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How Much to Replace Canvas on Pop Up Camper



Pop-up campers are nice to have. They produce the luxury of a full-sized trailer in a limited space. The pop-up campers are different from the traditional trailers. They have a canvas that pops up when in use. Unfortunately, these canvases don’t always stay clean. They tend to tear up over time and make your pop up camper look bad.

When the canvas gets old and tears down, you might be looking for methods to replace the canvas. But replacing canvas isn’t everything; you need to consider its price and other factors before replacing it. 

So, let’s find out how much to replace canvas on pop-up camper costs.

How Much Does Canvas Cost To Replace On A pop-up Camper?

The pop up camper canvas replacement cost depends on several factors. 

Firstly, the overall cost of a canvas. 

Secondly, are you planning to replace part of the canvas or the whole canvas? 

When you need to replace more than 50% of the canvas, it’s better to replace it whole.

Next up, check out your camper’s model and make. If your model is newer, you’ll find its canvas at a higher price. But if it’s older, they’ll be available for cheaper rates. Anyways, the canvas you need will differ from model to model. So keep your model in mind when you’re buying canvas for your camper. Be sure to double-check it before confirming the deal

Hiring a professional to replace the canvas of your pop up camper can increase the overall cost. But if you’re new to this, we always recommend that you hire a professional to replace it.

Now, to answer the question “How much to replace canvas on a pop-up camper?”. An older model will cost you around $1,000 to replace its canvas. This low price is because the model will have its canvas lying around here and there. In contrast, the newer models cost around $1,400-1,600.

When Do You Need to Recanvas your pop-up Camper?

Well, technically, you can replace your pop up camper’s canvas whenever you feel like it. But it’ll be a waste of money if you replace them before their expiry. According to GoHymer, Campers don’t change the canvas of their brand new pop-up campers more often. So it’ll take a while before the canvas needs to be replaced.

However, things change if you get yourself a used camper. Then you need to replace the canvas before you begin camping. Campers replace them before going out camping. 

Either way, if you’re unsure when to change your pop up canvas. Or that you’re just curious about it, here’s when you should replace them.

  1. If you close your camper before it completely dries, it can damage your camper’s canvas.
  2. An untreated canvas won’t last long if it is used often. The canvas can tear up or become too weak when exposed to the sun.
  3. The canvas’s zippers, seals, and seams are breaking or separating.
  4. You’ve been using your canvas for a long time before replacing it. If used for a long time, the canvas will eventually grow weak when exposed to the sun.
  5. The canvas has molds built on it that won’t go away even after you wash them.
  6. Your camper had an accident, and the canvas got damaged.

There are various other reasons apart from these that we haven’t mentioned. However, you can increase the durability of your camper by taking precautionary steps. But once it crosses a certain age, your camper’s pop up canvas needs to be replaced.

Suppose a part of your camper’s canvas got damaged, it’s better to replace only sections of it. This is a cost-efficient trick. Your bills will be greatly affected by this.

How Can You Keep Your pop up Canvas Clean?

A problem that most campers face is how to keep the canvas clean. Because the canvas isn’t maintained properly, it’ll increase the cost you’ll pay to replace it. So you can keep it clean to drastically increase its life.

To store your camper, ensure that its canvas is clean and completely dry. If the canvas is wet or dry, it will greatly affect the canvas and ensure its long life. Make sure that you are not mistaken when you’re storing the canvas.

Ensure that the camper is dried before it’s stored or before it’s in use. While your camper is drying, you can hop on inside and clean it. First, make sure the walls near the kitchen stove are properly cleaned. As the kitchen tends to get dirty after it has been in use for a long time. A combination of soap and water is good for this. It will easily clean the canvas and make sure that the canvas’s durability doesn’t decrease.

A good tip is to make the canvas waterproof. This way, even if it has water pools on its top, they will float down. Waterproofing can be checked as soon as possible. If the canvas is sucking in water, it means that its waterproofing coating has died.

Waterproofing a canvas will greatly help you in your next task. It will keep it intact and make sure that it lasts for long before it needs replacement.

Pop-Up Camper Canvas Cleaning Tips

You can take several methods to ensure that your camper canvas has a long life. Some of these methods are for the DIY enthusiast. So you will have a lot of things to see. So, the Camper Canvas Cleaning Tips are as follows.

  1. The first and biggest tip of the camper pop up’s canvas is the canvas. When you’re closing shut your pop up camper, make sure it isn’t wet or dumped. If so, it’ll damage the circuit of the wind blower.
  2. Once you get home from the trip, it’s better to check whether the canvas is dried or not. A wet canvas will end up getting weaker. Dry it by keeping it open.
  3. Harsh chemicals can damage the canvas. Ensure that you aren’t using harsh chemicals when cleaning the canvas. A Mild soap and water combo can do the trick. While finishing it up, it’s better to apply vinyl finish on the canvas.
  4. Using the stove in the kitchen can end up making your canvas dirtier from the inside. So not only do you need to clean it from the outside, cleaning from the inside does the trick.
  5. Use a vinyl coat protectant or by using a spray. This isn’t a frequent option, so you don’t need to get scared.
  6. Exposing the canvas to the sun floating affects its longevity.


  1. How much does replacing camper canvas cost?

Popup camper canvas usually comes inexpensive. That is because the material used in these canvases is of high quality. A pop up camper canvas replacement cost between $1,000 to 1,500. It includes the fee that you will pay to the professional to install the canvas for you.

  1. How long do pop up campers last?

pop up campers usually have a longer life. Usually, a pop up camper lasts for 10 to 15 years if used with proper care. To increase their duration, you can always consult our guide on how to replace the pop up camper canvas. This will surely increase the durability of your campers. And it ensures that they will last for long before they need a replacement.

  1. How to clean the pop up camper canvas?

Cleaning the canvas is an easy task. Make sure that you aren’t using any harsh chemicals that may end up damaging the canvas. Experts often suggest using the soap and water mixture to remove all the spots.

If you have hard spots, using vinegar is one of the best remedies. 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar in a bucket is the best method to clean the canvas. Let the vinegar dry off in the sun. You don’t need to rinse it off.

  1. Can I pressure wash my pop up camper’s canvas?

No. The experts suggest that you should never pressure wash the camper’s canvas. It’s because it will damage the canvas itself. Other than that, fiberglass won’t be safe either.

Pressure washing may end up damaging the gaskets and caulkings around the pop up camper’s windows. Also, while pressure washing the Canvas, you may end up letting water in the camper.

Wrapping Up

Pop up campers are a luxury. They are lightweight and provide all the facilities in a small space. But these pop up campers require a lot of attention before they end up being a problem.

One such problem is that of the canvas of the pop up trailer. If you don’t take care, the pop up camper replacement canvas cost gets higher and higher. They cost from around $1,000 to $ 1,500 depending on the model and make of the pop up trailer you have.

Having a replaced and good canvas is nice, knowing you won’t have cold nights when you’re sleeping in the open.

Last Updated on March 15, 2022

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