefore, it is recommended to use good quality plugs and cables so that the transfer rate efficiency is maximum.

There is a big need to use Anderson plugs as these can carry an enormous amount of amperage and provide a perfect connection by limiting the excess loss of voltage.

Make the cable to be attachable effortlessly at the tow bar, and 50-amp automatic circuit breaker prevents the fire hazard.

Tip: Using branded cables and plugs allow for stable connection and also, reduces voltage loss.

2. VCR Disconnects and Parallels the Start and Auxiliary Batteries Automatically

Charge RV battery while driving in the right way
Things to know about how to charge RV battery while driving.

Start the truck, when both the batteries are at preset level. The RV battery will not charge until the vehicle is in off status. If the vehicle is in off state, expect both the batteries to get disconnect and voltage to obtain its pre-set level.

But during the time, when the recreational vehicle is on, the relay will remain open and the batteries will get connected to charge.

3. Charging with Battery Charges

A battery usually takes less time to discharge completely. But, still, it demands a proper time to get a charge every time. Using the 3 or 4 stage charger, the charging will proceed exactly through three phases named boost or bulk, float, and absorption phase.

Let’s understand them in detail.

Boost Phase

Boost phase or bulk phase is regarded as the initial phase of charging method. It is mainly a stage when the charge produces sufficient amount of current. However, the charging frequency of the battery reduces, increasing the voltage of battery storage.

Float Stage

During this phase, the battery charge reduces again approximately to 97 percent of charge. On the other hand in the maintenance phase or storage phase vol

tage remains steady. The main aim is to keep the RV battery at full capacity, in order to retain the DC loads.

Absorption Phase

In this final stage, the charge drops down to half of the boost rate for several hours. There are different types of battery charges for separate types of use. Manufacturers professionally design them for long-term use and offer car owners an enjoyable tour while driving on the road. And, the charging output of these chargers mainly relies on the on the battery supplier.

Understanding how to charge RV battery while driving
Finding how to charge RV battery while driving!

Know, after understanding how to charge RV battery while driving must have given ease to all the people who love to travel for days or maybe weeks. Just follow the above instructions and enjoy your freedom on road with your recreational vehicle.

So, we believe that this guide might have brought some knowledge about charging those RV batteries while driving to you. Next time, the battery discharges while driving, you know what to do, right?

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

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